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The New Book of Truth

These notes are the result of twenty plus years of research and study and have no religious bias, but indicate the fundamental equality of all human species, of all races, each being a significant part of the Universal whole. Dr. Carl Jung said quote, “The most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They never can be solved, only outgrown, and one does this by accepting the problems and developing further by means of it” unquote.
Advancement is condemned through ignorance, and ignorance breeds’ prejudice, and against prejudice there can be no argument. I must mention the classical remark by Sir Isaac Newton to the Astronomer Halley, when he scorned Newton’s interest in Astrology, “Sir, I have studied it, you have not.”

As I studied, the idea of dream interpretation came up, and I naively believed that all you needed to do an interpretation of the Book of Revelations was a good book on dream interpretation to understand what it meant, how wrong I was to discover. So after many years of looking into the Book of Revelations, I discovered a line of coincidences that could not be dismissed or looked at as coincidence. I would like to mention the Dead Sea Scrolls, from the time of their discovery in 1947 until today, scholars from over the world have been arguing over who or what wrote the text of the scrolls and where they were written. Early scholars state that the nearby ruins of the so-called Essenes or Qumran sect were responsible for writing the scrolls, but it is suggested now that only maybe one third may have been written there and the suggestion that the ruins are of a country palace or maybe a weapons factory and do not have anything to do with the Essenes or the Qumran sect or the Dead Sea Scrolls. The latest ideology suggests that the bulk of the Dead Sea Scrolls had come from Jerusalem when Rome was putting down rebellions in Palestine from about 60 to 70 AD.

So for the last fifty years the evidence is; they have a heap of scrolls that are a tourist attraction but the scholars are still arguing by whom, what or why. Which leads me to say that my hypothesis of the Revelations may not be the total truth, the same can be said about the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I base my findings on research and simple logical deduction into the evidence as I, the author see it. I don’t see that it is all-wrong but somebody will to put my findings under the microscope, and I hope they do. So the reader can make his or her own estimations, from the evidence put forward. All the information has been extracted from all written forms of communication, which includes libraries, newspapers, books and articles and my own personal research into various phenomena. And was put together with the hope of a simple logic, but remember this before I started my quest, I was a good little Christian and believed in the Christian Doctrine, but now I still believe in a “God”, but not the Christian’s God. Mind you, I had to teach myself not to take one pace to the left after saying, “Stuff God” just in case lightning struck me dead. Before we get seriously into my interpretation of ancient scriptures, there are a few ideas that need clarifying before we start. Try and imagine that you were living in about 5,000 BC; you lived a simple life, maybe in a village of about 200 people. There was a village chief, and maybe a barracks of 100 soldiers who doubled as administrators for the ruling God-King of the area; they also collected the local tribute (taxes) for state and the temple in the village, to give you, the reader an idea how ancient civilizations explain in theory what they believed to be true.

The Misconception Of Astrology Through Ignorance

In ancient times astrologers attempted to predict the future by the respective positions of the planets. This may not be so absurd, it has been noticed that the number of car accidents increase four times on the second day after a solar flair-up as compared with the days when the sun is calm, also science has observed that suicide increases four to five times above the normal rate during the periods of disturbances on the sun. Serious scientific sources have established coincidences between solar as well as planetary forces and events taking place on our earth. Astrology was built on this very assumption that the stars influence our lives. It appears therefore that some of the beliefs of astrologers may have a scientific base The sciences of alchemy and astrology have not been free from superstition and distortion. Scientists of astronomy have defined astrology as primitive astronomy. However its attempt to foretell the future has been regarded by scientists as a fallacy. Serious scientists are beginning to pay attention to these influences of forces in space upon phenomena on earth.

Thirty years ago no scientist would have believed that sun spot activity could produce a devastating invasion of locusts in Australia’s southeast. The idea of such a connection between sun spots and insects on earth would have seemed too ridiculous to even mention on an academic or scientific level, observations made during the last few decades, has established a coincidence which does exist between the locust invasion and sun spot activity, so now the appropriate measures are now taken before the locusts arrive. Even stranger, is the fact that the co-incidents of sun spot activity with the French Revolution, both World Wars, even the Battle of Hastings in 1066, have something to do with planetary positions and sun spots. According to the Russian Astronomer R P Romanchuk that, the position of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn somehow determined the sun spot activity.

The Author of the book, “We are not the First”, Andrew Tomas, first published in Great Britain by Souvenir Press Ltd 1971 wrote, quote,

“if the respective positions of the planets really influence the Sun, then astronomical tables could become data for long range climatic forecasts”, unquote.

And here in Australia we have all heard of Lennox Walker, the weather forecaster who gave us long-range weather forecasts by incorporating sunspot activity with great accuracy. The Author of an article in a yearly horoscope book called “Horoscope Almanac 1989”, and in the article called “The Aquarian Age”, myths and facts as seen by the late Garth Allan. Mr Allan said at the end of his article and I quote,

“the days of Astrology as a fad, however, are numbered, and will ultimately have to give way to Astrology as a science”.

According to the Mayan God, Quetzalcoatl, who was a rainbow, feathered Serpent and called himself Lucifer; the evening star known as Venus, in and by tradition; lives in darkness in the night sky, the meaning is obviously another parallel to the common source of mythological and religious beliefs about the Sky Gods. The dark underworld of the night time sky and Revelation 22, para 16 refers to Christ Jesus as the bright and morning star, meaning “Venus is Love”, which will become evident later in these notes, traditionally, Lucifer has always been known as the Son of Light. Quetzalcoatl as the morning star (Venus) descended from the sky on a rope ladder to bring civilization to mankind, incidentally, Jacob of the Old Testament climbed a knotted rope to heaven. The reader must realize that up until these enlightened times, and this depends on the individual reader, some readers will still have archaic ideology on enlightenment, the underworld of the “Evil One”.

(Author’s Note: - there is a common source, the climbing and descending a rope ladder to and from Heaven of religious seers, theologians, prophets or hermits seeing and visiting the heavenly place where “God” lives, it was also used at the Oracle of Delphi (Greek), Osiris (Egyptian) climbed a rope ladder to heaven, Pyramid text, third century BC, the dead Egyptian climbed up to heaven on a rope ladder, in funeral pyres during embalming, hemp along with incense was burnt. Jacob of the Old Testament (Hebrew), (Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.)

The Living Bible, (Gen 28: 11 and 12) that night, when he (Jacob) stopped to camp at sundown, he found a rock for a headrest and lay down to sleep, and dreamed that a knotted rope reached from Earth to heaven. The Iranian Religion where Vishtaspa used Hemp (bhang) and while in a trance his soul travelled to paradise had visions and heard the word of Ahura Mazda, and Zarathustra, who gave his self over to ecstasy. The modern day sect of Rastafarians, they openly admit that they smoke Marijuana to give themselves over to ecstasy so as to climb the rope ladder to heaven. And the term “to climb a knotted rope, is to be under the influence of marihuana-marijuana seeds not the fibre of the heads of the hemp plant. In ancient times a rope was made of hemp, a narcotic drug, a religious seer, theologian, prophet or hermit would smoke hemp-a narcotic drug-marijuana, go into a drugged sleep, visit heaven, wake up, write about his heavenly experiences and say at the end of his writings to let his fellow theologians know how he achieved his experience by saying, “I climb the rope ladder to heaven, in other words, I smoked happy-baccy) The Devil and the eternal darkness, because of the teachings of the mainstream religious doctrine the devil and his so called helper; Lucifer will lead an individual to commit wrong doings. There are those who are enlightened, now believe that this evil is the psychological manipulation of the Christian teachings over a number of centuries. This form of ideology has great benefit to the mass adherent to the authority of the created Roman Church. No matter what I say in these notes, there are those who believe in the Devine Being, God and the supernatural power of this said God, who has a son called Jesus, that there is a Devil and Lucifer and of course the Pope as “God’s” representative on Earth.

A bulletin called a Bull was put out in 1302 AD by Pope Boniface the VIII (8), and as far as we mere peasants are concerned it is still law today according to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formally known as the Holy Inquisition.

Bull Unam Sanctam 1302

(Subject: - Churches Authority.)

Although given to man, and exercised by man, is not human but rather divine, being given to Peter at God’s mouth and founded for him and his successors on a rock. Whoever, therefore, resists this power thus ordinance of God. Consequently we declare, state, define and pronounce that it is altogether necessary for salvation to every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.

The ancient Mesoamerican cultures and their belief structures, the Maya (Toltec) believed that a God would come and save them, the Dogons of Africa had the belief that their God “Nommo” would come again and a certain star would show the way, and all the others, including Christianity, were of the same or simular belief structure. The doctrine of the early Christian Churches has changed and churches of today; are only a shadow of their former ideological selves. Pre-christian beliefs, Pagan Worship, they all had simular beginnings, that is, the Mother Gods or Shield Goddesses: - Cassiopeia, Athena, Minerva, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Tammuz, Isis, Mitra, Mary etc., down through the ages they became entwined or borrowed from each other and proposed as the new religious Mother Gods, since Christianity and Muslim faiths there has been no new religious ideological concepts that have succeeded them or flourished. It stands to reason that the theological term, “Out of darkness, comes enlightenment”, is taught to impart that Christ Jesus is the Light Bringer, but Lucifer is called, “The Son of Light.” There has been a misapprehension or misunderstanding that Lucifer has been associated with the Devil, and due to that ignorance that he lives in eternal darkness. The early Christian religious theologians associated Lucifer with this underworld because of this ignorance in all written words through the misunderstanding of the mythological legends from ancient times. With the Sanrio, the myth-o-logical belief of Christ Jesus running around Jerusalem and the Dead Sea 30 AD in a white loincloth, wearing leather sandals, preaching a new religion, as a light bringer, now called Christianity.

And at that time the Hebrews were living in darkness, spiritual darkness, with the need of enlightenment and that this priest, or as the Jewish community fathers called him, “anti-priest”, anti the Jewish faith, therefore he is the first anti-Christ from the Greek-Christos, meaning anointed one or priest. Yeshu (ah) Ben Pantera and his five Disciples were doing just that, bringing enlightenment against the current ideology of Mishnaic Law of the Hebrews and the Jewish Rabbis (Sandrine High Council) of his day and was promptly hung by the neck until dead, the reader must remember that according to Mishnaic Law, those who transgressed the Law of the Jewish God, did at their own peril. Not much is known about this young man except to say that he has been used to create the biblical “Christ Jesus” from St Paul’s writings (somewhere near 200 BC) and it is alleged that Yeshuah’s father was a Jew who served in the Roman Army, given roman citizenship, which was a custom of the times and he originated from Sidon and his name was “Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera.” and the reader will find references to this in the paperback, “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,” by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, I’m not saying that their opinion on the subject is correct but I have looked at “St Paul’s mention of Yeshu ” and as the saying goes, where there is smoke.

The reader must realize that the biblical Jesus Christ is an imaginary character based on an existing character from the writings of St Paul from about 200 BC, but over the centuries he has been turned into a real life character with a mother, brothers and at least one sister, so somewhere along the way the town of Nazareth in the story must have existed. The foundations of ancient townships and where they exist on the world map, you would be happy to see that the said town miraculously appeared on maps by approximately 500 AD. The main reason for that is that the Romans had been quite meticulous with their “Census” from about 6BC. Although the censors and a census first appeared in 441 BC, but in those early times they were for the Senate and the senators. But by 6 BC the Romans had listed all cities, towns and villages for the collection of the annual taxes and like the efficiency of all tax offices they did not leave out anyone and the village/town of Nazareth did not exist. But by about 350 AD the Roman Empire was in disarray and over the next 300 years the early Roman Catholic Church could make things appear or disappear, especially on maps because of a mistake written into the New Testament, which had been started by the Council of Nicaea under Emperor Constantine guidance in 325 AD. Emperor Constantine aims were for imperial unity and stability and his religious programme was his means of obtaining unity and for this reason he embraced “Christianity”. The ambiguities of Constantine's reign are explained as necessary to avoid violent upheaval because he could scarcely plunge the empire into fresh religious controversy and disunity by a sudden and complete repudiation of paganism. Constantine was essentially a nonreligious figure in a religious age because of the diversity of the empire’s religions.

One must remember that the Roman Empire stretched from England through France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Babylon, Egypt and Libya just to mention a few of the main countries. And all historians are in agreement on the significance of Constantine's decision to support Christianity by his imperial authority. An archaeological dig 90 miles east of the costal city Sidon, a piece of pottery was found with the name Nazarene, so the site became the village of Nazareth, and all that the Archaeologists can tell us about the site is that it was a watering hole for camel trains from the far east. In reality it was started from a mistranslation of the term “Jesus the Nazarene”, to cut a long story short. Jewish Rabbinic Writings, the Talmud, Jewish religious literature that has been written since the Torah known as the Old Testament.

The Mishnah completed approximately 200 AD, the Gemara, a commentary of the Mishnah and was completed about the 3rd to 5th centuries AD and the supplements, Baraitha and the Tosefta, and in these writings this young upstart called Yeshuah (Christ Jesus) is mentioned also in the writings of St. Paul, written before the New Testaments, approximately 200 BC. I learnt early in study, one cannot look at the Old Testament, the Jewish Torah, objectively, without the above literature, to understand or probe what the original text meant, is impossible without the Kabalah, and the esoteric deciphering of the numerical code of the ancient Hebrew Rabbis and Chaldean Priests, written in the commentaries and this code was available to the Hermetic Schools of philosophical thinking, which was jealously guarded, throughout the known world until approximately 500 AD and then lost or I should say, slipped into anonymity. The reader must realize that the New Testament is not Jewish literature and is part of the reason that the lead up to the crucifixion of the Christ was started on the eve of the Jewish Passover which cannot happen according to Jewish custom. So all the mistakes written into the New Testament were by sectarian followers not fully familiar with Jewish law or it may have been deliberate to upset the Sandrine High Council.

“The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” a Corgi Book and the authors are, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln and a book that should be read to give the reader an understanding of the Holy Grail. I am an advocate of learning; the greatest tool or wealth anyone can have is knowledge, and from where Christ Jesus or Yoshua Ben Pantera originated? Which is a question that will most probably never see the light of day from within the Vatican library on the subject. I must not forget the book by Robert Temple called, “The Sirius Mystery” a book by Arrow 1999, which has been an inspiration to me and those who wish to learn about the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphic material and contains the bulk of my research into the Holy Grail, I am amazed that they, the theologians, did not see the connection to the Grail, and the book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”, which came close, oh so close, to unveiling the mystery, with the Holy Roman Church looking, severely, over their collective hypothesises. Another book of importance is, “NUMBERS, their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues.” By W. Wynn WESTCOTT, put out by the Theosophical Publishing House Ltd, and first published in 1890. It is generally known that in all Mythology, Legend, Fairy Stories and Rhythm there is an ounce of truth and I, the author found if you dig deep enough the truth will surface, much to the Holy Roman Church's condescension, there was a young man called Yeshu, who was hanged for crimes against the Synagogue and the Sandrine (Rabbinic) High Council. He had five Disciples, namely, Buni, Mattai, Nakkia, Netzer and Todah. In my estimation, he was used to create the mythology of the Christ Jesus, and my theory is based on the writings of St Paul and then written into a mythological base, on the old legends. This ill-fated young man was the subject material for the numerical and parallel passage codes for the writings of the New Testaments and maybe the Book of Revelations but I have my doubts.

When I found the link with the numerical, stylistic, inventiveness of the pre-christian writings, and the one system of schooling in the known world of roughly 600 BC until 400 AD, about every religion today has it’s foundation related to this era and the numerical rules are the same in the Judaic-Christian Bibles and the Koran and they are all paralleled to the Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, Mesoamerican, North American Indians and Australian aboriginal traditions. I am amazed that the learned scholars with better understanding than I, have not picked up on it, or see the simple signs of the Gods in connection to the molecular world. I have made notes over the last twenty years and I have lost some of the authors of books from which I obtained notes, and I thought that in the early days, the references were for my own personal use. So to these authors, I apologise, but they can be happy in the fact that their material is still in use and being referred to. The Dogons of today still continually make their baskets, pots, and their ceremonial costumes, which are elaborately carved and painted and date to approximately 5,000 years BC.

The total population numbers possibly fewer than a million. The Dogons are well known for a highly elaborate system of knowledge contained in a number of linked legends. These were communicated to the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule during many years of discussion with his informer, Ogotemmeli, a tribal elder. The Dogons say the whole is contained in its smallest part, a tiny seed. (Ovum) The vibration that began its growth expanded in a revolving spiral, (the twin helix of DNA) represented in many designs (personal DNA) as a rising zigzag that, like weaving, (mitosis-the thread of life, exodus 2 para 3,weaving of Moses’ basket-boat by his mother, meaning that he, Moses is a apart of his mother’s DNA, the same zigzag pattern appears on the pottery of the Pueblos (Anasazi) central North American Desert Indians) symbolises the perpetual alternation of opposites (Male & female DNA) that generates life. All nature, social life, mind, and matter are realized in a single scheme. Readers please remember the last paragraph of the Dogons Mythology, as it is a reference to our genetic, molecular makeup, and we call them primitive. The mythological legends explain not only the origin of the universe, but the representational blueprint to which everything in it, including man and society ideally should conform.

A molecule of DNA consists of two chains, strands composed of a large number of chemical compounds, called nucleotides, linked together to form a chain. These chains are arranged like a ladder that has been twisted into the shape of a twisted rope ladder or a winding staircase, called a double helix. Each nucleotide consists of three units: a sugar molecule called deoxyribose, a phosphate group, and one of four different nitrogen-containing compounds called bases. The four bases are adenine (abbreviated A), guanine (G), thymine (T), and cytosine (C). The deoxyribose molecule occupies the centre position in the nucleotide, flanked by a phosphate group on one side and a base on the other. The phosphate group of each nucleotide is also linked to the deoxyribose of the adjacent nucleotide in the chain. These linked deoxyribose-phosphate subunits form the parallel side rails of the ladder. Everything contains the DNA blue print. There are tribal stories about the reverence of spiders and the sacredness, especially among African Tribes and paralleled to the Arahne of Greek mythology and the Zodiac, where an astrology chart looks like a spider’s web and the secret sign of the Zodiac is Arachne, the spider.) Mesoamerican (Mayans Aztecs, Mocha, Inca etc) Mythological Sky Gods, and Gods of Wisdom, (Rain and Water) Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, and Cretan mythology, for instance, Revelation 22 para 16”, I am the bright and Morning Star” which are the reputed words of the Christ Jesus.

The planet Venus spends 263 days as the Morning Star. Then spends 50 days out of view of the Earth behind the Sun, then is viewed as the Evening Star for 263 days (2 + 6 + 3 = 11 x 2 = 22, explained later). And before it becomes the Morning Star again, and spends 8 days in full view of the Earth during the daytime, this is why the Greeks made Venus the only statue of their Gods naked, because one could see her (Venus) with the naked eye, meaning during the day. The planet Venus takes 225 days to orbit the Sun; the above figures are of the planet Venus as being observed from the Earth. I will show the reader by the end of the “Author’s interpretations” how the children’s nursery stories like “Sleeping Beauty” fits into the ‘scheme of the psychic of the human mind’ or I should correctly say “the Cybernetic (Genetic) Blue print of Life”.) Myths differ from fairy tales in that they refer to a time that is different from ordinary time. The time sequence of myth is extraordinary - another time - the time before the conventional world came into being.

Because myths refer to an astonishing time and place and to Gods and other mystical beings and progression, they have usually been seen as aspects of religious conviction. Because of the all-encompassing nature of myth, however, it can light up many aspects of personage and national existence. From the early periods of Western customs, legend has presented a problem of meaning and interpretation, and a history of controversy has accumulated about both the value and the status of mythology. The debate over whether myth, reason, or history best expresses the meaning of the reality of the Gods, humans, and nature has continued in Western culture as a legacy from its earliest traditions. Among these traditions were the myths of the Greeks, adopted and assimilated by the Romans; they furnished literary, philosophical, and artistic inspiration to such later periods as the Renaissance and the Idealistic era. The pagan tribes of Europe and Africa furnished another body of tradition.

After these tribes became part of Christendom, elements of their folklore persisted as the folkloric substratum of mixed European traditions. Usually the most important legend in a culture, one that becomes the exemplary model for all other mythology, is the solar legend. It relates how the entire world came into being. In some narratives, as in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, the creation of the world proceeds from nothing, Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Hindu and Australian myths also speak of design from nothing and modern science now tells us that the “Universe” began from “nothing”. In most cases the divine being in these mythology is all-powerful. The divine being may remain at the forefront and become the centre of secular life, as with the Hebrews, or may withdraw and become a distant or unimportant God, as in the legends of the Australian Aborigines, the Greeks and Mayans.

Other astrophysical mythology describes creation as an emergence from the lower worlds or underworlds. Among the Navajo and Hopi, American Indians, for example, creation is the result of a progression upwards from lower worlds, and the emergence from the last world is the final progression into the world of humanity. A Polynesian legend places the various layers of emergence in a coconut shell. Similar in form to such mythology are legends of the world egg, known in Africa, China, India, the South Pacific, Greece, and Japan. In these mythologies, creation is symbolized as breaking forth from the fertile egg. The egg is the potential for all life, and sometimes, as in the myth of the Dogon people of West Africa, it is referred to as the “placenta of the world”, also the Maya, the world rides on the back of a tortoise shell, and the ovum, incidentally looks like a coconut shell, and for that matter in a modern gynaecology book the ovary looks like a tortoise shell, and the placenta looks like a tree, the female reproduction organs look like the head of a small bull. Another kind of cosmological legend is the world-parent myth. In the Babylonian creation story Enuma Elish, the world parents, Apsu and Tiamat, bear offspring who later find themselves opposed to the parents, i.e. the modern psychology of parent, child/teenager opposition.

The offspring defeat the parents in a confrontation, and from the immolated body of Tiamat the world is created, which stands as a reasonable assumption because the children outlive the parents and change the laws of living therefore defeat the parents in all societies. In other world-parent myths from the Egyptians, Zuni, and Polynesians, the parents beget offspring but remain in close embrace; the offspring live in darkness, i.e. which is simular to the plague of frogs in the Old Testament, explained in the foreword and in the desire for light they push the parents apart, creating a space for the deities to make a human world, and adds to the endless cycles of ‘new age’ understanding, which seem to show up every millennium. In myths widespread among Siberian-Altaic peoples, in Romania, and in India, creation comes about through the agency of an earth diver, an animal (a turtle or a bird) that dives into the primordial waters to bring up a small piece of earth that later expands into the world. A motif of several cosmogonic myths is the act of sacrifice. In the Babylonian myth Tiamat's sacrificed body is the earth, and in the Hindu myth that is recounted in the Rig-Veda, the entire world is the result of a sacrifice by the Gods.

Related to cosmogonic myths, but at the other extreme, are legends describing the end of the world, eschatological mythology, or the coming of death into the world? Legends of the end of the world are usually products of built-up traditions. They presuppose the creation of the world by a morally divine being, which in the end destroys the world. At this time human beings are judged and prepared for a rapture existence or one of eternal torments. I will show as the reader progresses through the book that mankind in his assertion destroys his environment through his collective consciousness for, as the Christian bible says “Mammon” known as material wealth, which destroys even his principles, such traditions are present among Hebrews, Christians, Muslims, and Zoroastrians. A global inferno and a final battle of the Gods are part of programmed legends and are most fully described in Germanic branches of this mythology. In Aztec mythology, several worlds are created and destroyed by the Gods before the creation of the human world. Legends of the origin of death describe how death entered the world. In these myths death is not present in the world for a long period of time, but enters it through an accident or because someone simply forgets the message of the Gods concerning human life. In Genesis, death enters when human beings overstep the proper limits of their knowledge.

Other legends describe the actions and character of beings, which are responsible for the discovery of a particular cultural manufactured article or technical process. These are the legends of the society idols. In Greek mythology Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods, is a prototype of this kind of figure.

In the Dogon culture, the blacksmith who steals seeds for the human community from the granary of the Gods is similar to Prometheus. In Seram, in Indonesia, Hainuwele is also such a figure; from the orifices of her body she provides the community with a host of necessary and luxury goods. Usually related to initiation rituals, legends of birth and rebirth tell how life can be renewed, time reversed, or humans transmuted into new beings. In legends about the coming of an ideal society, the millenarian legends or of a saviour, messianic myths, and eschatological life and after life, arguments are combined with premise of rebirth and renewal. Millenarian and messianic legends are found in tribal cultures in Africa, South America, and Melanesia, as well as in the world religious convictions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Myths of cargo cults in New Guinea, the religious activities found in modern technically poor cultures such as those of Melanesia also invariably have millenarian and messianic elements, meaning the hope of a just world.

Since the early period of cities sometime in the 6th to the 4th millennia BC, some creation legends have recounted the origin of cities. Cities developed out of ceremonial centres; the centres were seen as unusual manifestations of hallowed power. This expression allowed for the manifestation of power in a specific place, emphasizing the value of sedentary survival. The legend of Gilgamesh in Babylon and that of Romulus and Remus in Rome are of foundation tradition. Legends, has attracted scholars in many fields. Some have deliberated myths with the aid of materials from history, archaeology, anthropology, and other establishment. Others have found in mythological materials of use in their respective fields, linguistics and psychology. For example, because a fairy tale is a narrative, many attempts to understand it have focused on its linguistic make-up. In one approach, the meaning of myth is sought in the history and structure of the language itself.

Of an attempt, through physical and illustrated images, to give expression to natural observable fact, such as thunder or the sea. In the book, “A History of Magic”, by Richard Cavendish, he mentions that Hargrave Jennings in his book, “The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries,” which was first printed in 1870. Cavendish said about Jennings book, that it was a comic muddle of fake antiquarianism, romantic Druidry, the Grail legends, Gnosticism, the Cabala, the mysteries of Mithras and lunatic philology” (the underlined, meaning outrageous science of language), because he, Hargrave Jennings, said they were based on “Sex and reproduction” and I would wonder, what he would think about this book? Structural linguists concentrate on the total meaning of language as an internal logical system. In particular they examine the relation between two levels of language: the words and content that are actually spoken; and the underlying methodical structure, the grammar, sentence structure, and other rules of the language, or simply a parallel word meaning and as time marches on, becoming extremely difficult due to cultural differences in meaning and the changing scope of the text of the words, i.e. the Aramaic noun “Naggar” in Greek means a carpenter or craftsman but in Hellenised Greek means scholar or learned person (scribe), “Almah” another Aramaic noun, in Greek means “Virgin” and in Hellenised Greek “Young Woman” and is like comparing English to Pidgin English

The most important student of fable from this perspective has been the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. For him myth represented a special case of linguistic custom, a third level beyond surface narrative and underlying structure. In legend he discovered certain groups of associations that, although expressed in the tale and pretentious content, obey the methodical order of the language's structure. He challenged that the same commonsensical form is at work in all languages and cultures, in logical works and tribal legends alike. Theories stating that allegory constitutes a form and way of knowledge are as old as the interpretation of legend itself.

The overlapping of the mythical and based on reason, the modes were confronted by the Classical Greek philosophers; it can also be observed in the diligence of Origen, a 3rd-century church father, that the Christian revelation of God in Jesus could best be understood in mythical terms. In expressions of the relationship between legend and knowledge, legend is examined as an academic and rational concern. Fable is studied in its artistic, inherent meaning, either as a mode of insight visible from logical, sagacious kinds of knowledge, or as one that preceded logical knowledge in human educational succession. Myth in ancient cultures was based on an emotional fantasy and a mistaken logical reasoning, on a disorientation of prejudiced and determined genuineness, of the factual and the idyllic. It is believed that legend, although half-baked, had moral evaluation.

Myth primarily as an idiom of the living knowledge of the empathy. Observing that the Melanesians responded passively to the fantasy rational of their environment. They did not seek to control the natural world theoretically or scientifically, but attempted to become accustomed to and come to terms with its powers and forces, simular references can be attributed to the Australian Aboriginals and their Dream Time or Dreaming. It is said that myth arose from the emotional responses that people in ancient traditions make of their surroundings. In his view, they respond in rhythmic symbolic action that expanded into dance and ritual, with descriptive legend forming the oral part of the widespread rites. Metaphorically, by means of symbols, expresses knowledge that is conclusive and rational; although mythology may over the centuries become played down and debased, people can use them to return to the beginning of time and experience again and reassess their own natural world. Myth, as expressed in code, is necessary for serious evaluation of the origins, progression, and depths of human contemplation. The acceptance of the sociological meaning of myth is universal among anthropologists. This acceptance does not imply, however, that myth is understood to be a function of human society. Rather, myth and society coexist; the socio-political order can be seen as an inexact reflection of the social or cosmic order found in myths, and the legends give legitimacy to the order of society.

The British anthropologist Sir James Frazer, in The Golden Bough (1890), first suggested the relation of legend to ritual. His theory was extended to explain the meaning of myth in cultured civilizations. Legends and rites in agricultural societies are so generalized in their relation to the cosmic and communal order that religious and legendary meaning is given to the complete way of life. In legend, depth psychologists found material to delineate the structure, order, and dynamics of both the intuitive life of human beings and the collective unconscious of the world. Sigmund Freud utilized themes from older legendary structures to exemplify the divergence and enthusiasm of the unconscious spiritual life in, for example, his Oedipus and Electra complexes. Carl Jung, in his psychological interpretations of the large body of legends that have been collected from cultures throughout the world, saw corroboration for the persistence of a shared unconscious common to every one. He developed a theory of duplications, patterns of great impact, he noticed that emotions and ideas are expressed in appearance and images. Both Jung and Freud viewed dreams as terminology of the arrangement and dynamic of the life of the unconscious.

The dream, they pointed out, in many of its particulars resembles the narrative of fable in customs in which legend still expresses the totality of life that are found in mythical forms of manifestation, a general theory of the origin, development, and unity of all human societies. Revelation, the last book of the New Testament is rich in figure of speech and a premise to the numerous reasonable explanations. The book is sometimes called the Judgment Day. The English designation of the word “revelation” is derived from the first word in the Greek origin, Apokalypsis, and meaning to reveal.

(Author’s note: -Apokalypsis also means, ‘exposure of a hard task’, in Australia the words mean, “a picnic beyond belief”, “picnic” meaning, a hard task).

Revelation was written to prepare Christians for the last intervention of God in human affairs. The early church believed this event to be close at hand. When it occurred, a new age of the world, in which Christ and the church would be triumphant, would begin. Meanwhile, however, the evils and terrors of the existing world order would multiply and deepen. The writer of Revelation seems to have regarded the worsening of conditions for Christians in the Roman Empire under Domitian as signifying that this cataclysmic period had begun. He wrote primarily to encourage Christians to endure this terrifying final crisis in the confident anticipation of a forthcoming, everlastingly just age. It is recognized that John, in communicating to his fellow Christians “what you see, what is and what is to take place in the future*” deliberately chose a mythological standard that would tend to obscure his message from the enemy of the church but was borrowed from the past through mythology or folklore legends.

(*Rev 1:19 “write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this”, and my translations of Book I para 19, “Express in words of what the conscious mind perceives and express the alternatives to eternal existence and explain the prophecies that will take place in the future”).

This standard was the end of the world, a literary form characterized by an often ornately emblematic explanation and forecast of events. He derived his apocalyptic symbols from visionary books of the Old Testament and from the ordinary Christian tradition. No doubt the earliest readers of the book understood its visions and imagery, but in the centuries since Revelation was written, the key to the original meaning of its symbolism was lost. Efforts to recover it have produced widely divergent systems of interpretation but no general recognition of any one system as nearest to the author's meaning.

Revelation is valued today for its brilliant storybook qualities, for its representation of a chronological crisis in Christianity, for its sublime revision of the struggle against evil, and for its visions of Spirit and ultimate eternal liberation of the blameless. And all the information was turned into an obscure legend and through our collective psyche (Halls of Knowledge), simply known as our genes, meaning by choice, habitation. It is part of the motivation why we have perpetuity, (time without end) with spiritual tradition whether it came from Ireland, Mexico, or the Hopi Indians of central North America. Bearing in mind Robert Temple’s enlightening book “The Sirius Mystery” published by Random House (Pty) Limited. 20 Alfred Street, Milsons Point. Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2061 this addition was published by Arrow in 1999 and a ‘must’ to read to help the reader in ancient knowledge of the “Dogons” and the understandings of this book. His research into Ancient Mythology is painstakingly methodical and I can say without uncertainty that my translations would not be as comprehensive without his book’s help.

On page 164 of ‘The Sirius Mystery’, second paragraph, comes the following passage, quote,

“The famous Egyptologist Wallis Budge was convinced that Sumer and Egypt both derive their own cultures from a common source which was exceedingly ancient,” unquote.

Which backs up my ideas on the Mesoamerican Traditions, which has been proven to be as old as the Dogon’s mythology on the Gods of Old, pre 5,000 BC. Now for an extract from “We are not the First”, Riddles of Ancient Science. By Andrew Tomas published by Sphere Books Ltd. 30/32 Grey’s Inn Rd. London WCIX 8JL first published in 1971. Which will add mass to Wallace Budge’s declarations concerning old perceptions of comprehension.

Looking at Mr. Temple’s quest, “The Sirius Mystery”, for answers to the “Alien” question or the Author’s of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and their quest for the Grail, it seems that that their particular quest or obsession of their search has possessed them. And by reading their findings, I came up with my conclusions, and my obsession came from a dream that invaded my mind in 1984. For nearly a year I dreamt the same dream, from which was to become the source of my inspiration, sub-conscious thought or obsession if you like. I had to smile, when on page 165 of The Sirius Mystery (paper back addition 1999) and at the bottom of that page Mr. Temple said, quote, “Isis’s companion Osiris ‘is a dark star’”, unquote. In Mesoamerica, Quetzalcoatl was a Toltec God, and worshipped by the Mayan and Aztecs alike, he was the evening star in the night sky, he called himself Lucifer, who lived in darkness or the night sky.

Mr. Temple might gag on what I am about to say about his Aquarian Creatures, the Dogons’ “Nommo”, they are “alive and well today and have been for about 2 million years here on the planet”, if we are talking about “Early Man” in the Quaternary period. A fish like amphibian, also the Sumerian-Akkadian, Oannes who is half man, half fish, reputed to have brought civilization to the human race and returned every night (darkness) to the ocean (salt water). The Chinese Gong-Gong, who was a horned monster with the body of a serpent, associated with rain. Australian Aboriginal Dream time Bunyip called a ‘devil-devil’ and eats children was a horned monster that was amphibious and lived in salt water. Enkil, the Sumner/Babylonian God of water and wisdom, who brought civilization to Mankind, Quetzalcoatl a Mayan Storm/Rain God was a feathered Serpent and the “Gaulle” of the TV series Star Gate, a skeletal serpent, an eel like fish, a cross between a fish and a lobster or scorpion, which is evident in my interpretation of Rev 9:3, that lives inside a human host; and they all have a watery home, usually salt water.

Their collective Greek name is ‘Zoion’ meaning animal, a fish like amphibious creature that has brought civilization to mankind since the beginning of time. And is the fertilizing element in semen called spermatozoon, a fish like amphibious creature that lives in a dark region or under world, salty water called amniotic fluid, that fish like amphibian that is responsible for fertilizing an ovum into a growing embryo, which is the basis of all human life. Interesting to note here, is the term, “animal”, it comes from the Greek, “anima mundi” in Latin means God, soul of the world. “Animus” means mind or spirit, and “anima” means soul. From the Akashic record, the word “Akasa” a Sanskrit word meaning sky or life spirit, in Palestine, Syria, India and Greece, this became known as “AS or AK”, pronounced “AH”, and means “life, breath, wind or air in motion”. In ancient Hebrew, “Iah or Ya” meant breath, wind or air in motion and the Old testament term, “Asiah”, broken down-As (Ah)- breath and “iah” meaning life and you put them together, breath-life or you should say, “the breath of life”. In the Old Testament, “God” is described as “The spirit moving on the face of the waters”. And tells Moses that his name is “YAHWEH”, a double aspirant, denoting the breath of life, and is translated into English as “I am that I am or being” and the Hebraic spelling, “YHVH”, in English without the vowels, “breath”. The Mayans also said that their ancestral gods were the “light moving across the face of the sea”, and to a person who studies the ancient literature would see the connection with the meaning of the words and the references to, what this author says about “Morfic Residence”, the soul, which is our “DNA”.

The Alien Question

The late Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, a world famous British Astrophysicist is the author of the following statement on the 10th May 1971, and it sounds like a tale from the television series “Stargate or Star Trek”, quote: - Human beings are simply pawns in a great game being played by alien minds, which control mankind’s every move.

These alien minds come from another universe, one with five dimensions. Their laws of chemistry and physics are completely different from ours. They have learned to shatter the time/space barriers that restrict us.These super intelligent entities are so different from us that to apprehend them or to describe them in human terms are impossible. These entities seem to be totally free from any such physical restrictions as bodies, and they are more like pure intelligence. They maybe anywhere in the universe in a matter of seconds.These aliens are everywhere, in the sky, on the sea, on earth. They have been here for countless aeons and have probably controlled the evolution of Homo Sapient. All of that man has built and become was accomplished because of the “tinkering” of these intelligent forces. He went on to say: “the only reason he called the press conference is that no government in this world would release this information”, unquote.

To add and it sounds like an Alien conspiracy to conquer the world, the Maya/Aztecs claim from their antiquity, that their ancestors came from another world to help the descendants of this world, through the coming difficulties and disasters of the future ages. (Author’s note: - there have been too many alien stories over the years to dismiss the possibility of Aliens and I will cover this question later in the Book’s interpretations and on the 23rd August 2001 I discovered that the late Sir Fred Hoyle said that all life came from space, which I discuss later in this book.)

And before you put what the late Professor Sir Fred Hoyle said into the rubbish bin, known as the too hard basket, I have more “Alien” information to put in your head to think about, Nigel Calder’s book called “Spaceship Earth”. Published by Penguin Books Ltd 27 Wrights lane London W8 5TZ England. In the chapter, “The Look of the Planet” and on page 21 comes the following quote. “An attempt in the 1970s to fill the intellectual vacuum at the core of the subject gave a foretaste of what may be needed. The Gaia hypothesis of James Lovelock, an inventor of chemical instruments, sees the habitability of the planet depending on a conspiracy of organisms that regulates the chemical make-up of the air and the sea. If this were even provable, it would be a giant discovery. The feature worth stressing here is that the Gaia hypothesis combines elements of many branches of science – ‘from astronomy to zoology,’ as Lovelock put it”, unquote.

(The funny thing is; it was discovered and known to our ancestors, pre-12, 000 years ago, that’s the “Great Discovery”, and we are merely rediscovering the knowledge of long, long ago and it’s called Genetic engineering at molecular level. The intellect of the genes the genetic knowledge even to the Mayan intelligence, bought forward from past societies, who may have been very advanced compared to the ancient Maya, the source extent of their Genetic wisdom may never be known in my lifetime, called Morfic Residence, as we of this present age, the 5th Sun according to the Maya, or in biblical terminology, the church in Sardis (Book of Revelations 3), the Dead Church known as the age of Pisces, the age of Truth. The reader may or may not see the parallel of the following information but I feel it is relevant to the understanding where these “Aliens” come from or belong, and one must remember that religious belief is based on ignorance, fear and superstition and the masses are more readily manipulated and controlled, and politics are also aligned to this form of control.) I read a book called, “Josephus Complete Works”, translated by William Whiston. A. M. and a book to read if the reader wishes to enlighten themselves on some of the controversial truths of the New Testament, admittedly the writings of Josephus, are pro-Roman, but disagree violently with the New Testament, historically not spiritually. But this Josephus (his Roman citizenship name), who, by the way was a Jew called Joseph Ben Matthias, wrote about Madasa, during the Jewish Revolt.


By Joseph Ben Matthias

Ever since Primitive Man began to think, the words of our Ancestors and of the Gods, supported by the actions of our forefathers, have constantly impressed on us that Life is the calamity for man, not Death. Death gives freedom to our souls and lets them depart to their own pure home where they will know nothing of any calamity; but while they are confined within a mortal body and share it’s miseries, in strict truth they are dead.

For association of the Divine with the Mortal is most improper. Certainly the Soul can do a great deal even when imprisoned in the Body: it makes the Body it’s own organ of sense, moving it invisibly and impelling it in it’s actions further than Mortal Nature can reach.

But when, freed from the weight that drags it down to Earth and is hung about it, the Soul returns to it’s own place, then in Truth it partakes of a blessed power and utterly unfettered strength, remaining as invisible to human eyes as God himself. Not even while it is in the Body can it be viewed; it enters undetected and departs unseen, having itself one imperishable Nature.

But causing a change in the Body: for whatever the Soul touches lives and blossoms, whatever it deserves, withers and dies such superabundance it has of immortality. They are men of true courage who, regarding this life as a kind of service we must render to Nature, undergo it with reluctance and hasten to release their Souls from their Bodies: and though no misfortune presses or drives them away. Desire for immortal life impels them to inform their friends that they are going to depart. (Look to my translations of John 3, New Testament for more understanding in the introduction of this book. It seems that in a bygone era the ancient ones in the Dreamtime as the Australian Aboriginals would put it, they, primitive man, knew as we have just learnt through the Hubble telescope and the Astronomers now tell us that in the beginning of the Universe there was “nothing” as verified by the Australian television station, the ABC on a programme called “Universe”, I find that in the Hindu Religion, their holy book on the creation of man, the opening few words also verify, quote, “In the beginning was the Void” unquote. The word “void” according to the Oxford Dictionary says, empty space, vacuum, vacant. The past and our understanding of primitive man stepping out of a cave into the sunlight in approximately 8,400 BC, has been shattered, also Josephus’ writings have been tampered with, it seems that early Christians have altered some of his writings to make them look pro-christian. But scholars can see that they, Josephus’ writings pre-date Christianity).

It is to be “Noted” that I am not trying to discredit Mr. Temple in any way, because without his help in his published works and other authors that I have mentioned in this book. Because all I am doing is to give the reader another view of the evidence presented. I think that just about everyone on this planet of European decent carries molecular structure-genes that were burnt or tortured to death for the Grail Cup, meaning the Roman Church. There is a saying about the Holy Grail, “It can make you rich and famous but it can also destroy you, it can destroy Governments”. “It is a Cup of Knowledge and is the Foundation Stone of the Roman Church, such is the power of the Grail.” I don’t think I am that superstitious but I will return it from whence it came and a lot of people have died under the religious yoke of Christianity in the last 2,000 years.

The simple truth is this; man has gained a lot of knowledge over the last 10,000 years or so and man has passed through the Grail Cup, meaning the Uterus, so technically speaking, it is a cup of knowledge. Man is born of it and man can destroy Governments, many a man has become rich and famous, inheritance, many a man has been destroyed and they are the result of birth through the Grail Cup (Uterus), and the story of Christ Jesus is based on the Grail, so it is the Foundation Stone of the church, man created the religions of the world and it is, technically speaking, a pun for the Foundation Stone of the church, if the reader gets my understanding. The Sphinx is made of stone, and the word “ stone,” adds up to 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 19, 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. The esoteric (known to initiates of special knowledge) number one, means the personal energy, the basic life force, life’s power, sun flowers always face the sun to draw their power, as we should do to develop our consciousness, the reader will understand more, a few pages on. Christ Jesus died as a Eucharistic meal for all the sperm that did not make it, not everyone can be rich and famous and that makes for a lot of peasants.

Mankind, who are service providers, subservient or in servitude to other mankind, a reference to the pecking order of mankind, also meaning to fertilize the ovum, to explain this, sperm is a provider of DNA to the ovum and serves no further function. And is typical of all males in the insect and animal kingdoms as a provider of sperm and then it is up to the female to nurture in the majority of cases. And mankind’s pursuit of mythological fantasy created the Christian Religion, and in the early days after I discovered the Grail Cup, I wondered how this little fabled cup could be a stone (Knowledge), but I soon learnt. Between the time of 900 BC and 400 AD the level of psychological and sociological understanding was rather primitive, culturally speaking compared with the university courses of today’s understanding of the subject of psychology and sociology. I don’t remember finding references in any old book or manuscripts, to Hermetic Schools of Learning, where a scholar could major in Psychology let alone Sociology.

References To Ancient Knowledge

The Greek Ambassador to India in 302 BC was told by the then King of India, Maurya, on the subject of Astronomy during his audience with the King. “Our Brahmins (Priests) believe the Earth to be a sphere”, and again in the Rig-Veda, the Sacred Book of India, which dates back to about 1700 BC, contains the following passage, the three earth’s, one within the other. Modern science has discovered that the Earth is a planet, and the Earth has three zones, the inner core, outer core, and the mantle.

The reader must realise the knowledge that comes out of Ancient Scripture is Wisdom that has suffered deterioration over the last 20,000 years to decline into a mythological story or a folklore from “Their” primeval ancient past and not “Ours.” From about 10,000 BC you had civilizations of advanced knowledge, far in advanced of our knowledge of today.

Over the ages the knowledge deteriorates and say during 10,000 to 12,000 of those years, mankind is told of things at molecular or cellular level and not having a microscope to verify what he has been told, but he knows that it has substance in it that he finds he cannot dismiss out of hand. Something tells him, in the back of his mind, the subconscious, that it has substance. Ancient Man delivers, down, by sequence from generation to generation, by word of mouth and is bound to get out of character. Which is like passing on a story down the line of ten people and comparing the first person’s words to the tenth person’s version. A primitive man builds a boat and rigs a square sail to it and the wind blows the boat along and he is not aware of the principle of air in motion he would say it is the supernatural or the Wind God is in charge, ancient teachings has taught him that nature provided the power to propel the boat across the water in the same way that women and animals become pregnant through the mysterious and unknown power of nature, which was called “ Keb, the Erpat” in Ancient Egypt or the Hebrew’s Jehovah, the creator of man. Primitive man’s originality and thoughts created the spiritual philosophy of today. The Australian Aboriginal and their Dreamtime, Ayres Rock and the Rainbow Feathered Serpent, which is the beginning or centre of the world mythology. The Sioux Indians of North America have a strange mythology; they will not eat fish, because they believe that fish are the ghosts of Men. The Mayans built temples to Turtles, Quetzalcoatl who was a Feathered Serpent; he said that the World rides on the back of a turtle. The question is, how did the Sioux Indians know that sperm looked like a fish? The Australian Aboriginal knew that somewhere in their misty past, Ayres Rock with the Dream Time, the Rainbow, Feathered Serpent with his head stuck in the Rock, was an Ovum and a Sperm, which is the beginning of life for a human being.

The Mayans knew that the ovaries looked like a turtle shell and was reduced to a mystifying Water God adoration, at some stage in pre-history the world was privy to the medically correct words of gynaecology, and I haven’t even mentioned the Egyptians with their black headed Jackal God called “Thoth,” and their pictographs, or hieroglyphics. Their spiritual texts especially from the Papyrus of Ani called ‘The Book of the Dead’, Page 117, I quote, “The religious texts of all periods contains evidence that the Egyptians were always occupied in trying to puzzle out the riddle of creation” unquote, and they were called the followers of ‘Horus’. The word, ‘Cartouche’, and means oval ring, Egyptian Kings had their names placed in them, the ancient Egyptian word, ‘SHEN’- elongated, ‘SHENIT’ – circle or circuit. ‘SHENT’- revolution, ‘SHENU’- orbit, and the hieroglyphs ‘O O’ means the two circuits, and interesting enough the ancient Egyptian word for throne-‘TCHENTHA’. And the word ‘HENTI’- double ‘HEN’ period, hen - 60, HENTI - 120. A double hen or henti, 120 and in astrology, known as a grand trine, a triangle is Cheop’s Pyramid, ancient symbol of fertility, and is also a reference to Orion’s constellation a double triangle, as the reader will see later on in the Book’s interpretations. An obscure reference to a Cell and an Ovum, they are all controlled by the movements of the Heavens, i.e. astrological positions and astronomical movements of the planets in our solar system, that is, the changing electromagnetic fields that control our every movement, including our thought and judgement. Think about the Moon, and if some crazed government decided to mine the planet for it’s mineral wealth and altered it’s position or magnetic signature within the scheme of things, it would change every “living” being on Earth, without the tides as we know them to be, we would not have been washed up on the beach and then stood up to become “homo sapiens”, and gives you something to think about.

I could go on to explain the astrological orbits of Jupiter, once every 12 years around the sun, and Saturn, once every 30 years, and the fact that they, Jupiter and Saturn, trine every 20 years, this means they are at an angle of 120 degrees of one another. The fact that they conjunct, come within three degrees of each other every 60 years (2 x 60 = 120), a total of 6 conjunctions, meaning, a very obscure meaning, that our DNA form a cable formation of 6 genes, 2 x 2, two circuits and = 12, a obscure reference to the 12 signs of the Zodiac of which we are born, one of the twelve. Astrology has been born out of this science, and is an explanation of the reason why we act as we do. A person born, as an Aries is an aggressive person, an extravert, a Piscean is an introvert, and easily understood, to a person who studies Astrology.

As the reader gets through this book, they will discover the division of cells called “Mitosis”, DNA, 666, Adam, Eve and Noahs Ark, and will explain the Dogons (Sons of God) Mythology, “the whole is contained in its smallest part, a tiny seed. (Ovum) The vibration that began its growth expanded in a revolving spiral, (twin helix of DNA) represented in many designs as a rising zigzag that, like weaving, (mitosis-the thread of life) symbolises the perpetual alternation of opposites that generates life. All nature, social life, mind, and matter are comprehended in a single scheme, along with the Mayans 20 Gods. The Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Muslim, Judaic-Christian, and an assortment of other mythologies which talk about, 12, 20, 60, 72, 120 and 144, from around the World. But it will all come back to Saturn-Man and Jupiter-God. (Man and his Mind) the twin circuits, meaning the twin helical of your DNA and the two hemispheres of the mind. It is simple enough if with the advancement of science, and sex education, the followers of Horus could have solved the riddle of the Cosmic Conspiracy if they had a microscope and looked at our sexual reproduction organs and other beads of wisdom from the past. It is only now in these academically modern times that we can put all the meanings of ancient knowledge together with some semblance of understanding with the decay of wisdom from about 14,000 years ago until now. I, the author have been looking at the psychology of our past and when I ask the academic questions of those who study psychology and sociology about what I have learnt. They just look at me with blank faces but again it’s another job for the too hard basket as far as they are concerned.

In the heavens or the cosmos over the last three to four thousand years, celestial science has developed a few problems. The Universe does not have a clock; man invented that. But on the roundabout, long a go about 900 BC, Astrologers were calling the shots, but along came the non-believers, and studied the heavens calling it science. They became Astronomers, who have natural dislike for Astrologers, which I will not go into at this time and place, because it is the timing that I want to talk about. And when I ask Astrologers when did the astrological Age of Aquarius begin, most say 22nd March 1978.

But on the other hand astronomers can’t agree or tell me where the boundaries are astronomically or astrologically, to cut a long story short, so I have taken my calculations from entering the constellation of Aquarius in the Julian Calendar Year, 2376 AD. The planet Earth entered the Constellation of Pisces, in the Astronomical Sun Year, numerically called Zero but we call it 220 AD. Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock wrote a very enlightening book called, “Keeper of Genesis”. It seems that they have forgotten to really study Astrology and to do more research into ‘the Halls of Learning’, and when they do follow up on these two interesting points, they might be surprised. They may discover and shock themselves when they find out that what they are postulating is pre 10,800 BC. The constellation of Leo due east of the Sphinx on the 5th, May 2000 AD, with the helical rising of the Sun, the spring equinox, between the paws of the Sphinx, because that day is going to shake the earth into a realization that the ancients tried to warn us but we continue to wear blinkers. With the help of modern science and the double slip ring of the two zodiacs, one empyreal (sidereal), and the other numerological and imaginary (the Tropical). There is one thing I must remind every one about, is the first principle of the Universe, for every action there is a reaction. While the Northern Hemisphere is physically going into the astrological sign ‘Aquarius’ in 1978 until 4138AD (2156 years), in the Constellation of Pisces, which started in 220 until 2376 AD (2160 years). Nostradamus Century 10 quatrain 72, the year 1999, which means that it falls on the Christian Calender year of 2219 AD. (220 + 2156 = 2376 AD, and 1999 + 220 = 2219 AD).

The Southern Hemisphere is physically going into the astrological sign of Leo, in the Constellation of Virgo (astronomical). It produces an impediment of mental magnitude, which I will talk about later, that we of the planet Earth will have to undergo. Mr. Bauval and Mr. Hancock are not actually right, but they found another timing that is connected to a sign within an age. The Hindu Sun Temple at Konarak has a wheel from the Solar Chariot, which is wheels within a wheel; also the Mayans had a triple wheel. And again in the Old Testament, Ezekiel’s vision a wheel within a wheel, Ezekiel 1 paras 1 to 21 and Rev. 4 paras 4 to 9. Northern Hemisphere is in the constellation of Pisces, 220 AD to 2376 AD, (2156 years) and the Southern Hemisphere is in the constellation of Virgo.

The Astrological Age of Aquarius, 1978 AD to 4138 AD, 2,160 years, in the sub-Astrological sign of Aries, 1978 to 2158 AD, (180 years) and the second sub sign of Taurus, 1993 to 2008 AD (15 years). Pisces-secrets. Aquarius-mankind. Aries-self interest. Taurus, the astrological house of money, or things of value. Also Taurus the bull is the sign that represents the female reproduction organs and a hidden agenda of understanding our “real” heritage, where we come from-the Holy Grail, and mankind’s self interest in things of value and secrets meaning rediscovering our birthplace according to mythology. By being in the constellation of Pisces, astronomically speaking, which I will fully explain by the end of this book. And the divisions are astrologically, 2160, 180 and 15 years respectively, founded on the entry into each astrological epoch. The constellational change (sidereal, astronomical) is slowing down at the rate of a middling of nine years every vernal point. And to confound the reader further, this present astronomical constellational age, Pisces will last 2156 years to the next vernal point, and the last astronomical constellational age, Aries lasted 2175 years and the one before that the Taurean astronomical constellational age lasted 2184 years.

(And is explained in Matthew 24 para 22, “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened”, also Mark 13 para 20.) We have been in the astronomical constellation of Pisces/Virgo for 1,780 years, and astrology is purely a local phenomenon, within our own nine-planet galaxy. (A triple astrological (Zodiac) Wheel and the covering astronomical wheel is based on the positions of the star systems in the Heavens)

Before I go any further, and for those who are not familiar with what I call Celestial Science, we are a mass of electromagnetism, for that matter the entire Universe is made up of it and depending on where we are and at what time, we are effected by it. Sun spot activity, produces solar flares, which take about two weeks to reach the planet Earth, and causes mankind to become more patriotic and intolerant. After the third day, more accident prone, and just to give you an idea what can come about, as the Earth rotates, and which side of the Earth is facing the Sun when the effect reaches the Earth, and which part of the planet is affected the most, as the planet rotates and absorbs the solar flare, there is a change in the electromagnetic fields, effecting all living things.

In the year 2000 AD, there was an increase of Sun spot activity to be felt by the planet Earth, which was at the height of its 11-year cycle with the alignment of the planets on the 5th May 2000. In human terms, there could be a train derailment in India, the train driver could miss construe the signals and crash the train, and miscalculation in judgment or a disruption the electricity grid, like what happened in Canada a few years ago. In Australia there could be a rash of small mishaps, like industrial accidents, a worker in a saw mill, cutting off a couple of fingers, or a woman on the way home from dropping the kids off at school, being in an inconsequential car crash. In all cases a miscalculation in judgment, caused by the change in brain wave patterns on that day. It is just a local problem, the effects of the planetary positions in our solar system, has a lot to do with it as well, which I will not go into right now. But your governments of today know what I am talking about, they will say, “what a load of that stuff that is found in abundance, in any given bull paddock?”

The Ancient “Astrologers” knew this effect, but in today’s world, especially in America, tow truck companies obtain charts of the solar flares and where they will be mostly concentrated, and put their operators on high alert for those days. To give the reader one more example of how magnetic field affects us in general, in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the opposite position in the Northern Hemisphere. Who rules in the home? Look and face where the sun rises in relation to the side of your home, that faces the east. Then turn right (Northern Hemisphere-turn left), which will be the south (NH turn north), and the bedroom that is in the most southerly (NH northerly) point of the house, and the one who sleep there rules the house. But if it is the master bedroom, and the head of the bed faces west (NH east), The one who sleeps on the southern (NH northern) side will rule, over the partner on the northern (NH southern) side, and rule the roost, as we say in Australia. Patriotism, another anomaly of sunspot activity. You will find that the devout, religious bombers will scheme or place their bombs at that time. There is a more sinister side to the bombings, if the Country on the receiving end in question, has knowledge of the possible threat, they will possibly allow it to happen and use the sentiment of the distress to the common people to stimulate nationalism in opposition to the other visage or ideology. World War II, D-Day, the Allied Forces under the direction of the Americans decided what day would be the best day to attack the mainland of Europe from England. They were given two dates by their resident astrologers, if my memory serves me correctly, one date was predicted by the weather forecasters to be very stormy and wet and the rest is history.

The astrological sign of Pisces rules un-disclosures, secret social order, war, sorrow, dishonesty, enemies, misrepresentation and man’s desire for authority and rules the Northern Hemisphere. No Great War has started in the Southern Hemisphere, and no clandestine society like the Freemasons has its foundations in the Southern Hemisphere. We have all seen the movies, “Fifty-five Days at Peking” and “Zulu”, have you ever asked yourself why did it happen or why they won against over whelming odds? Or for that matter the motivation for, or behind the trouble in the Middle East, the Gulf War or the Vietnam War. Why did Australia participate in the Gulf War? Don’t get me wrong, both sides have a lust for material wealth, power and control, which is the driving force of Mankind, and we, the people pay for it with our lives, as cannon fodder (War). Don’t think for one minute that those living in the Southern Hemisphere are “Angels”, our wings fell off a long time ago, all Southern Hemisphere countries were settled from the Northern Hemisphere and that includes all indigenous races. The Southern Hemisphere is under the influence of the constellation of Virgo, mankind is effected by having a lay back approach, only protecting themselves when their back is against the wall, protect the very young, and have a nurturing way of thinking, with a Piscean (aggressive) back ground.

They go into battle with Northern Hemisphere assertiveness, but end up with their backs against the wall, but under no circumstances loose, Gallipoli, 1st World War, Tobruk, 2nd World War, and Long Tan, Vietnam War, and are concerned for their wounded (nurturing). But if a country in the northern hemisphere attacks a country in the southern hemisphere (this aggression is usually very brutal, because of the Piscean influence), it will take another country with northern hemisphere aggression to defeat the attacking northern hemisphere country. Example - Japan, Germany verses England and America, 2nd World War, the geological positions of their capital city, their master bedroom, you might laugh, but read on. Old Testament, Daniel 8, 10, and 11, and in modern times the King of the North will triumph over the King of the South, France in the Napoleonic wars against the Russians, Hitler’s Germany against Russia. In the Southern Hemisphere, if you look at a capital city like Brisbane, Australia. The city is divided into two by the Brisbane River and the bulk of the population lives south of the river, so if you are a politician you go where the numbers are, the southern side of the river, the master bedroom of Brisbane and London, England, the bulk of the workers live in the northern suburbs, their master bedroom.

More people live to the southern section of the Queensland coastline to the New South Wales Border than anywhere else, again the master bedroom syndrome. Canberra, capital of Australia is one of the most southern capitals in the southern hemisphere, why do the Americans use Australian troops in any of their conflicts? Look to America, the North against the South, WW II, Hitler’s invasion of Russia or Napoleon’s advance on Moscow, do you see the light yet, or where the master bedroom syndrome is? America was going to put their capital in Alaska, but economics defeated that notion. Within the twin astrological ages of Leo and Aquarius, the Sphinx fills the prophesy of those who built the physical signs to the future, in the pre-dawn of time over fourteen thousand years ago. And of “The Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce, even if it’s a few years late in coming to public notice, but it was rediscovered within the parameters of his prophesy. It took a society far in advanced of our present understanding of which way is up or down, because one would be excused, if standing at the South Pole, and said they was standing the right way up. When we know they are up side down and the planets seem to go anti-clock wise around the Earth and at the North Pole clock wise because of the optical suggestion. The “Keeper of The Genesis”, by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, and on page 320 of the paper back addition, the question they ask is, quote, “Do we humans carry ‘remote memory files’ locked in our genes?” unquote.

Out of the Scriptures, and I, the Author said to a man on the street, “you have a mouth like a lion’s mouth”, and I am not saying that he is a loud mouth; I am in ancient slang terminology, paying him a flattering remark. A lion is king of the beasts, and lord of his territory. The question is what is ruler, king or lord of your body? Your brain! It controls your every purpose, like a king who holds an audience with his subjects, the controller of your body. A scholarly man or lecturer holds an audience, if he is extremely knowledgeable and has good discourse (speech, oration), so when you look at the Sphinx, you see the head of a man with the body of a lion. The physical signs indicate, Man and his Mind, but the astrological timing is the 22nd March 2000 AD. On this day man will ‘start’ to come to terms with his mind, complements of the book, “Keeper of the Genesis”. Back to Scriptures, Exodus 34 para 29, “Mosses did not realise as he came back down the mountain with the tablets that his face glowed from being in the presence of God”. Ecclesiastes 8 para 1, “a man’s wisdom maketh his face shine, wisdom light’s up a man’s face”. Matthew 5 para 16 “Let your light so shine before men”. And Revelations, 1 para 16, “And his countenance was like the Sun shining in its strength”. HERU the ancient Egyptian name for Sun God and Face, the face of the sun shines and Moses was Champion or Hero to the Habiru, and later, to be called Hebrews of Palestine. At dawn on the 22nd March 2000, and as the Sunrises, it will herald a new beginning, at dawn for mankind; the Sun will shine on the face of the Sphinx.

The Sphinx is made of stone, and the word stone, ads up to 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 19, 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. The esoteric (known to initiates of special knowledge) meaning of “one”, the personal energy, the basic life force, life’s power, sun flowers always face the sun to draw their power, as we should do to develop our consciousness. Before I go any further there is a differing of timing to confuse the reader further and if you can bare with the technical side of the astrological and astronomical timing here, which I will talk about later in detail but I will try to keep it as simple as possible. I will quote from Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock’s book, “KEEPER OF GENESIS”, quote, “Indeed, it seems to us that a truly astonishing quantum of ingenuity was invested by the Pyramid builders to ensure that the four fundamental aspects of an ’unmistakable’ message were thoroughly elaborated here: - quote,

1 The creation of durable, unequivocal markers which could serve as beacons to inflame the curiosity and engage the intelligence of future generations of seekers;

2 The use of the ‘common language’ of processional astronomy;

3 The use of processional Co-ordinates to signal specific time-referents linking past to present and present to future;

4 Cunningly concealing storerooms, or ‘Halls of Records’ that could only be found and entered by those who were fully initiated in the ‘silent language’ and thus could read and follow its clues,” unquote.

It will enlighten mankind to the ‘Halls of Learning’, or the ‘Halls of Records’, his mind and the knowledge, hidden metaphorically or symbolically within the Pyramids and the Sphinx, but not, and I emphasise, “Not physically”, beneath them. The Ancient ones who built the huge Monoliths, they knew when Mankind would realise the subliminal physical messages and the connection to these references in his subconscious, but the majority of mankind is looking through the eyes of the Scorpion, hence the term “tunnel vision” and not at the signs, and in a word, “dogma,” the ideology of the logic of the subconscious mind over the conscious mind. The twin Astrological Age signs of Aquarius and Leo are the pointers, which the Sphinx represents, the head of a Man and the body of the lion, Man and his mind. The mind of man is the lion; twin lions are the twin hemispheres of his mind, (hidden reference-conscious-subconscious) because he is master of all beasts on Earth.

He has the ability to reason, the mind is the King of his realm, his body and the Planet Earth, and explains the biblical term, “The Kingdom of God”, a two fold, parallel, kingdoms, and to spell it out, mankind is the most advanced creature on this planet, for good or bad. The twin ages of Aquarius and Leo marks the age of man’s struggle with his consciousness, and the understanding, of the “God” within. An interesting point from the Old Testament, ‘Israel’, in Hebrew means, “He who struggles with God”, God meaning his mind and the ‘Valley of Armageddon’, from the Book of Revelations, and means, in through the pineal gland between the twin hemispheres (valley) of the mind, known as the twin lions of the Egyptian mythological hieroglyphics. Just a note for the Australian Aboriginals and their fight with the Australian Government, don’t be swayed by white man’s ways, use your traditional ways, taught by your Elders, and you will get justice, your Elders know what I mean. White man’s ways destroys, and if you win using his methods, you will only have a hollow victory and if you do not believe, look to the explanation of the “Australian Constitution” in this book and then you might understand.

And we of European descent can learn from these people, and in America, those of European descent can also learn from their native populations, if they have not been corrupted by the term, “white man’s ways”. Book 1 para 2, ‘blue print’ Go to the Old Testament, and in Genesis 1 para 27, quote, Then God said, “Let us make a man and maid, in our image, in our likeness, someone like ourselves, to be the master of all life upon the earth and in the skies and in the seas”. It depends on which Bible you open the words differ slightly, and the first two was Adam and Eve (Eva), in the Garden of Eden (Paradise, an enclosed garden according to the Arabs,) and the Bible is correct on this point. Ovum and a sperm, affectionately called Adam and Eve, the tree of life is the placenta, and it looks like a tree. The umbilical cord with the vein carrying oxygenated blood to the foetus, does look like a snake, and if you eat an apple, an apple is a mineral, upon eating it, turning it into energy and shows up in your blood as minerals, so eating an apple in the Garden of Eden is receiving sustenance (mineral wealth-pure gold) from the placenta known as the tree of Life.


Now to leave Adam and Eve (Eva) for a moment, and talk about metallurgy, and transmuting base metals into “pure” Gold. It has puzzled a many would be chemist. Alchemy derives from the ancient word for Egypt. Arabic-KHEM, to start with, and to explain the best way known, from a fictional book called, “The Eight”, by Catherine Neville. Headline Book Publishing LC. Headline House 79 Great Titchfield St. London W1P. 7FN. And on page 347, of the paper back addition, comes the following statement. Quote, “This formula is nearly as old as civilization itself, having been hinted at writing as early as 4,000 BC. Six thousand years ago there were already advanced civilizations along the great rivers of the world – the Nile, the Ganges, the Hindus and Euphrates. They practiced a secret art that would later give birth, both to Religion and to Science. The tradition of this ritual has carried down to modern times; it still appears in the Catholic high mass, in the Cabbalistic rites, in the ceremonies of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. But the meaning behind the tradition has been lost. These rituals are nothing other than a re-enactment of the process of the formula that was known to ancient man – a re-enactment that enabled him to pass on knowledge through an act. For it was forbidden to write it down. The Phoenicians understood the ritual, so did the Greeks. Even Pythagoras forbade his followers to put it into writing; so dangerous was it believed to be. The Arabs named the lands where this hidden science was developed after the rich black silt that was deposited upon the banks of their life giving rivers each spring, when the rite took place. They called them – “AL - KHEM” – the black lands. And the secret science was called “AL – KHEMIE”- the black art. The art of transmutation, that could transform base metals such as tin, copper and lead into Gold”, unquote.

Most legends have been reduced to re-enactments, as the extract from the book of “THE EIGHT” explained and the Eucharist in the High Catholic Church is an old pagan ritual, sperm-bread (white) and wine-menstrual blood (red), the Knights of the Crusades wore a white tunic with a red Maltese cross (a cross section of a fallopian tube). Which is connected to the crime of eating the apple by Adam and Eve (Eva) as I have already explained, and from the Greek, ambrosia, and the elixir of the Gods known as the elixir of life “Blood”. A note here for the Freemasons, the ceremony of the re-enactment of the death of Hiram Abiff, represents “Death and Rebirth, of a new initiate, from a Master Mason into a Marked Master. The lost secrets of King Solomon’s Temple, they were hidden within the twin columns, to be rediscovered through the alter in the temple; their names were Boz and Ikin, at the entrance of King Solomon’s Temple. Traditionally it is said the secrets were hidden in one of the two columns at the Entrance, which represents the twin pillars of life known as DNA. The 64 black and white squares of the working floor within a Freemason’s temple and the 64 black and white squares of a chess board, the same 64 divisions of cells in the mitosis (thread of life) of a embryo and in 1998, medical science discovered that to map and understand the human brain. The scientists needed 64 diodes to look at the 64 areas of the brain, the same hiding place that the secrets of the “Halls of Records”, within the Great Pyramid were kept. (Author’s note: - Twin columns – DNA, temple – human body, alter – the mind. Biblical mythological references: - Asiah 64:8. We (are) the clay, and thou our potter. Also Asiah 41:25, Jeremiah 18:4. Lamentations 4:2 the works of the hands of the potter, also Romans 9:21.)

The Queen’s chamber is the crucible of life, the uterus, where the blacksmith of life, “Nature, known as a “God” creates, same as a potter on a spinning potter’s wheel, a similarity to the astrology chart, moulds a new receptacle to hold water, and this receptacle, the body, housing the spirit within like a bottle or vase that holds water, meaning the Soul and we are 78% water. And is part of the reasons in mythology, the Gods are the blacksmiths or potters, with the crucible of life, the womb, a blacksmith takes base metal out of a crucible and on an anvil moulds the metal into something useful, like a life force is moulded into a useful product called a human being by the DNA, known as a God like blacksmith or potter according to mythology. An ovum of the mother and the sperm of the father combine to form a new life, a descendant, the death of an individual into a marriage, a new life, Death And Rebirth, whether a male or female human being with a new life path and share the parent’s DNA. (Author’s Note: - The Old Testament’s argument in Genesis 1:24, is where the two became one, not joined in marriage as suggested by miss-interpretation.) And it is something to think about when a child receives abuse from their parent, they are abusing their own creation of themselves. And for those who do not understand, temple-the body, alter -the mind, the twin columns - knowledge stored in the twin columns, halls of records, the ‘Morfic residence’ (communication at gene level) in your DNA (twin Helix). Phallic symbols were hidden in the alters of the early church, also there were twin doors at the entrances instead of pillars in accordance with Hebrew Temples and more will be said later in the notes. Genesis 9 para 16-17

For I will see the rainbow in the cloud and remember my eternal promise to every living being on the earth, and in Revelations 4 para 3, And he who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald. And in both cases, “rainbow” refers to eternity or eternal existence. The three main colours of the rainbow are, Red, Yellow and Green. An alchemist would fire a crucible (cauldron) with say copper (green), remembering that alchemists are today’s magicians, who used sleight of hand to trick the viewing audience, there were a number of ways that they would transmute the copper into gold, the simplest, was to add the red powder (gold) to the crucible of copper and then pour out a bar of (yellow) gold, and through the centuries the secret was in the red powder. Copper in its natural state is dark green in colour; gold in its natural state dark red (the powder), therefore red and green equals yellow (gold) (the word “dark” is a further reference to the dark side or underworld of the night sky and in keeping with mythology.)

A bar of gold, can never be more than 99% gold, because it must contain base minerals, metals like tin, copper, lead, silver or iron, or otherwise it would break apart, and gold in it’s natural state, is a dark red granulation and can be ground into a powder, and to verify this ask someone who works with the production of gold bars. And other facts known to those in the world of prospecting, where this author learnt how to fire gold nuggets into a bar of gold. If you obtain a high temperature and maintain it for a specific time period when smelting gold, and when you pour the bar, a curious thing happens, when the bar cools, the silver has separated itself and lies on top of the gold. So if you were an alchemist, five or six hundred years ago, you would understand this principle and if you had a silver platter, made a mould of it and knew the quantities needed to fire and pour a new platter with the correct quantities of gold to silver to reproduce the platter. But first you coat half the platter with Bee’s wax and cover the waxed area with the red powder before firing it in the furnace/fire, and there are many platters of half gold, half base metal, hanging in museums around the world today, as proof of these alchemist’s ability to fool the general public, and it seems a shame in the words of J. S. M. Ward who wrote “Hiram Abiff. And in chapter two, The Five Hiram’s of the Bible. And on the bottom of page 12 and the top of page 13 he said, quote,

“To this day, amid crags and precipices, can still be seen monuments of the dying God, and from this spot the river runs red with his blood (a) to the purple sea.”

Page notes (a) Modern science, which destroys so many pretty legends, explains that the red matter in the river at this time of the year is merely red earth (sediments). A romantic story of soil erosion ruined.

And he might even condemn me for the destruction of the secret of transmutation, romancing the stone (the Holy Grail), even I feel a bit disheartened for all the legends that I have destroyed, but the reasons are of a more serious nature, the truth would have been discovered anyway, because the astronomical age of Pisces is the age of lies and the opposite of it is of course, The truth, if there is to be a change of consciousness for the astronomical constellational, Age of Aquarius. The inference of Noah’s rainbow and of Revelations is connected to turning base metals into pure gold and the rainbow serpent of the Australian aboriginals Dreamtime, and the feathered rainbow serpent of the Maya are connected here. At this stage, the reader may see the connection of the tree of life-the placenta; the snake-umbilical cord; carrying pure gold, the new oxygenated blood (dark red) to the new God-the foetus as the sustenance needed, biblically known as the eating of the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Even the Irish, with their leprechauns, the little people, dressed in green, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, do not escape this one. Green meaning fertility, rainbow-as above, pot-cauldron-uterus of the Gods, the human body, containing pure gold-blood-containing DNA, last but not least, the little people, descendants-foetus, just about every mythology connected to the creation myths are based on the same ideology, i.e. Egyptian, Maya, Mocha, Greek, Cretans, Australian Aborigines and Pacific Islands to mention a few, by the way dwarfs and pigmies have been noticed often in mythology, the Egyptians sent great warriors south into the centre of Africa to bring back pigmies who were black and have short arms and legs and with their large flared nostrils, makes them look like a baby monkey, Hindu religion, and a new born baby looks the same and the fact that they were black, leaned towards the Egyptian belief of the sleep state called the dark underside world, the night time sky and the Egyptian saying “as above, so below.” There is an Ape God called Hanuman, Hindu religion, and he is connected to Typhoon (air in circular motion- whirl wind-Old Testament and Dogons mythology), in which is identified with the Greek legend of Typhus a wind God, and they all talk about a whirl wind, and the Hebrew term “ah” means wind or air in motion and refers to God. Even the Dogons (Sons of God) of Africa talk about the same subjects; can it be all a coincidence?

The Fight For Life

Now that I have cleared that up lets get back to when an ovum-Eve (Eva) left the Ovary, and travelled down the fallopian tube as the tube contracted, and the ovum went with the flow. But on the other hand the sperm-Adam had to fight his way like a soldier or sailor, up through the cervix, fighting other sperm along the way, you could call it the fight for life, across a large desert, if you were a sperm, the size of the uterus would make it look like a large desert or on the other hand, amniotic fluid being salty, would appear like a huge salt water lake, and the fallopian tubes like two rivers. And when Adam (sperm) reaches the fallopian tube, it is one of “The two hidden rivers that feed the hidden lake” and if you have ever seen a cross section of this tube, it looks like a labyrinth or a catacomb, the end closest to the uterus, looks like the Red Maltese Cross, on the white tunic, the insignia of the Knight Templars (guardian/keepers of the temple-human body) during the Crusades. But Adam (sperm) must battle on until he reaches Eve (ovum) and the two become one (marriage) about three quarters the way up the fallopian tube, (at this point the nodules at the beginning of the fallopian tubes makes it look like a thousand headed serpent from the Hindu Rig Veda) deposits the male genetic code into the round plump female ovum, its the beginning of the life of a descendant of the two parents. After conception and during mitosis, the division of cells, the new fight for life, the formation of the foetus is sorting out, which colour hair, what pigment of skin, (coat of many colours to wear-renovating your property) in this life, etc, etc, because at this stage the time sequence of when to be born has begun, so that, what personality will be (Astrological chart) and the destiny will be obtained through the genes, a knowing of where to go (Destiny), and what education is needed to enhance the book of life, already installed in the vassal (Human Body), so entertaining in your home should be high on your list of things to do. (Personality, positive thoughts etc.). Putting your house in order also means your physical house - your body.

By now you will be saying what has all of this got to do with the term “blue print”, In the real world the average woman is round, plump, stays at home and looks after the children, goes with the flow, so to speak, and I am not looking for an argument from any feminist groupie here, over the last 10,000 years, the average woman would fit this category. The male of the species, by the way he looks a bit like a tadpole just picture a man with a beer gut. He likes to take on a challenge, to explore, cross large waste lands, deserts, go down to the sea in ships, cross uncharted oceans, explore up uncharted rivers, leaving the little, round, plump woman behind to raise the kids. A sperm begins life in the vagina swimming his way up to the cervix, about one third find their way pass the mucus plug. Depicted in mythology as a narrow sea passageway between two high cliffs, simular to the passageway in the movie, Jason and the Argonauts, when King Neptune held the cliffs apart while Jason and his boat passed through. In medical termes it is called the Isthmus, and the dictionary tells us that an isthmus is the narrowing of land where salt water passes, and I keep telling myself that it is all a coincidence. Who told our ancient ancestors that amniotic fluid in the womb was salt water and it passed through the cervix.

Or you could claim that the sperm was scaling high cliffs, then the sperm must swim across the uterus, when you look at the size of a sperm compared to the size of the uterus, you would be forgiven as a sperm looking at the uterus as a large desert to cross or it would seem to be like a huge rough ocean especially if the host female was doing a seven mile run when the sperm made the crossing a bit like Columbus making the journey to discover the Americas or Captain Cook on his discovery voyage of Australia. And then the sperm reached the fallopian tube, the ovum puts out a chemical to attract the sperm to her (ovum-Eve or in mythology a siren), which you could call it the call, wail or scream of the sirens, sailors tie themselves to the mast of ships so that they do not steer their ships on the rocks or get lost in the craigy land scape, just look at a cross section of the fallopian tube, a majority of sperm loose their way and die because only one sperm makes it to the ovum. By the way what is another name for sailors, the answer is “Seamen”, which is a pun for sperm or you could say we act out our lives over thousands of years the same as “semen” at cellular level and like an explorer navigating up an uncharted river. Once the sperm has deposited the genetic material into the round plump ovum it dies, now this is where the Jesus Christ comes into the picture because once the transfer of genetic material has happened the sperm dies and that is why this Christ like is a Eucharistic meal for mankind. So if you look at the whole story of the spermatozoon, once it has done its job it dies and the shape of a virgin’s uterus is “T” shaped, so the reader can understand the Jesus Christ story in mythology, the thing that keeps troubling this author, “where did the information originate?”

The ovum continues its journey down the fallopian tube when it’s muscles contract. It passes out of the tube down the side and attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. In Christian biblical terminology, this is when Noah’s Ark after riding on the great sea landed on the slopes of Mt Ararat. Our cellular selves, ovum and a sperm, or if you are the romantic type, Adam and Eve, on the average, a woman goes with the flow so to speak like her ovum counter part, hand her a map she would not know which way was north, feminists take note I said “average.” Man on the other hand like his counterpart a sperm, will have to find his way, he or she for that matter would not be here reading these words, so we are like our cellular selves. And if you take a look around yourselves, at your watch, your clothes, car, books, trees, cat, the dog, birds and even the clouds, have one thing in common, when you look through a telescope at the stars or through a microscope, they too have the one thing in common genetic blue print at a cellular level and just because we can’t see them it doesn’t mean they do not have life.

The reader might just remember back in the beginning in the introduction I said, quote: - “ The emerging twenty-first century’s hard core hyper-rationalist would deride a parallel theory of looking at our daily lives and ritual with the beginning of our existence at cellular level, Adam and Eva being Ovum and a Sperm as primitive superstition.” Otherwise, I could go on and explain that we see in a three-dimensional way and with out an apparatus, telescope, microscope and x-ray machine; the naked eye cannot see. The next time you hear in the back of your mind or a preacher standing in the pulpit, reading from “Genesis” says, “Let us make men and women like ourselves”, you will under stand what these cells are saying to you. By the way, a biologist by the name of Rupert Shelldrake calls it “Morphic Resonance”, this author call it “Morfic Residence” because of our communication or intelligence at Genetic Level, some people could connect it to or call it instinct, the psyche of the mind. (There could be two schools of thought, firstly, in ancient times say previous to 20,000 BC, mankind could have been as advanced or further advanced than we are today and the knowledge could be reduced to mythological stories as I, the author suggests or secondly, the intelligence at genetic level has through our collective subconscious given us the knowledge via our genes from ancient times until now. And in doing so made us aware of ourselves at genetic level so that we would go on and in time invent apparatus like telescopes and microscopes to see these things or intelligences at micro and macro level. There is evidence from the “Mayan” antiquity that suggests that the Mayan ancestors, who were not of this world passing on knowledge to help mankind over future calamity, but to a Mayan peasant 400 AD looking at the way we of 2001 AD do things in comparison suggests an alien society or intelligence at molecular level passing on the necessary information. We could have lost the micro and macro worlds to survival if we accept that twenty to thirty thousand years ago, the inhabitants of this planet were forced into cave dwelling through a global catastrophe, anyway it’s all food for thought.

A further note at this time, the reader must realize that the changing from one sun to the next, what I mean the passage from one constellation marker to the next brings about destruction of the world as they knew it to be. There is warfare and destruction, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation and the people are decimated, its remnants scattered. The planet earth is due for a changing of the metaphoric “Gods” of the Earth, from the Constellation Age of “Pisces” to the much talked about Constellational “ Age of Aquarius”. The Egyptians called it the “Golden Age”, the christian “Bible” calls it “the Thousand Years of Peace”, when Christ Jesus is due to walk amongst the chosen. 144,000. The constellational change is due at the end of the present Age of Pisces which lasts from 220 AD until 2376 AD, 2156 years, just 374 years from 2002 AD ) Revelations 1 para 6, “forever and ever Amen”: - In the early days of my induction into translation, using the parallel passage technique, numerically, “forever” adds up numerically to 21/3, and has the meaning, the dance for life, a new heaven and a new earth, or a new mind and a new body, rebirth-reincarnation, also means, always, eternal, eternity, “Ever” adds up to 23/5, and the base number 5 means heritage, and Amen adds up to 15/6, the Devils number, the fifteenth tarot card, and means renewed life force, confused, when you get to the explanation of Revelation 13 - 18, you will have more understanding. Looking at this life force, I knew that “Guiding Spirit”, your soul, impetus, or driving force was connected. I also knew that Keb (Seb) the Erpat, (look to Author’s notes on ‘Eternity’) the Egyptian for “The Mysterious and unknown Power that causes conception in women and animals”, and YHVH called Jehovah of Judaic-Christian religion. They are both called, “Amen”. Keb (Seb) meaning power, and Erpat meaning Hereditary Chief of the Tribe-the Creator of all. There are a number of words that are parallel to Amen, they are, Love, Life Force, Regenerate, Creative Force, Power, Lord, Lord God and Nature.

I was left with heritage, eternal existence and driving force, and we are like all other animals on this planet, coming into this world via the womb and exist for always through Keb, the Erpat, controlled by our genes, or genetic blue print, our controllers, the force of regeneration, which covers our heritage the driving force for eternal existence, not Eternal Life. Which adds up to, “to exist for always, as the Force of Regeneration.” Book 1 para 20: - The obscure meaning of the Cardinal Virtues that you saw the Spirit of physical man holding in righteousness and the Cardinal guiding Principles. The Cardinal Virtues comes from within the spiritual knowledge obtained from the Cardinal guiding Principles. The Cardinal guiding Principles is the spiritual wisdom available throughout the Seven Ages of Man, within the Cradle of Life. “Seven Stars” translates as the Cardinal Virtues, the word ‘Cardinal’ translates as or implies - Inherited strength, of work well done through the past, heritage. If you have inherited the virtues, from your ancestors, and I am talking about, through your genetic heritage, you will have the seven virtues - Justice, Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, and Charity, in your present life, and the world has a lot of problems. And on the world stage, I can see all the Seven Deadly Sins, I am not saying that I am an Angel; my wings fell off a long time ago. They are - Vanity, Fame, Ego, Illusion, Jealousy, Frivolity, and Glamour. So in your life you hold good principles to live by and do not waver from them, you will be enhanced by the 7 virtues, and you pass them on to your children, eventually the world will become a better place to live in, and the translations of the revelations verify just that. Cardinal Guiding Principles, and the Seven Ages of Man: - The previous explains Cardinal, but I did not know that there were 7 Principles, namely Love, Light, Hope, Knowledge, Truth, Peace and Wisdom. The Seven Ages of Man are the two, three and a half year periods of Tribulation, starting from approximately 8822 BC, going on until approximately 6,398 AD. The timing is based on astrological year count to each vernal point (constellation marker). Astrological ages are 2,160 years long and cover a circle with twelve houses at thirty degrees each, totalling 25,920 years advancing at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years. (Author’s note: - Astronomical Ages very in length but cover approximately 26,000 years.)

Biblical AgePrincipleChurchAstrological Years
CancerLoveLoveless8822 BC--6662BC
GeminiLightPersecuted6,662 BC--4502BC
TaurusHopeCompromising4502 BC--2342BC
AriesKnowledgeCorrupt2342 BC--182BC
PiscesTruthDead182 BC --1978AD
AquariusPeaceFaithful1978 AD--4138AD
CapricornWisdomLukewarm4138 AD--6298AD

There is a difference in astronomical and astrological ages; the astronomical constellational age of “Aries”, started with the first day of Spring, 1945 BC but the Astrological Age of Aries, which is one of the twelve signs around the planet earth and it started 21st March (which is constant), two thousand three hundred and forty- two years BC, an indifference of three hundred and ninety-seven years, give or take a few days depending on the first day of spring. Astrologically speaking planet earth passed into the astrological Age of Aquarius on the 21st of March, nineteen seventy-eight, but astronomically, the planet earth will pass into the astronomical constellation of Aquarius in the year two thousand three hundred and seventy-six AD, a difference of 398 years. In the Book of Revelations, the Age of Aquarius, based on the nature of all things, and the natural movement of the planet Earth called astronomy puts the beginning of Aquarius in year 2376 AD. We have approximately 376 years to go so much for the rapture of the Church 1st. January 2000. The Ancient Egyptians fresco on the dome of an Ancient Temple put the their time as 900 BC, about half way through the Age of Aries, so coming forward in time to the completion of that Age, makes it 1980. And modern astrological technology tells us 1978 AD, it was simple enough, I asked a number of astrologers. And the locality of Egypt compared to Greenwich in London and is used for the international basis of time reckoning today, and the Egyptian Priests were at a different geographical location and time. Two years of indifference of time and space, and is quite remarkable for the Ancient Priests of Egypt and I personally think that the Egyptologists of today underestimate the wisdom of the knowledge handed down to the priests of 900 BC, from so far back in time to degenerate to such a high level of understanding in 900 BC. And with my limited knowledge I put the Sphinx without its hindquarters and the three main Pyramids of the Giza Plateau to at least 14,000 BC and beyond. And the Bent and Red Pyramids were built with decaying knowledge at a later date than the construction of the principle stone monuments, the Pyramids of Giza. The planet earth is slowing down at the rate of one degree every seventy-two years, so on a calendar the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere cannot be 21st of March every year because of the slowing down effect. Remembering that we loose one degree every seventy-two years, the 1st house, Aries epoch should be the 21st March in the constellation of Aquarius in the year 1978, northern hemisphere astronomically speaking, and the first day of Virgo equinox in the southern hemisphere is the 21st August in the constellation of Virgo 1978.

Now that I have you totally confused including myself, lets trudge on, to achieve what I said in the last two paragraph, and we will keep it simple; all you have to imagine is that you are standing at Greenwich England looking through the sun to the left hand star of the constellation of Aquarius and this should have happened on the 21st March, 1978. I am hoping that you the reader can grasp the following, what I said in the last sentence is not totally right. Two paragraphs ago I said that the earth is slowing down at the rate of one degree every seventy-two years. Now if we go back to 220 AD and come forward to 2001, 1781 years have past and divide the number of years by seventy-two and you get 24.7 degrees. With each house being 30 degrees and you go back to the beginning of the current constellational age of Pisces you have progressed 24.7 degrees. Now assuming that no-one has adjusted the so called first day of spring since about 220 AD until now, then we have 5.3 degrees or 381.6 years to go until the end of the constellational age of Pisces.

(Author’s note: - 24.7 degrees = 24 days, 16.8 hours. Bringing it to the nearest hour, we will call it 25 days. It is part of the reason that the ancient societies recorded the equinoctial precessio

It appears that nobody in the world has checked the advancement of the system since about 900 BC, which means that the seasons are out approximately 50 days or 50 degrees. If we on the planet Earth were to adjust the calendar every “AGE”, then the following scenario would apply. Pisces constellational age is 2,156 years long, it started 220 AD and ends 2376 AD and the first day of spring has progressed 24.7 degrees. So you take 25 days from the first day of spring, the 21st March, and you wind up with the 15th April, therefore spring, summer, autumn and winter are later every year, in actual fact the present time being three weeks, 3 days and 16.8 hours late, to the point that in about thirteen thousand years from now, winter will become summer. To end the dating problem around the world where we set the date; but we have set the time on a fabricated event in history, the so-called birth of Christ Jesus.

And for those who believe in the “christian” ideology, the dates vary from 7 BC to 6 AD and if we had a universal calendar and reset the date every “Age” it would have solved the dating problems of dating, even the Egyptian Dynasties Even the programme of the computer that I, the author, used to type this book, is corrupted into the Christian ideology because the Microsoft spell check of Word 2000 insists that I use a capital “C” for the word christian in its normal programming. So while all this knowledge has clouded your mind, look at Nostradamus’ predictions, Century 10 quatrain 72, “Year 1999” is an astronomical equation, meaning that it is in the sun year 2219 AD because in Century1 quatrain 48 Nostradamus mentions the “tired sun,” meaning that it has come to the end of the astronomical age. To the uninitiated, an astrological age lasts 2,160 years, an astronomical year or age, mainly the present age of Pisces will last 2,156 years, noticed that I said astronomical year, a sun year, that is the intentional reference of Nostradamus in Century 1 quatrain 48 The Mayan predictions talks about the Year of the Sun, and all their tables were astronomical tables, what I mean is the whole of the ideology was on actual dates according to their sun (astronomical) dial, and an astronomical age is longer than an astrological (sign) age, also a “tired sun means that it is at the end of its (age) cycle.)

With Love another world is born

The Light will guide us on our way

With Hope we will view the dawn

And Knowledge for all will be the way

The Truth that we pass on

Will give Peace to those that heed

And bring the Wisdom that all do need

Then we can all go “home”…

(We are in the Age of Truth, Age of Pisces 220 – 2376 AD) The ‘Church’ tell us that everyone has a guiding Angel or Archangel (Spirit Guide).

Now that the World has entered the Age of Reasoning, the Astrological Age of Aquarius, Man and his Mind, I honestly believe that in what you could call before the beginning of time, the knowing of the ‘Morfic Residence’ past down from about 14,000 BC onwards. Because of lack of understanding was reduced to be known as a “God of Wisdom” in connection with the ‘Gods of Water’ and the ‘Womb’ and the term, “Then We Can All Go Home” as mentioned by people from all around the world. When they are on their deathbed, either in hospital or at home they make this curious statement, “I am now going home”, I believe it to mean their Cellular or Molecular (Genetic) Home. (Joseph Ben Matthias wrote about Madasa “Desire for immortal life impels them to inform their friends that they are going to depart”, a reference to going home). I believe it could be highly contentious, to say the least, that; they are finally coming to terms with their mortality and death, their ‘Genetic Connection’. I also believe that cannibalism and the drinking of the blood of the victims has something to do with ancient knowledge of DNA and how the human body absorbs genetic material, and because of the decline of understanding when the wisdom was lost to become a ritual. As demonstrated in the movie called “The Lord of Flies”, and the book of the same name, several years ago. It can be said that it is an excuse for the so-called mass suicide at Madasa, which historically the archaeologists now tell us, that it may not have happened. But the fact remains that the soul was a separate entity and known about nineteen hundred years ago, which in a around about way, sort of adds weight to the argument of the text in the translations in this book which by my calculations is much older.

I saw a movie on video many moons ago called “The Martian Chronicles” and this Martian spoke to Rock Hudson and said: - “Anyone with eyes can see the way to live, by watching nature, observing life and cooperating with it. Making common cause with the process of existence. How, you might ask? By living life for itself, don’t you see, deriving pleasure from the gift of pure being. Life is its own answer, except it, and enjoys it day by day. Live as well as possible, except no more, destroy nothing, look for fault in nothing, leave unsullied and untouched everything that is beautiful.

Hold that which lives in all reverence, for life is given by the Sovereign of our Universe to be savoured, to be luxuriated in, and to be respected, for that’s no secret. Your intelligent, you know as well as I, what must be done”. The last paragraph says it all; suicide is a cop-out, and please do not confuse this with euthanasia. Book 2, para 2: - “Those who say they are apostles,”

Apostle, the dictionary tells us: - any of the twelve sent out by Christ to preach the Gospel, leader, especially of reform movement, from the Greek apostalos -messenger. ‘Apostles’ numerically adds up to 26/8, (the word ‘Babylon’, appears in Revelations 14-8, Nostradamus Century 1 quatrain 55, “Climate opposite Babylon” Babylon is Christian so it’s opposite is ‘Muslim’-explanation in Revs 14 para 8, and also adds up to 26/8, which is interesting enough), numerology shows that Jupiter king of the Gods (mind control) affect here, “the power to control others, psychological control”. The point here is, if you have learnt or understand mythology, tarot cards, astrology and the cosmos. The ancients called all the planets Gods, and Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, and has the greatest influence over all the other planets and the control of our body is our mind. He was called the chief God of the assembly of Gods, Zeus, Juno (Jupiter), Lucifer (Mayan) and Enkil (Sumerian), to mention a few, and the kingdom of God and his domain is the human body. These Gods were called Gods of Water, and to the Mesoamericans, that is the Aztecs, Mayans, Inca and Mocha etc 600 AD, Rain Gods, Australian Aboriginal-Rainbow Feathered Serpent who lived in water and is unknown but their history of settlement has been traced back 40, 000 years, Enkil the Sumerian God of Wisdom, who was also known as the God of Water and brought civilisation to Mankind, 4,800 BC, Judaic-Christian ten commandments, 900 BC). Apostle, priest, or scribe can have an influence over the general population.

You could call it a controlling influence over the way the population thinks, acts or supports the religious body which is under the control of the priests, in the here and now the “Christian or Muslim” faith, being the two main world wide faiths. The reader will come to realise that it refers to the Intelligence at Molecular Level, the Ancient God of Nature. All these Gods being leaders, and the word Apostle meaning leader, messenger, and bringing civilisation to the Judaic-Christian Religion in a similar fashion to all the Ancient Gods of Man. If a member of the Christian Clergy reads this book, that is, if he or she gets past the fact that the Church, un-truths will circle the Earth ten times while the truth is putting on it’s boots, will class this book as evil or of the devil. The “Serpent of Old”, they will say, I am making play on words, but they, the Church fathers have been doing that for over sixteen hundred years. I mentioned in my translations of Revelations, Book One, para 2, and in the Author’s notes, ‘Blue Print’ and ‘Morfic Residence’, this Serpent of Old, “Sperm” has been bringing civilisation (population increases and wisdom) through the Cradle of Life (Holy Grail), onto the Cradle of all Life (Planet Earth) since Adam and Eve (ovum and sperm) walked in the Garden of Eden (Womb), and haven’t they, the church, made a lot of material wealth by keeping a cloud of mystery over this God, “Yahweh” (regeneration). As more and more people are disillusioned with the messages from the Christian, Hindu and the Muslim ideology and I chose those three religions because they have the greatest influence over the mass population on the Planet Earth at this time. And “Lucifer” the so-called Devil’s helper and has become evil because of “Ignorance”, he was called the Light bringer, because out of darkness comes enlightenment. (Buddhism is a way of life, not a religion)

The people of the English - European speaking World have been telling their sons and daughters since about the fourteenth century about the rise and fall of the Roman Catholic Church in the following Lullaby,

ROCK- Rock of Peter, Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church.

A-BYE-BABY - founded on the birth of a child, the Christ-Jesus.

ON A TREE TOP - Family tree of Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and clergy and a history of the family, Adam, Noah, David, Joseph, Mary, Jesus and so on.

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - meaning the winds of time and knowledge, the changing shape of the church, like when the wind blows on a cliff face, changing it’s appearance over thousands of years, the church has changed it’s appearance and ideology. As the wind blows on a tree and leaves break off including twigs, branches, meaning individual people, groups of people to form their own religious groups and sects.

THE CRADLE WILL ROCK - Cradle being the church; shake the very foundations of the church. As people realize that the realized truth of history is just another fairy story from antiquity.

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS - the knowledge that the church is proven to be a fairy story like ‘Rock -a -bye - baby’ will turn more away from the Bosom of ‘Mary’, so to speak. As more people become disillusioned with the ideology and start the exodus from the church. Try and count the number of breakaway churches and the breakaways from within the breakaways. The Muslim and Hindu beliefs have the same problems, because the peasants, “Us” are more advanced in education and the old Fairy Story of creation doesn’t hold up like it use to.

THE CRADLE WILL FALL - The cradle is the belief system and will come crashing down.

DOWN WILL COME BABY - the credibility of the birth of the child Jesus will be destroyed and the belief in him.

CRADLE AND ALL - The cradle is the belief system and church, the end of the current belief systems. Except ‘all’ and it’s numerical value is 1 + 3 + 3 = 7, and the number 7 is man, so mankind will come down or crash, if the reader thinks about the coming age called Aquarian age, but to delay the alarmists, the planet has only have to worry about the destruction within the mind; the way we think. If the reader can picture this, a tidal wave on the east coast of any continent, and the devastation it would produce. Lets just say that these writings destroy the church and the way we thought about the ancient societies who went to the caves for shelter from the elements and we, 14,000 plus years later, suddenly realised that they were not as primitive as we thought, would it not be like a giant wave crashing through our minds, and maybe, just, maybe, the story of the “Armageddon” received a twist in the stories from ancient time and the message became a doomsday event in our collective consciousness. It is going to be like the change over from Paganism to Christianity.

The Christian religion along with all other creation mythologies will collapse, in the religion reliant world of today, all that we live by including our laws, communal living, values, and ethics. Even the way we administer punishment to those who transgress our laws are based on Religion, celibacy and the unnatural abstinence from sex in the clergy, and paedophilia, which is a crime generated from this. Maybe the weight of the deception will cause anarchy and will be too much for the society as a whole, and create the much talked about, “Armageddon”.

Reader please note, the catastrophic events from the 11th August 1999, reaching a peak on the 5th May 2000 AD, the line up of the planets into a “T” trine, is a separate issue here; the change in the magnetic variance of the magnetic fields will cause geological changes, also it will change, what you could call the frequency of the magnetic fields, I will try to explain it this way; up till now all living creatures that has been born on this planet has been born under the existing magnetic frequency, what I mean is the positioning of the constellations and planets in our solar system; gravitational pull etc. Now at any stage, the changes to a different frequency, in simple terms meaning, and I will use the term “ vibration.”

Our brainwave patterns pulse at a certain rate; I will call it the overall “ 5th ” factor, in harmony with the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic fields, or vibration. Our nine planet system is like a giant gyroscope, and all the gravity fields and the “5th ” factor frequency-vibrational rate was known to the very ancient peoples of this planet, and over the time span; I will call it pre-14, 000 years ago, just to give it a time frame, and the planetary movements and magnetic variations are predictable, say over a 26, 000 year period.

Sun AgeSolar YearPrincipleAstronomical Years
Cancer1 Love8634--6362 BC
Pisces5Truth220 --2376AD (5th Sun)
Aquarius6Peace 2376--4722AD

(Author’s note: -Approximate Astronomical Dates, represents the seven years of tribulation, the Seven Ages of Man and each solar year is in astronomical terms, the current age is 2156 years long and they are shortened by approximately 10 years each age, which brings me to the New testament, and in Matthew 24, verse 22, quote, “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened,” unquote, which is an indication to the shortening of the ages, remember this, each day equals one degree therefore it equals 72 years.)

Let me call the seven ages of man, that is; Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, and convert them to; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. To recap, we are in “ 5th ” year; the Maya called it the fifth sun, the times of war. The ancient seers knew that through our “Halls of Records”, that the cycle repeats itself, every 26,000 years. That is why the God of the Old Testament was known as, the Alpha and the Omega, I am the beginning and the end and it is referring to the nature of the Universe, for every action there is a reaction, and nothing can or will exist without it. What I have worked out is this, every 2160 approximate years (Astronomical years), with planetary positioning the electromagnetic grid of our nine planet system has a change in it’s vibration so that while things born within the time span of say 220 AD until 2385 AD, the psychic of the animals here on earth would act a certain way, the 5th factor. The Maya called it the Fifth Sun, the Hebrews, come Judaic/Christians called it the Dead Church, and Astrologers called it the Age of Pisces

(the Dead Church certainly expresses the spiritual aspects of the current churches and by 2385 AD religion will disappear into history). But there was another system confusing the issue here and that was the other vibrational influence called, “The astrological age of Aquarius/Leo” called the 6th factor, now that has an added vibrational effect on the planet Earth and all the planets in our nine planet system which has not been considered up till now. The Mayans were right, this time/age will end with a geological change, and theologians know that according to Biblical Prophesy but the planet has passed through the end of Pisces and the planet earth is in the astrological Age of Aquarius and been there, at the time of writing, for 23 years and there has been no global geological disasters yet. Nostradamus comes to the rescue again, Century10, quatrain 72, and the beginning of the quatrain says,” In the year 1999”, and there is an explanation of the quatrain below, which is a different understanding. (The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 AD, because the Mayans knew that their civilization would end, and at no time did they say the end of the planet earth, except the “world” according to the Maya.) Nostradamus knew the planets and their movements, but there is no indication that he knew the understanding of the influence that caused the outcome except to say that he saw the line up at the 5th of May, 2000 and then he saw or thought of the result happening some 200 years later or he knew that someone in the future would see what he meant, cause and effect, and I call it double dipping through prophesy, the Revelations were the same. I personally think that Nostradamus knew the understanding of the terminology written in Revelation’s, because of a simple statement made by Nostradamus, in the introduction of Erica Cheetham’s Book. “The prophecies of Nostradamus”, and on page 7 of the paperback addition, quote, “in 1538, he was accused of heresy because of a chance remark made some years before, which had been reported to the authorities. To a workman casting a bronze statue of the Virgin, Nostradamus had commented, “that he was making devils”, unquote. And while we are still off the subject matter, we are what we eat, are we not! Take our cloven-hoofed friends, and the author having been in the meat carrying industry for many years, and the average peasant in the big world out there doesn’t know that pigs have to be handled with kid gloves so that they do not stress out at the slaughterhouse because if the pig stresses out at the time of being put down the pig’s meat is tough and looses it’s tenderness, having said that, here is food for though, if a child of this modern society is raised up in a good environment, but there is still the possibility that the stresses in “Life” by absorbing the stressed pig’s genes will still trouble this child, also look to England and that country’s “mad cow disease” and remember we are still, what we eat …???

Man acts like a pack of dogs. Don’t get the wrong idea when I say the following but you are what you eat. Man in society forms a fighting force to overwhelm an enemy, liking to a pack of dogs, on a killing spree and attacks mercilessly, he has the pack mentality, in rape, playing football, and soccer fans are only brave when in this mode. It is called the pack mentality. Dog attacks in the family home by seemingly non-violent dogs, and at the moment, are up about 200% during the period of August 1999 and September 2000, and then look to the antics of warring nations at that time. It seems that the lower order of animals, are more sensitive to these changes than the so called higher order, meaning mankind but we should be aware of why, the Mayans went to a lot of trouble to pass the message down. There was a side issue that grew out of the problem of ancient scripture; Hebrews, Egyptians and the Mayans alike knew what went wrong on the ancient’s advice. Somewhere in the past, they knew that teachings of knowledge had evil associated with it.

Reading and writing were skills that lead to the destruction of the society, and that the rustic ignorant life of the peasant, was the way to go. In Central America the use of message sticks and knotted coloured strings were used and it was forbidden to write. This is noticed in the Maya’s culture, especially their life styles and religious practices, and if the reader wishes to understand, just look to the Maya community set up and the simplistic way of living and the adornment of public buildings. And if you care to look around the world, the same ideas prevail in the Egyptian society, but the preserve of the witch-doctor and or medicine man and later on the priest hood and the rich land owners, political leanings, became the religious practice of writing down to teach and preserve the knowledge, in secret for these ruling classes. By keeping the bulk of the peasants ignorant, was legendary, to keep the masses in control and to keep the ruling class in a way they wished to continually, become accustomed to.

Every thing that this ruling class did was to build psychological control into the peasant’s for this end, and later on in these notes the reader will see in the Australian political scene, how evident it is today, what I mean is all the humans beings, great and small, cannot see the problem because the trees block the view of the larger extent, the forest, in other words unless you can separate yourself from the situation, you do not have the eyes to see. A typical example of this is, the Vietnam Veterans, who go into alternative lifestyles and remain isolated from the normal lifestyles of society and can see what is going on, the extent of society and it’s association with Americanisation of the populace. What I call clinical psychology with tunnel vision, this tries to bring the veterans back into the society with the plan or idea that being married, with two point three kids, a mortgage and a car on hire purchase is the norm, and of course mowing the lawn on Saturdays and somewhere along the way the whole society looses the plot, just look at history of Australia and the early days of living it rough in the bush and our lifestyles of today, the peasants still have it rough. The magnetic variants of the transition into the next constellational age will fix this up eventually, but we on the planet, are under the local astrological influence of Aquarius, the 6th year, in the still evident constellational age of Pisces, the 5th year.

Which brings problems of a conflict within our psyche, of Aquarius ideology, Brotherhood of Man’s open society and Piscean influence, Secret societies, war, lies, which is going to add to the drama of the so-called “Armageddon”, which is the ever changing psyche of the mind. The line up of the planets on the 5th of May, 2000 will change the frequency of the magnetic fields in our solar system, and it will cause the plate Teutonic’s to behave in an erratic fashion, but to what extent, is not in my field of understanding, the reader should look to the prophesies for that understanding, but it will not totally destroy the world as we know it. Because the scare mongering doomsters will have another field day in the year three thousand AD, seeing that the world will not end at 1st. January, 2000 according to these doomsters, the reason why I say this is that these people just use the old prophesies and re-assert them without investigation and study outside the source of the original prophesy. I feel that the prophesies have been embellished over the centuries and have not been questioned, blind faith is highly dangerous, and the doomsters just use them without thought of what harm that they can do to the psyche of the general public. I could say look up, “The Prophecies of Nostradamus”, by Erika Cheetham and in Nostradamus Century 10 quatrain 72, you will find the answer and let you work it out for yourself, as I said in the foreword to Revelations, I will appear to chop and change from one subject to another, but the majority of readers would not know that in ancient Crete, that the art of bull leaping meant to cover a woman and make her pregnant.

But the word “All” from the end of the children’s lullaby, “Rock-a-by-Baby” seems to be a small word but it has a ‘big’ meaning, and is explainable partly by using Nostradamus Century 10 quatrain 72,

In the year 1999, and seven months,

From the sky will come the great King of Terror?

He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols.

Before and after War reigns happily.

Nostradamus used astronomical timing, so the year 1999 AD, plus 220 equals 2219 AD. Seven months, the meaning of ‘seven’ is in this book and does not need further explanation, and means ‘Man’, also the word ‘seven’ adds up to 20 and the numerical understanding is simple, “the perfect servant”, this means that your body obeys your brain without question, the true or perfect master-servant relationship, “months” adds up to, 4 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 8 + 1 = 26/8. In the beginning of this author’s notes I said leader, messenger, and also means wisdom, and I said Jupiter effect, so you put a God (Jupiter/Aries being the mind, King of the Gods meaning king of the body, the mind), and wisdom together and you get, when Man has great wisdom. (Trivia,” when the lion lies down with the lamb”, means, when you can think with your heart and love with your mind, we will be living in the promise of God, the human mind, “Utopia”. It’s referring to God or Leader of Mankind and that is his mind. (I wonder if man can use his brain/mind, it’s taken him 14,000 plus years to get this far, it’s been that long since he ran and hid in the cave from his last big bungle. But to get it right in the next 200 years or so, I think it’s a big ask).

From the sky, meaning from heaven-birth (Nostradamus knew what it meant), and to simple about it born of the Holy Grail, in other words, born through DNA blueprint within the uterus, and the great king of Terror means, Lucifer, the light bringer, and that means Christ Jesus-Spiritual Knowledge (Enlightenment). This knowledge will bring back a Mongol, who was pre-Christian and this means pagan, and pagans worshipped the sun, moon, thunder, lightning, and the male and female genitals, etc, etc, in other words “Nature,” known throughout the world as “DNA”. And that is what this book is talking about, the pre-Christian worship of Nature, and of course the last line explains mankind’s major hobby; they will continue to destroy one another. The term, 1999, when you first think about it and at the time of writing we are now past the year 1999 AD. The computer is advancement in science that is not fully accepted until the death of the pre-computer generation, if my hypothesis is accepted, and I am not saying that I am 100% correct. It will take at least 100 years from now to be accepted, because computers are not world wide as yet, and will take a while to be a viable proposition in the third world countries, and the churches control over the (ignorant) peasants will remain until education is of a higher standard, and the influence of 1999 will be evident by 2219 and is only another 220 years, people are leaving the church or changing the ideology to form new churches, so the destruction has begun.

In the year of the sun 2219 AD,

when knowledge is greatly advanced in the minds of mankind,

born of this knowledge will come great wisdom acknowledging the true creator of man, the genetic blueprint of life-Nature.

Man, as always, will continue to destroy himself.

There is an alternative understanding of this quatrain and it goes something like this, in the year 2219 AD, a man will come, his teachings bring back the teaching that Nature is the creator not the Christian God and that the teachings of Jesus Christ are evil. Meanwhile mankind will continue to destroy one another with religious ideology. If you look at the world in general and as the intellect has lifted so has the credence in the Judaic based Christian religion? When this book goes into print the Roman Catholic Church will have a damage control ready to go into action; they have been waiting centuries for the event.

The statements or ‘bulls’ attacking astrology, numerology and contraception are part of the counter measures of the defence of the church and they know what is written in this and many other books available in the market place, and the predictions of Malachi, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and of course the letter of Fatima. The Church, already knows and has been like the bishop on the chessboard by going diagonally or side stepping the issues on the 64 black and white squares of the chessboard, but they at some stage, will no longer be able to side step the issues. If anybody is under the illusion that this book, the “story” according to Maurice Sydney Sutton, is the downfall of the Papacy and the Christian/Hindu/Muslim Faiths, think again, all I, the Author have given the reading public is something else to look at. If anyone will or can save mankind with the hope of a better world, as portrayed in fairy stories similar to the Scriptures, it is the heroes in shinning armour.

It will be the Knights in Shinning Armour in other words Mankind; there are no Knights in Shinning Armour on white horses coming out of a pink cloud of good luck anywhere, that is reserved for Fairy Stories. If there is any saving to be done, Mankind will have to decide that course of action themselves, besides it’s about time. Everyone decides his or her fate at the beginning, when the foetus goes into embryonic stage from the cellular. I used to think it was a sad state of affairs that someone has come again (reincarnate) to be an abused child, because that was their fate, how sad that they have chosen a life of abuse. Just because their mother and father were abused and their parents were abused or a witness to abuse in the family life, and as I learned to understand, it was the parents in a twist of fate, abusing themselves, how ironic.

If some readers can’t see what I mean, let me spell it out. If either of your parents has abused you at any stage in your life, the answer is simple. It took both of them to create you, and you are the combination of their genetic material, so by abusing you they are abusing themselves, genetically speaking. As a truck driver, I made a lot of friends across Australia and at one particular small town; a young blonde woman said to me one night, “When will my luck change. Because the others where she worked had favourable numerical readings from this Author, and seemed to have lucky breaks but not her but I said your turn is coming soon. I had better explain her background. She grew up in the area, fell in love, eventually married, and had three kids that she was devoted to. But her parents and the parents of her spouse grew up locally too. And the typical male syndrome of getting drunk with the mates and then wandering home, and to cut the story short, this blonde woman was bashed every Saturday night, without exception. Now to use the crude words, she became known as the town bike, a tramp, because she would jump into bed when a male came along, a lot of young women think that sex is the key to love.

This young woman was looking for her Knight in shinning Armour and to cart her off into the sunset. She only knew one way to get her wonderful Knight, was to bed a man, and hopefully he will cart her away from the situation. I did not know this at the time but I was asked why did I try and help her, because she was known as the local tramp. I said to that person, if I can help this young lady change her environment I would be making it a better environment for her children. So if we set the scene, a child doesn’t have to grow up to be abused, or be a part of it.

We decide the fate of our children’s world, the future and in doing so decide our own future environment that is our destiny. The young blonde lady thought that being bashed on Saturday night was part of life, because her mother’s parents did it and her hubby’s parents did it, and there are no crises centres out side the big cities to help in these matters. Anyway she was talked into cutting her losses, she now has another man in her life, and the children, a better environment, in which to live, and the parents are the roll model for the children, monkey see, monkey do. In Australia there are a lot of marriages, where the male partner blames the female partner for the lack of money and quality of the environment that they live in. He, the provider, only sees his partner in a light that is common through Australia. She is always getting pregnant, the spiralling costs and to maintain a reasonable lifestyle, was her fault, because of the costs involved in raising children and his frustration was centred on her. In the bygone age the Australian woman has been quite a woman, who has stood along side her man through thick and thin, and been there when it counted, through all the hard times, now that education and travel has much improved, and country women are not so isolated any more.

But still suffer under the old code of living and is no longer called for or an excuse for men to abuse women in any shape or form. I must admit, that the countrywomen still have the old pioneering ideology in their psyche. Even my late wife, who grew up in the country, in the state of Victoria, thought that if I rose at 4 am to go to work, she had to get up and make my breakfast before I went, and cut my lunch. It took me nearly 6 months to wake up to it when I thought that she was doing it to please me. Being the last of the romantics, but her teaching was to do for her man without question, but she kept on, even after I said that she did not have to at that hour of the day.

She said to me that she did it because she thought that I would have insisted, but now she was doing it because she wanted to, for me, and when I moved in with a family friend, after her death, for financial reasons. The first thing I did was to wash up the dishes after the evening meal and put on the jug for a cup of coffee, this woman apologised to me because she thought that I was just another helpless male in a woman’s world, the kitchen. All this woman had only seen was my late wife, enslaved to me, but she was because she wanted to, not because she had to. And this friend had misinterpreted what she saw, because she was not told or had the situation explained to her. The reader might just see how, through familiarity, how some people can misinterpret a situation, and become enslaved to a situation, as a child would see a situation.

As I said, monkey see; monkey does, and this child seeing their mother caring for their mate and later being bashed, linking the two together, to love is to destroy, eventually becomes a problem throughout Australia and the world. The situation between my late wife and myself can be explained this way, doing for someone else can be a chore, but eventually becomes a pleasure. Because of the love and if you look after the other person, I don’t mean, because your partner gave you breakfast in bed, you do not have to be a slave, but I was taught up to believe in consideration for others, it’s based on trust, love, and all those good things, and a bit of trivia at this point about ‘love’, in the Australian Aboriginal Race there is no Aboriginal word for or to describe “Love”, and I think that our aboriginal people got over the problem of that word in their antiquity, and we think that, ‘they’ are primitive. My late wife had her friends, even if I disliked them I kept it to myself, I gave her all the money that came into our house. And when her daughter from a previous marriage needed help, we did it together, because everyone in life has baggage that they collect and is with them for life, and if you want a relationship with a woman, who has one son and three daughters from a previous marriage, you must take on her baggage. In my case I had two sons from a previous marriage, it does not relieve me from my responsibilities to her children, just because she dies. It’s called doing the right thing, and standing by your principles. I do rave on, but if we were to care more for one another, instead of abusing, bashing and killing one another, what a better world it would be, and we must change the world that we live in, for the better and just because the church has lost it’s way over the centuries, it does not entitle mankind to destroy that system, just grow from the understanding of it and the mistake.


To simplify the scriptural understanding of the story in Revelations; the fall of “Babylon the Great” (Rev 18 para’s 1 to 24) with the following simplification and deduction, “Out of a Cloud, comes Christ Jesus on a white-horse, followed by 600,000 horsemen. And they ride into the Valley of Armageddon, and do battle with the Evil One and his Armies, and defeat them. What the reader must realise is, if the Roman church falls, all Christian Fellowships, i.e. Charismatic, Mormon, Church of Christ etc. etc, will fall with her, the so-called Harlot sitting on the 7 Hills of Rome. In the King James Version, Revelations 18 is prefixed with, “The Fall of Babylon the Great.” The word “Babylon” adds up to 26/8, meaning, “confusion of Spiritual understanding”, and “fall” has the numerical value of 13/4, meaning sudden event, death of present circumstances, being self-centred and the fall will be sudden and complete. What could you call sudden? The history of the early church was a sudden event from the start to it’s height was about 300 years, so the sudden demise will take at least that long, so ministers of the christian faith can bask in its radiance a little longer. Remember this, the Muslim Faith took just as long to become a following, but they did choose a violent beginning like Christianity, so maybe they might fade in conjunction with the Christian Faith. But in Rev 14 para 8, “Babylon is fallen,” translates as, “Confusion of Spiritual understanding identifies Selfishness.”

To explain selfishness, if a person was a Good Samaritan in life, he or she would help their fellow mankind without monitory gain or favour. But if this person stopped this ideal for one day a week and looked to themselves, they would not be ‘doing’ all the time, so this one day they would be selfish, simular the church practices being spiritual one day of the week and the rest of the week their normal self, constituting a spiritual fall, called “Selfishness”. Out of a cloud, meaning out of obscurity. Christ Jesus on a white horse, Christ Jesus meaning spiritual knowledge (Truth) white horse, a horse is a beast of burden with spirit within, man is a beast of burden with spirit-soul within, coupled with white horse means, in the conscious mind of mankind. The number code of 600,000 is 6 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10; 6 means to clean up and redecorate your home in this case the mind, and the five, 10’s, is a reference to working (Hidden 5, there are five x 10, meaning- change-heritage) it out in one’s mind, the reasoning, sorting out the truth, 10, meaning long and hard worked for. (Two books, The Mayan Prophecies and The Great Pyramid Decoded, use the same style of numerical code, Venus = 9, as this author has, reference being “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker which is based on Pythagorean numerology where 9 is the universal number.) Ride into the Valley of Armageddon, through the Pinnal gland, which is the third eye. David in the Old Testament smote Goliath on the forehead, meaning to destroy his spirituality, the valley- between the two hemispheres of the Brain. A further reference is Matthew 24, para’s 29 to 31, the separation of the believers in the Anti-Christ, the story about a man who was anti the Jewish religion, and those who look to the future with enthusiasm.

If I have worked out that quatrain 10-72 (Nostradamus) correctly, and the history of Christianity is enacted in the words of the New Testament when Christ Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in three days.” 300 years after his so called death, the anti-church, Christianity was born and he was anti the Jewish church. And the Hebrews called him an anti-Christ, meaning anti-priest, so his church would have been called the anti-church. So when a minister of the Christian Church, standing in the pulpit, preaches to the congregation about the anti-Christ and his armies, he is speaking about the fabricated anti-Christ and the army of followers that have been created by this ideology, the Christian Faith.

To be blatant about it, the lies of the anti-system will be devastated by spiritual truth. It stands to reason in this modern era of ideology of the advancing world the old must give away to the new. Like the belief in Christendom, it destroyed the system of the pre-christian worship, as in century 10-72 the King of Terror (the truth would be terrifying to the Christians) will bring “Back”, the pre-christian worship, the worship of Nature (King of the Mongols). The Aztecs had something to say about the death and rebirth of the “Sun”, taken from the Aztec religion, a period of nine centuries. “Man and his Gods,” Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd. London. On page 70, under the heading of, “A Predestined Fate”.

Quote, “The cosmic relationship embodied in the constellations of the Gods, which belonged to the fifth Sun”. And on page 66, “Evolution of the Universe, the development of the Universe as a steady evolution during the successive periods of the “Suns”. This evolution, so they thought, could only be interrupted by catastrophic revolutions or by natural catastrophes during the transition from one sun to the next”, unquote.

And my view on the subject is this, if I have worked out the transition periods correctly using astronomy, then the transition will take place in our current timing of 2376 AD, but having said that, there could be a misapprehension of the current line up of the planets whose influence over the planet earth, started on the 11th of August, 1999 and peaks on the 5th of May, 2000. We have already suffered globally; wars or rumours of wars and three major city centres have been struck by earthquakes that were created by the change in the electromagnetic field around and within the planet earth caused by the position of the planets. To remind the reader, we on the planet are in the Astrological Age of Aquarius, which started in 1978, and the Egyptians in the Astrological Age of Taurus 4502 – 2342 BC, suffered destruction but rebuilt, I have observed that the planet Earth has destructive periods every 6,480 years, in astrological terms, when it passes through each fixed sign. Every fixed sign, meaning the Astrological Ages of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio (Old Testament “Eagle in Flight), it is a large subject on it’s own but the Atlantean kingdom is reported to be destroyed in the Astronomical Age of Leo, 11,425 – 9314 BC and the remains like “Crete” in the Age of Taurus, 4065 to 1927 BC, we on Earth are due for several destructions, minor and major, over the next 400 years, the epée-centre is between the tropic of Cancer and the Equator.

The Destructive Tendencies of Religious Worship Was Established In Antiquity

David went down to the stream selected 5 white smooth stones. He put them in his pouch, stepped over the stream, walked up to Goliath, selected one of the 5 white, smooth stones and struck Goliath on the forehead, and smote him to the ground and then cut off his head with his own sword.

The word, “David” has its complication in the historical meaning from about 2,000 BC. Hiram is an ancient word for David and means “He that destroys”, and he does that to Goliath quite well. And there is a vague connection to King Solomon’s Temple, in that the Phoenician King of Tyre in the time of Ezekiel. Ezekiel actually denounces the King of Tyre because he calls himself a God, Ezekiel 28 - 2.

The actual words are, “Thou hast said I am God,” and how did a mere architect get such an exalted name, “Hiram” (Abiff), the builder of King Solomon’s Temple. Adoniram is the same as Adoram and David appoints him over the tribute, Samuel II, paras 20 and 24. And King Solomon appoints him to the same office 1 Kings, par’s 4 and 6. And his father is Abda, Ab means “Father of”, and Ad is the same as Dod, or in full “Dodo.” The full term in Hebrew is Dodah, the true form of the name “David” in contrast to Hiram, and means Beloved, and Dod was the normal title of Adonis or Tammuz, the beloved of Astarte, when Dodah was the title of Istar herself, the Shield Goddess (Placenta). Today, in Europe and Palestine the term “Dodo” is used the same way we use “Sweetheart”, and means “Beloved or Faithful one”. The Hebrew words, I found frightfully complicated, and they, the Habiru (Hebrews), borrowed their titles from the Pagans, the worshippers of Nature, the same can be said of the current ideology, borrowed for Christianity. (Author’s note: - for a serious student try “Hiram Abiff” by J. S. M. Ward. Chapter II, The five Hirams in the Bible.)

So out of all that, this author chose, faith or faithful for “David” (remember “faith” also “Hiram” and ‘love” destroys), hence the complication in the historical meaning). As the story goes, he, David, was the most faithful of all the Hebrews at that time when the Hebrews thought that they were the chosen race, the Spiritual Ones, and the rest of the world were the same as the Philistines known as the unbelievers, the Gentiles. To cut a long story short, I will just list the parallel words because I think the reader will now have an idea how I put it together.

David – faith, faithful.

Stream – the time taken to make the valley fertile, which is the time taken (rebirth) to teach the minds of man, in through the two hemispheres of the mind, meaning the valley where the stream flows, [the word “Armageddon” means the valley between the two hills, giving the reader another understanding of what the ancients meant about the valley of the mind and a stream or river flows through a valley fertilizing the land. In ancient belief knowledge was as vast as the ocean or “water”, hence the term “immersed in water” meant to gain knowledge].

Five – heritage, ancestors, past heritage, past Gods (Gods of the forefathers).

White – spiritual, of the mind.

Smooth – untouchable, attitudes and self-righteousness.

Stones – (Plural) obstacles overcome, religions, Gods.

Pouch – sealed up, kept safe in the recesses of the mind, protect.

Goliath – opposite man, i.e. opposite faith-unfaithful, unbelievers, gentiles or mankind.

On the forehead – through the third eye, spiritual eye, one must realize that the forehead is the “alter” meaning conscious mind, the head or brain represents the subconscious mind and all things must pass through the “alter” meaning the conscious mind. If a child is taught that “Science or Evolution” is evil and of the Devil’ in a devout Christian upbringing and later on in the teenage years studies Science at University and majors or gets a degree in Science this becomes a stumbling block in their psychic from the childhood teachings, which is part of the “David and Goliath” syndrome or the battle in ones mind.

Smote - (past tense of smite) to strike forcefully; hit; to punish; destroy, in this case destroy the knowledge of the conscious mind.

Ground – meaning the earth, to ground oneself, meaning physical not “spiritual”.

Cut off his head with his own sword – to destroy oneself with self-made beliefs and visions

Faith destroys Mankind

“Faith in the Gods of the forefathers, in time will destroy mankind’s spirituality, as a result of this, mankind will destroy his fellow man with his unchanging piety.”

(Religion throughout the World is “man” made, the belief from one Age to the next is based on a “Father-Mother- Child” belief system. From the period 100 AD until approximately 300 AD as the world entered the “New” Age of Pisces (Northern Hemisphere; twin age of Pisces/Virgo), as the world changed from Paganism to the New Religion, “Christianity”, the reader only needs to read history books on how violent it was till the 16h Century as the Roman Church made it clear what the ordinary people of the world could or could not believe, which highlights the viewpoint of the David and Goliath story.)

The Gulf war was over material wealth (oil), and the basic Christian and Muslim hatred. And the East Timor crisis is about the control of the Timor Sea Oil Fields (material wealth), and the fact that Indonesia is basically a Muslim country. The basic story about David and Goliath is true except we remembered the story but not the “Wisdom behind the Story, pious religious faith certainly was the driving force behind the Crusades of the Holy Roman Church and the numbers that were killed on both sides; because of man’s pious religious way of life. The introduction of “Fear” through Man’s Religious Zeal

Did anyone wonder what the Pagans went through or thought? When Christianity was in it’s infancy, No! Take the great city of Berlin before the Second World War it was a magnificent looking city. Like this city you, in pagan times had built up in your mind a belief system, majestic and long standing like the city of Berlin and an ‘upstart religion’ meaning a belief system that is anti-pagan, meaning anti the worship of Nature, came along and in the space of 300 years, destroyed this faith that was looking like Berlin in your mind, in 1938. And 300 years later, looked like the destruction of Berlin in 1945, totalled. A bit like what a tidal wave on the coastline would do. You as a Pagan would be forgiven for thinking that Armageddon had just happened; all your belief structures lay in ruins just like Berlin, the end of the world or the devastating aftermath of a tidal wave. There was no crisis counselling around in those days, and in the short term or aftermath you were rounded up by the authorities known as The Holy Inquisition with the power of legal torture and death, thrown on the rack to see how long your limbs would grow, boiling oil poured into your orifices and burnt at the stake.

So in the space of the next 200 years or so, it is going to happen again. Slay means to kill, and the past tense is slew, and has a meaning of, changing direction violently, so it appears that the Christian religion is going to have a violent end, which enhances the age old saying, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. (The new “Religion” might destroy the Christian world like it destroyed paganism, food for thought) The same can be said of a society founded on violence, will be destroyed by violence and we inherited that destiny so there is no sense in complaining because if we do not change; its our destiny. Do not overlook the 47 quatrains of Nostradamus that refer to the Blue Turbaned One. And remember this; when Nostradamus was seeing his vision of the “Blue” Turbaned One, and remember a UN soldier’s helmet looks like a ‘blue’ turban. During the Crusades, The Holy Roman Church destroyed all in its path and virtually destroyed complete Nations, and there was no revenge extracted at that time, I believe that at some time in the future it will be extracted, but then again I hope I am wrong.

The policies and way of life of Dictators, Kings, Queens and Party Politics lead governments who suppress the common good of Mankind in their Kingdoms, Republics etc, from time to time suffer a similar fate, because, blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. If you look around you, see any Pharaoh or Ancient King’s descendants around today, and this goes for our modern leaders and their governments of today. Don’t get the wrong idea that I think that all Governments are wrong or evil, the whole World sees the life and times at a certain angle, and we are not aware of the path we are going down. The world sees a one world Government as the answer, and everyone is working towards what this current psyche deems and nobody has stopped and looked at the progressing situation.

It’s a bit like a family feud, if you are caught up in the proceedings, you cant see the Forrest because the trees get in the way. Even I was the average peasant up until about 20 years ago, when I started studying the research into the translations of these Revelations, and going to the Vietnam War helped and when I discovered where the Holy Grail was hidden. A whole new research opened up to me and I could see the road of destruction that we are on. Take a look at the American Bison, they became super large herds and look at them to day, even with man’s help, they are flat out surviving. Look to Nature, and then look at the advancement of the modern world, the Mayans went down this track in about 1500 AD, a global society of their known world. From about 400 AD to 600 AD, the Great Roman Empire, a one-world government, went down that track too, so small groups or communities are the way to go.

What is evident is this, the American bison herds were large like the Roman Empire, and other nations started to attack it and the upkeep of the empire could not sustain the wealth needed to maintain its hold on such a large area, in the Bison’s case, could not keep up reproduction to maintain the herd size and we know the out come, especially the Bison. The British Empire suffered the same outcome, while being attacked from without it was also was attacked from within at the same time, the British Empire has collapsed twice in the last couple hundred years and is now a shadow of its former self, maybe we can learn something from this because mankind as a whole is a greedy uncaring society. The author’s opinions are this, keep to diverse smaller communities and avoid the temptation to become a part of Big Brother, the Mayans and Romans didn’t. The Roman Empire broke up into about 140 small countries, look at the mighty Romans (Italians) today all they have left is their pride, I am not trying to belittle them but look to the lesson that can be learnt, the Mayans/Toltecs lost it all, food for thought. I only hope that we can collectively fix it before the wheels fall off our Global Society, the global monetary system will not like what I am saying because it is all about control and jobs and the sharing of the wealth of those with the technology and understanding of where and how to milk the global economy. Somewhere in the murky past we had a large man made disaster, somewhere in the pre-dawn, called the Age of Leo, somewhere near or beyond 10,500 BC.

Also I have read parts of the Sanskrit (Samarangana Sutradhara, Hindu), Hakatha (Babylonian) and Sifrala (Chaldean), and it does not look good, to give the reader an idea of what I am talking about. In the Sanskrit text there are Great Flying Birds shaped like the Sun (silver flying machines), with yellow blood that deliver iron thunderbolts (atomic rockets) that reduces the target to ashes, and it gives instructions on how to build, operate, fuel and cleanse these flying machines, with apple juice as a cleaner of the craft’s surface. And my theory is that the best cleaner of aluminium is apple juice, and I think mankind has been there and done it before. I am not trying to scare you into a doomsday belief, but the signs are there even if our intentions are admirable. To my understanding of ancient script such as the above mentioned Sanskrit text and the references within the writings of the “The Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men” and the “Nine unknown men who wrote one book each”, in other words, 2 x 9 = 18, and means to a theological understanding that the books are a record of very ancient writings and that makes the Sanskrit writings not synoptic or one-eyed as most modern scholars think.

It’s reflected in the books of the bible, which shows up in numerical references of the original ancient texts, the numerical value such as, “72” disciples of which “12” were selected and the “13” at the last supper and the “9’s” mentioned in the bible such as, at the 9th hour Jesus the saviour died, quote, “Luke 15:7, I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. Luke|17:17 And Jesus answering said, were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? And simular numerical quotes in the Koran of Mohammed quote, “And we did bring Moses nine manifest signs; then ask the children of Israel about when he came to them, and Pharaoh said to him, 'Verily, I think thee, O Moses! Enchanted. And God made him die for a hundred years, then He raised him, and said, 'How long hast thou tarried?' Said he, 'I have tarried a day, or some part of a day.' He said, 'Nay, thou hast tarried a hundred years”, unquote, and again in the Koran of Mohammed, page 158, Ezra quote, “Nebuchadnezzar having ruined it? He said, wondering at the power of God, How will God quicken this after its death? – And God caused him to die for a hundred years, unquote. And there are simular numerical quotes in the synoptic or one-eyed gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of the New Testament, Matthew 26: 20 Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve, Mark 10:32 And they were in the way going up to Jerusalem; and Jesus went before them: and they were amazed; and as they followed, they were afraid. And he took again the twelve, and began to tell them what things should happen unto him, Luke 2: 36 And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity,

(Author’s Note: - for those who are not aware, a woman under Jewish custom and law, could not serve in a temple or synagogue)

Luke 2:37 And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day. Because the scriptures indicate that they are of the first person or eyewitness and they contain a numerical sequence, they are a code for a reader who has been schooled on the ancient script and understand how to apply it, which indicates that they are not an eyewitness account but a code. So when the Sanskrit comes up with “The Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men” and the “Nine unknown men who wrote one book each”, while the author of the particular Sanskrit text seems to be talking from the position of an eyewitness, there is an esoteric meaning to the text therefore not an eyewitness account and to the uneducated it would appear as if the author was an eyewitness. The knowledge that we have about esoteric arcane numbers and words today gives us a better understanding of the ancient text and a better understanding of the time frame in which they were created. The Sanskrit suggests a time frame of about 17,000 BC when it was written it was in a cryptic code then, which means that it is much older, so that I can suggest that it was not an eyewitness account.

The time frame suggests that the books of the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara and the other Hindu, Chaldean and Babylonian ancient scriptures were originally written before 10,500 BC and the copies today are rewrites of the original documents. The reason this author says this is, because the alignment of the Giza Pyramids with the eastern horizon, to the belt stars of the Orion Constellation and the paws of the Sphinx aligns with the constellation of Leo 10,500 BC at sunrise of the spring equinox, 10,500 BC. Just outside Mexico City the Mayan City called “Teotihuacán,” and it’s main avenue called the Street of the Dead aligns with the constellation of Pleiades on the horizon 10,500 BC, the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia is aligned to the constellation of Draco, on the horizon 10, 500 BC, and the timing for all these great ancient cities is the spring equinox which is 21st March 10,500 BC, all these great civilizations left a calling card to a particular date in time for a reason.

There is a lot more to this word “All” (1 + 3 + 3 = 7), from the nursery rhyme “Rock-a-bye-Baby”, and remember the hatred in the Muslim World for the Infidels (Christians) has been past down from father to son (genetic heritage) since the time of the Crusades and there are 47 quatrains in Nostradamus’ book of predictions about “Arabs” which will also be evident in the destruction of the “All”, which is mankind. The Mayans of Mexico with their step pyramids; they would take a prisoner or slave, and if they are not available, select a member from the local populace. Depending how rich you were or your station in life, one could bribe the priest, or bring rich sacrifices to appease the Gods, which would be back-doored by the priesthood anyway, this self appointed God-king, who called himself Lucifer the Light Bringer, or Enlightened One.

(Which made this author research the term “Lucifer” and why the Mayan God-King called himself Lucifer after the evening star known as Venus, and discovered the reasons for it and explained in the beginning of the book.)

The God King then had the sacrificial victim held over the alter by four of his strongest and most brave warriors and take the ceremonial “stone” knife and cut out the victim’s live heart offer it up to the Evil One who brought them prosperity, and then ate the heart and drank the blood of the victim. You could say that they were a bloodthirsty lot. But nothing has changed, and we have learnt nothing, we are still under the spell of the same old ritualistic sacrifices since time immemorial. The knowledge gained through the archaeology of the Mayan, Aztec, Mocha and the Inca Kingdoms has proven this. Archaeologists believe that the informative period of Mayan civilization began as early as 1500 BC, but the peak of Mayan cultural achievement came during the Classic period, AD 300 to 900. During this time, the Maya created unique art and architectural styles, made astounding astronomical observations, and developed a system of hieroglyphs for recording significant events. The contributions of this civilization continue to be felt in Mexico, and thousands of tourists visit the country’s many Mayan ruins, such as those of the Post-Classic city Chechen Itzá. I could with my knowledge of the understanding of the “Stone knife”, the word stone, adds up to 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 19, 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. The esoteric (known to initiates of special knowledge) meaning of “one”, the personal energy, the basic life force, life’s power, sun flowers always face the sun to draw their power, as we should do to develop our consciousness and “Knife” 2 + 5 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 27/9.

It tells me “Overwhelming mental power”; they certainly had power over their victims. I believe that the culture of the Maya/Toltecs had knowledgeable understanding of the ritual killing of their victims but maybe over a long time the symbolic (pretend) ritual gave way to the real thing. The only idea that I can put forward is that the cannibalistic rites were the end result of knowledge of how the DNA is absorbed into the human body. And by skinning the victim and wearing their skin like a pair of overalls to show that by drinking of the victims blood and eating of their heart and the taking of all their possessions is the complete take over of their adversary’s DNA in ritual which included animals.

Which leads me to think that the “Stone knife” is simply an addition to the ignorance of the natives in later centuries where it became a reality. I still put forward the idea that in very ancient times the level of comprehension to equal today’s level of scientific advancement is a copy of say 20,000 years ago, anyway the meaning of “Stone knife” is “Basic Life Power”, whose meaning was lost to the Maya and Toltec alike in their antiquity. The overall picture needs some explaining, so that you the reader can see what I mean. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the legacy we have been left with today, at the rise of Roman Society in about 700 BC, was civil enough, the Elders marked out the boundaries of the city and communal living began, and as the community grew so did wealth and social standing, the have’s and the have not’s started to emerge. As the population grew so did the complication of governing the Empire, the Spiritual Leaders and the Communal Leaders disagreed, the church and state affairs went their separate ways.

The society became caught up with the seven deadly sins, but they started with the right attitude and with the Seven Principles and Virtues in mind but the seven deadly sins found their way into that society. The Americans can look back to the American War of Independence and the reasons why they objected to the English yoke about their neck and set up their Constitution and the Australians and the formation of the Commonwealth of States and the formation of their Constitution, it started alright but look to the problems today. The Roman Empire ended up ruling by fear, the sword and the psychological fear of the authorities, which created the anarchy and the collapse of the Empire. The Authorities along with the ruling socialites were that money hungry. (Look to the books written on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire)

The taxes were not enough to satisfy the lust for materialism, but it became insatiable, they even had tolls on all roads and used diversions to divert the increasing poverty and intolerance towards the Lawmakers and governing body and the religion. They created Heroes, War, Sporting and Humanitarian, towards the end. When the end came the church survived because it rules by superstitious, psychological fear that endures today and this psychological control has become an art form. It seems to me that in the day of Nero who ruled the known world, there was a society similar to now, they had the ruling class, government officials, upper class, business class, traders, the poor and of course, the slaves. If you do not toe the line the ruling class will remove your rights and put you into bondage unless you have the material wealth to avoid this problem and the whip, physical control, controlled the slaves. And today’ whip is a mental one, because if you do not work like a slave, you starve, and try living without money and see how long you can survive, so it is mental control through materialism developed over centuries.

We all believe that the world is a better place and advanced with superior technology and education and there are no longer slaves, living conditions are better or are they. In reality the Maya and Toltec suffered a simular end of their society. We still suffer the bad backs, broken limbs, and ill health from working conditions in the salt mines of modern society. How healthy you are depends on how rich you are, similar to the conditions in Ancient Rome and the Mesoamerican world.

I’m not saying that the rich have to give up their wealth. With our modern society and the advances in medical science alone we should be Healthier, and not loose so many to man’s inhumanity to his fellow mankind. What have we learnt over the last 5,000 years, absolutely nothing? By the way, the reader’s genetic self was there.

You = 1
Parents = 2
Grand-parents = 4
Great-Grand-Parents = 8
Great-Great-Grand- Parents = 16
Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents = 32
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents = 64
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents = 128
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents = 256
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents = 512

If all your relatives were to have at least one child at the age of 20 years of age, and you are the result of the mating game of 512 human beings. You are the collective total of genealogy, at one hundred and forty-four thousand genes per person, equals, 73,728,000 Genes, over the last 180 years, you the reader, are the embodiment of 512 souls and when you think about it, it’s a big responsibility and that is only Nine Generations.

(Go back to 1,500 BC and you are representing just under 180,000 Souls x 144,000 genes = 25,920,000,000 genes. The genealogists are still fighting over how many genes that are in each human being, this author looked at a number that kept cropping up in ancient writing and used that number, 144,000, echo’s a numbering code that the reader will be aware later on in this book on astrological understanding of man’s heart and respiration - 360 deg = 25,920 years. 360 min = 25,920 heartbeats. 24 hrs = 25,920 av. Respirations.).

Which indicates that there is a good chance that a part of your current genetic code was running around in Rome’s Slave Market about 500 BC, dressed in rags with a slave’s ankle chain, and highly on the scale of possibilities. In round figures of course, with the ideal situation, so much for the Family Tree. Just like Cheop’s or the Mayan Pyramid, I would like to think that each layer of stone represents each generation until you get to the top and the last stone; the missing capstone (Egyptian) represents each of us. The ancient ones wrote everything else in the secrets of ancient knowledge in stone, why not our life-by-life heritage. Another great book, “The Great Pyramid Decoded” by Peter Lemesurier. Element Books. Ltd., Publishers. England. I first read the book in 1997, and the numerical code used in that book has the same basic code that I started to use in 1986 to translate the Book of Revelations.


The quest for materialism, and the need for approval by the ruling authorities, they woo the voting public with a false promise of a better world to live in, but it ends up falling short of the goals that they claim to set. Looking at history and the current world ideology, we have plenty of sporting hero’s and Leaders, Army Generals etc, of multi-national Armies, and publicised humanitarians. But like the ancient Mayans selecting a victim, but today’s Authorities, and when they select a victim, they select an industry, because there are a lot more victims around compared to the life and times of the ancient Mayans. They set industrial practices, laws and penalties; to cripple the small or one owner companies. Money and the big or multi-national companies, are working with the governments, the God-Kings and his brave warriors, and the work place safety and laws are for those with the wealth, and it’s across all the industries where the bulk of the workers are.

So if one is a self motivated, independent individual, with a successful, money making, small business, mortgage on the house, with the car on hire purchase, have two point three kids and mow the lawn on Saturdays. The work practices and being hounded by the authorities in uniform, glamour, the strong, brave warriors, who claim they are right, vanity, because the law is on their side, illusion and ego, will eventually take away all by repossession, the business or assets, the house, the car, then his wife and kids walk, and through the family court all he worked for and the limited access to the children, mind you, everybody is sympathetic but do nothing, all that the individual man’s heart desires are gone, is it not like cutting out ones live heart offering it up to the God, Materialism, is it not like drinking the life’s blood of this hapless victim, which represents the logic of the present authoritarian systems. So the downfall of the church is not the only thing to happen, and for now it is enough to satisfy the meaning of “ALL”. Mankind’s love of destruction will ensure that he is a part of the “All” in the nursery rhyme. Since the times of the Nordic ‘Odin’, we, “Mankind” have still not learnt our lessons in Life, the need of the “Brotherhood of Man”.

(The reader might not think that the downfall of the Australian Aboriginal race is important but under the scheme of things they are to be wiped out as much as white man on this planet but the survival instincts, make them a better prospect than “White Man” to survive, and for the reader’s knowledge, read “RED over BLACK”, Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights by Geoff McDonald, printed and published by Veritas Publishing Company Pty. Ltd. P.O. Box 20, Bullsbrook, Western Australia, 6084, first published May 1982. If the reader would like to know about Australian Aboriginals, it is a “must” Book to read.) Book 2, para 9: - ‘Rich’.

The Gnostic Gospels suggests, “How does this Wealth reside in such Poverty”, and refers to the Spirit or Soul resident in the Physical Body, and to gain knowledge is to be wealthy, but in this case, spiritual meaning, of the mind, and to gain knowledge is to be enlightened, to gain wealth or be rich. I

Para 9: ‘Jews’ Throughout the world, the word, Jew has been a slang term for those who come from Israel, or a Jewish community, but according to Scripture, they were of God’s flock, the Spiritual Ones, and the rest of us were known as the Gentiles. To be Spiritually Aware is to be a Jew, a play on words from the times of Solomon, to be a Jew, is to be spiritual.

Para 13, ‘Antipas’ IA differing of biblical historical note here, and depending on what is meant by Antipas. Using the parallel passage technique, means, strength or strong one, receiving what you deserve, also means tower or tower of strength, and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Numerically adds up to 26/8, and means as I have explained before, leader, messenger, which helped me refer to Herod Antipas of Mark 6 paras 14 to 29, Acts 12 para 23, and according to this Scripture, he was struck down by God. Historically, Herod Antipas, one of the two sons of Herod the Great, and after his father’s death became a puppet King under the Roman yoke, and because of the political unrest in Palestine at that time, the Romans had him removed from office and replaced by a Procurator (Military Governor) in six AD. By stretching the imagination a bit and you put Christ Jesus’ birth at say as early as seven BC, so we can assume that Christ Jesus was thirteen years of age, or in the Hebrew calendar, eighty-four years of age. (Hebrews calculated age by the number of moons, in Genesis 5, para 5, Adam died at the age of 930, divided by twelve moons per year put Adam at the ripe old age of seventy years and nine months plus a few days, because the moon’s cycles are 29 and a half days approximately.)

When Herod Antipas chopped off the head of John the Baptist Jesus was 13 years of age, so by ruling out the historical Antipas and looking at the parallel words, or religious/spiritual, suggests ‘in time of persecution, fits nicely. Antipas, in Rev 2-19, he is God’s faithful martyr, suggesting ‘his’ servant in time of persecution, fits nicely, because Herod Antipas, as the story goes in the New Testament, is the one who ordered the beheading of John the Baptist, on the whim of the daughter of Herodias, Phillip’s wife, who seemingly to be under Jewish Law not legally bonded in marriage, but a young woman who shared her favours around, having loose morals, which upset John the Baptist. And reading between the lines, she withheld her favours from Herod Antipas, unless he delivered John’s head on a platter. Antipas had made a promise to behead John, and the persecution of John was triangular, Phillip, his wife, and her mother, which can be construed as vanity so Herod Antipas true to his word delivers John’s head, at the whim of a woman he desired; vanity is the lesson here, so I will explain. Recapping the words, Reliability, being true to one’s word or oath, believing in the sanctity of marriage, being loyal to one’s partner in life. Excepting one’s responsibilities in life, being a tower of strength under persecution, Vanity can destroy one’s life by being a slave to it, by not having loose morals and standing by your principles.

The numbers for Antipas are quite interesting, 26/8, the twenty-sixth tarot card is the Page of Wands, pictures a youth seemingly taking the measure of his wand. The power of his inner strength, and a page is a servant for his master, and the 8th tarot card is called strength, there are two pictures available, one depicts a woman petting a lion with cut roses strewn around, the other shows a man (Samson-Old Testament), trying to pull the lion’s mouth apart, with roses strewn around, in both cases the scattered roses mean desire, a lion is a beast, representing brute force in a man. The woman petting the lion indicates that the woman is soothing the savage beast within the man. As I see it, a pretty young woman can wrap a big hulking, ape of a man around her little finger, “vanity”, a power of the mind, to psychologically over power another’s mind with vanity.

The story of Antipas indicates, that if you have the eyes to see, you can be a slave to vanity, Antipas giving in to Phillip’s wife and one can loose his head, in this case, John the Baptist, and according to Revelations, Antipas is the faithful servant, so by being a tower of strength and excepting his responsibility in life to the point of death, with what is written in Revelations is a complete contradiction to the New Testament. The underlying story seems to be that John the Baptist had principles, he stood by them until death, not that he had any choice in the matter but Antipas gave into his whims and vanity. The both of them had their lives ended according to the Scriptures. I saw a movie on the big screen, about the American West, and it was called “Nobody”! I think, anyway it stared Glen Ford as the character, Nobody, but there was a fable in the story and it went like this, There was a young bird in the nest who could not fly yet, but kept squawking about the cold because it was snowing. Then a gust of wind blew him out of the nest onto the ground. Now our young bird is sitting on the ground, up to his neck in snow, but he is still squawking about the cold.

A large cow came along and felt sorry for this little bird, so she dropped a large cow paddy on this little bird, now the young bird is up to his scrawny neck in warm cow dung but he continues to squawk about his situation. A long comes a hungry fox, picks the young bird up by the tail feathers, gives the bird a shake to get the cow dung off and chews up and swallows the young bird. The moral of this story is, its all right to complain about your situation that you are in, but when you are up to your neck in shit, it pays to keep your big mouth shut. I cannot extract that sort of meaning out of the biblical text, but when I look at the story about the young bird, I find that John the Baptist looked like he was in an impossible situation but he should not give up his principles and expressing them, but like the story about the little bird, if John, the Baptist, had used his wisdom and not kept on harping on about the Jezebel, he could have soothed the savage beast, and calmed Antipas down, and just maybe, he would have had along life, and change the ending of the Scriptures. That should make it about as clear as mud! As I said in the beginning of this explanation, receiving what you deserve, and John the Baptist being the martyr (Also Book 3 para 2a for more understanding in author’s interpretations) and Antipas giving into vanity, both received what they deserved in the end.

Book 2.

Para 14, “Relationships”: - “To be guilty of procreation indiscrimination, in sexual relationships”. Is quite a mouthful, and I might step over the mark here by saying that the real “Gods”, our guiding spirit, our brains, and they want us to use them, protect your life (self preservation), follow the rules of life-nature and protect the children. The church said, via the head of the church, Pope John Paul the XXIII, you must not use contraception, you must not hinder God, and I have a good friend who believed in the catholic church, to the point that if she took the pill she would die.

For her it is lucky that it did not turn out to be too big a drama. A doctor told this lady that if she had any more children it could kill her. If she did have another child she could die and according to the church if she took the pill she would die, and she did not wish to be celibate for the rest of her life, so she decided to take the dreaded pill, sat down and waited to die, now this lady is no longer a parishioner of the church, true story. We do have this natural drive for sex, and the church has it’s problems in this area of it’s own, with the indiscriminate acts of sexual preferences of it’s clergy, especially in Canada a few years ago. The Chinese have a unique method of handling paedophilia, the child molesters and their so called victims, when caught, the perpetrators are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but the child’s life is terminated, because the authorities believe that there is a 90% chance that the child will grow up to be a child molester, and therefore pass it on. I had an experience in 1996 which made me very aware of genetic problems, a friend of the lady that I was sharing house with, had come to stay in the guest room for a couple of weeks, I was on holidays, and there were a couple of trees that were putting to many leaves in the swimming pool, so they had to go. Before the Guest arrived, I was given a run down on his life and sexual preferences.

He was as camp as a row of tents, the modern term is a ‘flake’, in other words a homosexual, and looking to his family, his parents who were straight, and were mystified why their children, all six of them had limp wrists from a early age, not that it was the parents fault, but that is another story. I asked this thirty-two year old male house guest to give me a hand with the axing of the two trees, he turned up dressed in shoes, shorts, no shirt, hat, pair of gardening gloves, and a pruning saw, and when he stood in the door way, it was as if a bolt of lightning had struck me, I said to him, “Don’t move, I’ll be back in a moment”, because a picture came flooding back into my mind. I came back with a book on ancient times and showed him a sculpture of King Akhnaton (reigned for 14 years, 1379-65 BC) and his beautiful sister, Nefertiti, who was his wife and Queen, and I said, “I know what you are but look at the statue of Akhnaton, and tell me what you think?” because the statues and carvings of Akhnaton was depicting him as a sickly, almost deformed man, pot-bellied, wide hips, half breasts and spindly legged-but with strong, intense face. He took a long hard look and said, “He is as camp as I am”, to cut a long story short, the problems associated with sexuality was alive and well in the twelfth century BC. And I think that as the ruling animal on this planet, we had better start understanding our sexual and psychological problems, through our genetic heritage.

Para 20: - “idols”.

We as human beings have a habit of putting people or icons on pedestals. Now for a story that should appeal to your funny bone, we are now archaeologists in the Sun year, 583, in the Constellation of Capricorn, (In the year of our Lord, 4721 AD.) We are at a archaeological dig in a lonely valley in the foot hills, some where on the planet Earth, and the dwelling in the dig was from the pre-intellectual period over 2000 years ago (2000 AD.), and is producing small statues of a man dressed in strange garb and one well preserved statue, standing about one and a half metres tall, and had an inscription at the base, which was turned over to the experts for deciphering. And over the last two hundred years they had found about twenty of these statues to this man and a few inscriptions said that he had bought joy to millions of people, and that he was worshipped as a living God on Earth. A couple of days later, one of the archaeologists turned and said to the other, “I think that statue we found a couple of days ago might be of that God they had worshipped for about 2000 years before the intellectual period, what was his name? I have forgotten it”,

The other one said, “Christ Jesus”, a third archaeologist walking past said, “you are both wrong, the deciphering came back this morning on that particular statue you found the other day, and the inscription said, “Elvis the Pelvis”. There is a phenomenon associated with the ministry of the church and “Pop Idols”, they have something in common, they have been put on a pedestal by society which causes them to be come totally immersed into the physical or sensual side of life, indulgence and saturation of their senses with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, creature comforts and the power it brings, and their fans, dress, style their hair to look like their Idol, in other words to eat things scarified to their Gods, and that includes the bread and wine of the Catholic church, which was known in pre-Christian times as the bread of life, (sperm) and menstrual blood was the red wine of ancient pagan worship of the male and female genitals or phallic symbols. We read in the paper or magazine every day of this or that singer or actor recovering from some addiction, or drama in his life. And the clergy have a different way of coping with esteem, the church and parishioners alike give them a name like, Father, Reverend, His Holiness or Priest, for which the general public will put them, on a pedestal.

The Law of the Universe, states, for every action there is a reaction, so at one end of the scales, this priest is held in high esteem, a man of Peace; and on the other end he is the lowest form of human being, a man of violence, a violator of children - Paedophile. To help me explain peace verses violence, look at the lives of John Lennon of the Beatles, known as The Fab Four, and Mahatma Gandhi of India, a Political and Spiritual Leader of India. These men portrayed themselves and in the World Press, as Men of Peace, and the other end of the scales, violence, ended their lives, they were both shot to death by a man using a handgun. There is an interesting thing here or moral to the story, they were both born under the astrological sign of Libra, known as the Scales.

Para 22: - “those Physical Mankind who are guilty of Moral Righteousness, into a fate of pre-eminent suffering”. The only explanation I can give here other than “Destiny” is the sufferings of the early orthodox Catholic Church, there is not enough literature on the early clergy, but there is an abundance of historical notes on the Papacy. Looking at the reigns of these Spiritual Leaders. They certainly had it hard, the first eighteen were victims of violence, they were crucified, poisoned, strangled, smothered or beheaded, some were skinned, lesser Popes have been deposed, exiled or imprisoned. The translations are correct; history has proven the validity of what was written so long ago.

Hereditary Rulers or leaders, whether religious, political, or both have a down side here, and this includes the Sumner’s, Babylonian, Egyptian and Mayan etc, etc, right up to modern times, they do not have any surviving blood relatives alive to day, which enhances the age old saying, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth”. On reflection, it seems to be a natural process, and they are not the only ones to suffer, because of those, who take a chance on succeeding in the world as a leader of men, the rest of us become cannon fodder. But the materialistic world will catch up with them, if they are not benevolent to the subjects of their kingdom, and also teach their descendants to have principles and virtues to enhance their leadership qualities and govern their subjects, their fellow mankind with this wisdom, or this natural process will deny them, their rights to descendants of their blood line in other words “guilty of Moral Righteousness, into a fate of pre-eminent suffering”, life after death, sounds familiar. It should the “Christian Religion” has been harping about it for centuries.

The Spiritualists call it reincarnation. Do not think for one minute this only applies to Kings, Queens, Religious and Political Leaders, if you start up a backyard business and employ maybe two employees or even have a large company with hundreds of employees. You have just become a leader of men, as King of your domain, even the local Rotarians have Presidents, or the local Life Line Depot a manager and you are the responsible person for delegating authority just like a King or a Pope for that matter, or in charge of children, a School Teacher, or Mother, you are in charge of fellow human beings and you must take the responsibility seriously or pay, as I see it, the price or as a spiritualist would say, “Karma”. It depends on how high up the pecking order you are, a Foreman, Prime Minister, Pope or what ever, what your outcome or destiny will be, in Revelations ‘Destiny’ is called ‘Pathway in Life’, or ‘a fate of pre-eminent suffering’, or another way of saying “Karma”. My youngest son said to me about midday 1st of January 1999, when he came home after celebrating in the New Year and looked like something like the cat just dragged in. “Next year will be a great new year celebration, because I will be celebrating the beginning of the New Millennium and I will not see the next one”, and I said, ”Yes you will, if your lady decides to have children”, “Not in this life time, I won’t”, he said, “You will experience it through your kids”, I replied. It was a simple exchange of words, but I hope you can understand, why it is called ‘Reincarnation’, and to add another idea to this explanation.

Once when I was sacked from my employment, unfairly in my eyes, I did not take offence to the dismissal verbally, but my late wife was very verbal to me about the injustice of the situation. Because of my understanding, as long as I keep to my principles, and said to myself, they will get theirs without any help from me, and with reflection, I believe that their own ‘soul’, their own sub-conscious, would deal out a punishment to fit the crime of the soul or Karma. I was later exonerated and apologised to. Don’t think for one minute that you can go out and commit murder, society has a way of dealing with that situation, and the blood relatives or descendants of the perpetrator, at the soul level, might have lessons in their own lifetime or future life to compensate for a murder most foul. And I would not know if it’s from the past, or a family revenge thing, from maybe the 17th century or a karmic thing, but I believe that through life’s experiences we learn and receive the rewards for what we put out, good or bad.

In 1984, I obtained a female Border Collie Dog, and a year later after training this dog, and found that she would produce good intelligent puppies to be trained as working dogs, but the female dog in question was taught a bad trick by another working dog of the same breed, to what is known as lung suck, when a working dog is herding the sheep and the odd one breaks away. The working dog develops a frustration with this happening all the time, and bites the offending sheep behind the front leg and tears open the thin wall to the lungs, and because of the wound the sheep is traumatised, out of breath, and stays with the flock, and is also a killing method of a wild dog, and eventually the sheep dies, and it may go unnoticed, and hence the term ‘Lung Suck’. So after all this training, no matter how good a job I do for undoing of this trait, the puppies of this dog will develop an instinctive nature to lung suck. So to cut a long story short, because of my affection for this dog, I had the dog fixed and kept it as a pet. The owner of the other dog had it put down on the spot, because he was a breeder.

The reasons for the outcome is this, the genetic line had to be ended and it is called instinct. Because if the dog or dogs were to breed and down the line, the breeder might come across the lineage that would contaminate what other wise could have been a heritage of good breeding work dogs that would have contaminated his breeding stock, which may or may not be evident in the short term, say in the next two generations. And made a good business advantage for this breeder in the long term turn sour and you are left scratching your head wondering what went wrong, if you were not aware of the problem two generations ago. There are a lot of dogs out there with bad habits (instincts), and there are a lot of human beings out there in the world, which are suffering from the same complaints, an instinct to kill, and something to think about. The control of these bad habits can be controlled if we teach the children the good principles and the virtues, by teaching an example.

And as I mentioned in Book 2 para 14, maybe the Chinese are right in terminating the child’s life because of the threat of Paedophilia as a disease of the soul, karmatically speaking. We might have to be cruel to be kind, to stop such crimes, but it will give the reader some food for thought, and as an after thought, the 10 commandments are only a guide for communal living, nothing more. And it was around and in circulation 5,000 years before the Judaic-Christian “Bible” known as the Old Testament, was even thought of. Just in case the reader may surmise that I, the Author thinks that all these perpetrators of crimes against humanity in general should be taken out the back and put down with a lead injection, just like a dog think again. Those perpetrators are a result of our society, religious or otherwise and the only way to fix up the situation is to teach the children better values and eventually after a couple of generations it will be a better world to live in.

(For those who do not understand “lead injection” it means shot in the head with a rifle)

Consider this, by making it a better world for our children to live in; it’s actually making a better world for “Us” to live in the future; think about that! When you do, think in the terms of “Karma”.

Para 26: - ‘Eternity’.

The dictionary tells us, infinite time, (Esp. future); endless life after death; a very long time.

I know at some time in the future, I will die, medical science can make me live longer, but I have a used by date. The Universe has a used by date, every living thing that has the life force within. All animals, and that includes “Us” have the life force, even a tree has it, what I mean is, ring bark a tree and then see how long it lives for, without the sap flow from the roots up to the leaves. So that the sun can send down it’s rays (energy) so that the photosynthesis (formation of complex substances from carbon dioxide), which all animals breath out, and water, trees ‘breath’ out oxygen at night. It occurs to me that we need trees to survive, and an interesting point the ancients called it the Living Earth, I wonder why, besides the sap is the lifeblood for trees. The first 5 millimetres depth of soil, of this planet has life in it. Dig down 3 meters, grab a hand full of soil, add water; then put it under a microscope, the soil has come alive, nature’s time capsule. (Our time capsule, DNA or reincarnation) At this stage of the proceedings I will explain the crime of Adam and Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, modern science can now explain why it is a “Crime”.

Book 10

Para 4 has a reference in Author’s interpretations, “eternal existence through regeneration”, and in “The Living Bible”, paraphrased by Kenneth Taylor, by Tyndale House Publishers. London. Genesis 3 paras 1 to 7, quote, The Serpent was the craftiest of all the creatures the Lord God had made. So the serpent came to the woman. “Really?” he asked. “None of the fruit in the garden? God says you mustn’t eat any of it?” “Of course we may eat it,” the woman told him. “It’s only the fruit from the centre of the garden that we are not to eat. God says we mustn’t eat it or even touch it, or we will die.” “That is a lie!” the serpent hissed. “You’ll not die! God knows very well that the instant you eat it you will become like him, for your eyes will be opened—you will be able to distinguish good from evil”. The woman was convinced. How lovely and fresh looking it was!

And it would make her so wise. So she ate some of the fruit and gave some to her husband, and he ate it too. And as they ate it, suddenly they became aware of their nakedness, and were embarrassed. So they strung fig leaves together to cover themselves around the hips. The way ‘Genesis 3 paras 1 to 7, are written as if it is straight out of the pages of Handsel and Gretel, and they were forbidden to eat the candy. The following excerpt is from “THE ROMEO ERROR”(Life and the origins of Death) by Cyall Watson. Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., Publishers. London, and starting on page 30.

Quote, “Colon Bacillus (Escherichia Coli) which each of us carry by the millions and occurs in two forms that have elementary male and female characteristics. The elongated cell of the male strain puts a short tube, which pushes through the cell wall of the plump rounded female and injects genetic material. The value of the transfer which the new cells produced by the female bacterium now has a mixture of male and female characteristics, the alternative to this is the asexual technique of fission or simply androgynous, self-reproducing. But the advantages of sexual reproduction out weighed those of all other methods, by giving small parts of themselves to a union that produced new individuals with a definite life cycle. We are born, reach maturity, reproduce, but unlike bacteria which just divides and starts again. But, we on the other hand grow old and die, but we pass on ourselves for eternity, so the price for sexual reproduction is death,” unquote. My understanding of Asexual Technique, cells self-reproducing implies, “Eternal Life”, and Sexual Technique, transfer of genetic material implies “Eternal Existence,” as long as we obey the laws of nature and mate.

(Author’s note: - and my personal view is this, all the artificial insemination is the bottom line for childless couples, and so called caring homosexual males and females, I’m not against their sexual preference, but I feel that there should be a line drawn here. Our society has over stepped the bounds of nature by bringing up children through this method. Believe me, I am no “Angel” but the Law of Nature must be obeyed. Obeying the laws of nature is in every ancient dreamtime story and we should look to understand what the “Aborigines” of Australia and other indigenous races around the world have to say about nature, because we as the leading race (White men) have lost it, end of story.)

The crime of eating the apple is the price we pay for sex, death, and the original sin has been misinterpreted. When we as human beings are born and our destiny is death, all things die eventually, but we live on in our descendants. Also the Placenta is the Tree of Life, so if you eat from the tree you receive sustenance from the placenta, an apple is a mineral, as we eat an apple it turns into energy and shows up in the blood as mineral wealth. Genesis 2 para 24 with Genesis 3 para 7 string fig leaves together around the hips and to come as little children. As I have said, “Eve” is an ovum, now to a dictionary: - Folium, pl. folia (fo’li-um, fo’li-ah) [L. a leaf] [NA]. A broad, thin, leaf like structure (string fig leaves around their wast to cover their nakedness, Fertilized ovum) Follicle (fol’I-ki) [L. folliculus. A small sac, dim. Of follis, a pair of bellows] Graafian follicle—vesicular ovarian follicle. (Vesicular-vesta meaning home, hearth. -cule, Latin, suffix-forming nouns, origin, dim, dimin. meaning Very small, diminish, (Molecule), (Unfertilised ovum hence the name, “Griffin”) Vesicular-bladder, blister or bubble. Follis-the fool bellows. (Interesting enough 22nd Tarot card, and in mythology, the fool, the Court Jester.) Vestal-chaste, pure. Vestis-garment, vessel-home, ship, canal.

For the frescoes on the island of Crete called a Griffin- GRYPHON, pre-birth, little children, embryo, foetus, and the folktales of the little green people of Ireland, including “Alice in Wonderland” are not excluded here. Now the Reader can see how to put together the term ‘VESTAL VIRGIN’. The meaning is, a female, who lives in the temple, Vesta-home, whose whole life is the religion, Vestis-garment; in other words she wears her religion like a garment and marries the religion/temple not a man, Vestal-chaste, pure, virgin. The Cretans had in the throne room of where the Griffins (Gryphon/Graafian) are all around the walls, from the meanings you can compile what it means, an ovum that has just left the ovary and is still unfertilised.

Also the Griffin (Graafian follicle) is a ship travelling down a canal or tube (fallopian tube), is also the Ark of Noah or the ship in “Sirenetta, the littlest Mermaid” A drinking vessel called a rhyton, made of copper (Green, Ancient Symbol of Fertility), made around 400 BC, it is shaped like a horn, conical shape, or Horn of Plenty (associated with the Fallopian Tube) and at the base is a Griffin, and its from Persia. With the above explanation the reader should be able to work out why it is shaped like that. I think by now the reader, will have the understanding that this Judaic-Christian Bible has a meaning to the Scriptures that is not evident at first glance.

And the same can be said about every mythological creation story from around the world. The Great Flood persists from all around the ancient world, and there are “Serpents”, “World Eggs”, “Gods of Water”, and “Turtle Shells, Coconuts or Mounds”, in Egypt they were called “Turtle Backs”, and the current Judaic, Christian, Babylonian, Muslim and Mesoamerican religions have a flood scene built into their creation story and the “Gods” of the water are our genetic heritage. The Old Testament has the scene of the Garden of Eden set in the land of “Havilah” (located along the border of Babylonia), and from the land of Eden flowed a river that watered the Garden of Eden (Reed Sea) and broke into four rivers or branches. The most important of the four is the one called “Pishon”. It contained nuggets of “Pure” gold, bdellium and lapis lazuli. (The underlined are precious stones.)

Further more, in Matthew 18 para 3, “ become as little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven”; a foetus is a little child. Further on in Genesis 2 para 24, “The two become one person”, and a fertilised ovum. Quetzalcoatl was a Toltec God, and worshipped by the Mayan and Aztecs. This God was a feathered Serpent who said that the World rides on the back of a turtle and without it, the ovaries, the World of Mankind would not be. In and around Mesoamerica (Mexico), they had Temples to Turtles and the Archaeologists are not sure why, the ancients were mesmerised by the creation story, same as the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, down to modern times which includes the Judaic-Christian, Arab-Muslim and Indian-Hindu, just to mention a few. This ancient worship is about what is said in the Old Testament, the creation of mankind, and by about 5000 BC had been reduced to a Priest controlled moneymaking industry, which survives today.

The whole worship of the Creation of Mankind is based on the Male and Female Reproduction Organs, and the turtle temples were dedicated to the ovary because it looks like a turtle shell. From the Temple of the Mythological Animals of the Maya-Aztec to the Centaur’s of the Romans and the Greek, Arachne and Theseus in the catacombs (fallopian tube) of Crete, Mitra, and Brahma in the Sanskrit, Rig Veda (Sky God Record) of India, born, third the way down a 1000 headed Serpent which looks like a fallopian tube, and an ovum is fertilized about one third the way down the fallopian tube. How about modern fairy stories instead of trying to decipher ancient texts try “Alice’s Adventures in Wonder Land and she (Alice) talks to a Mock Turtle, a Gryphon, and a Lobster-Quadrille (Rev 9 para 3, Scorpions, and foreword to the Book of Revelations). The Egyptian Hieroglyphs for “Eternity” are two twisted pieces of string, a circle within a circle and the symbol for “Water”. And the three hieroglyphic signs spell the word that means “Eternity”, in Ancient Egyptian and appears in a wall painting, in the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the wife of King Ramses II, who ruled in Egypt from 1298 to 1232 BC. Creation, the creating of the universe, and often also of the creatures that populate it, explained in legendary terms.

One of the principal purposes of mythological traditions worldwide is to give an account of the creating of the cosmos. Mythographers often make a distinction between “creation myths”, which tell how the world arose or was created from a primal state, and “myths of derivation”, which explain how later features of the known world, such as human beings, animals, or the social order, came into being. In reality, myths of derivation are usually continuations of an astronomical, revealing the further action of an original creative impulse. In the biblical Book of Genesis, for example, the Hebrew God Yahweh is first a primary creator deity, separating the elements and forming the earth. Later, after he has made the first humans, Adam and Eve, Yahweh becomes a lawgiver; and the myth of the exile from the Garden of Eden accounts for the origin of such aspects of life as the need to cultivate the soil, the pain of childbirth, and the presence of death.

One aspect of the telling of a “livelihood” is that it enables the listener to re-enter the “strong” time of creation when the world was in its infancy. Cosmogonies usually take for granted the existence “from the beginning of time” of primal matter, or even of the world itself, which is then shaped into a recognizable form either by the action of extraterrestrial forces or by designer divine being. Certain images of the uncreated cosmos often recur in different customs: it may be represented as a void, as a state of chaos or of unformed elements, as a primeval sea, or a “celestial spawn” containing all things in developing structure. Creation myths may reflect the environmental circumstances of a particular society. In Mesopotamia, the land between the great rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the development of irrigation systems and the fear of the sudden flooding that occurred periodically were from the earliest times a major feature of life; and accordingly the action and control of the waters plays a major role in Sumerian mythology.

The primeval sea, personified by the Goddess Nammu, is the source of the Gods and the cosmos; and at one stage the Gods decide to destroy their human creation by sending a deluge. In many legends the creation of man and the evolution of human society is soon followed by a disastrous fire or flood sent by the Gods. The processes by which the world is formed include the moulding or coalescing of elements, particularly water and earth; a struggle between supernatural powers; the sacrifice of a primal being (for example a giant or world-serpent); the incubation of the “celestial egg”; or the uttering of a divine “word”. Where primary creation is ascribed to deities, such as the Greek Uranus, sky God and Gaea, earth Goddess, these tend to become hazy, remote figures in later mythology, and legends recount their overthrow by their own offspring: thus in the Greek tradition, Zeus succeeded his father Cronus and grandfather Uranus to become undisputed head of the Greek pantheon.

Many traditions, however, do not ascribe creation to individual divine beings. In African traditions of the Dogons a cosmic egg hatches to release spirits called Nommo, who then set about the creation of mankind. Both “personal” and “impersonal” creative forces occur in Egyptian mythology: four divine couples, which fused to form the cosmic egg, personified elemental energies; from this the sun God was born. Later the sun God was worshipped in the figure of Ra, who engendered a pantheon of high Gods, known as the Nine Gods of Heliopolis by eating then spitting out his own semen. The motif of self-fertilization by a creator deity occurs widely: his offspring may then, through an initiation sexual union, give birth to other Gods, creating panoramas based on family relationships.

The most famous such “family tree” is the ancient Greek one, centring on the offspring of Zeus by many Goddesses and mortals. Creation myths often contain the idea of separation or distinguishing (this function also belongs to solar deities, who, like the light of the sun, reveal the true form of things). Thus the elements that constitute matter are made distinct; in ancient Egypt a mound of land was believed to have raised from the primal waters; and in the biblical Genesis story, Yahweh's creation of the world is described mainly in terms of “dividing”. Alternatively, the raw material for making the world may derive from a specific source.

A widespread Native American myth tells of the descent into the depths of the ocean of an “earth-diver”, an animal—often a turtle—that brings back mud from which the world is fashioned. In Indian Vedic tradition the body of the primordial man, Purusha, is dismembered to provide material for the world and everything in it. A similar theme occurs in the Norse myth in which the primal giant Ymir was killed by Odin and his brothers, who then make the sky out of his skull, the earth from his body and the sea from his blood. The process of creation is sometimes perceived as belonging to a mythic past; often, however, it is seen as a continuing cycle of creation and destruction, as in Hindu tradition or in the Mesoamerican belief in the “Five Suns” that governed successive worlds. Since the 19th century, Western thought has been accustomed to equating the passage of time with the idea of material progress; but in mythic history the earliest era of the world is usually the closest to perfection—a Golden Age, one thousand year peace, or a Garden of Eden—with later phases showing the progressive degeneration of the world as it grows more distant from the original creative impulse.

Cosmogonic myths generally culminate in the creation of humankind, after which point the mythological cosmos comes to resemble the inhabited world of human experience. The earliest humans are often thought to have been of extraordinary stature and longevity and to have been much closer to the Gods, and in many traditions the story-cycles associated with demigods and heroes are a richer source of legend than those involving the Gods themselves. The Arabs claim that the Garden of Eden is somewhere in and around Babylonia, they are mythologically correct, the Tigris and the Euphrates flows into a reed sea, and even today the Arabs that live there, still live like they have for thousands of years and maintain that the reed sea was the legendary place of origin of civilization itself, and the same legends persist in the Mesoamerican mythologies. The two hidden rivers that feed the hidden lake, and is used in Freemasonry ceremonies, is the two fallopian tubes in to the uterus, the same can be said about the Egyptians and the river Nile, and of course the Judaic and Christian mythology because they are based on the same ancient paganism.

The Egyptian word for two rivers is “Nile”. The dead Pharaoh was sown (meaning to plant seed, sperm) into the belly of Apis the Bull (Aaron’s Golden Calf, Exodus 32 Old Testament) meaning inside the female’s reproduction organs, and sailed up the Nile, and I mean North, (Vagina to fallopian tubes) to the Delta not South as the majority of the Egyptologists think. The Ancients called all lakes and seas, salt water females, all rivers and streams fresh water male, sediments (pun for semen) flow down these rivers and streams to form the delta, if you look at a lake from the air and it has one main river say like the Nile with a delta, it would look like an ovum and a sperm.

The Australian Aboriginal and their dreamtime, about the Creation, Ayres Rock and the Dreamtime Rainbow Feathered Serpent, and the Serpent’s head stuck in the rock, ovum and a sperm. Rainbow is in Genesis 9 para 13, Rev 4 para 3, and translated as eternal, everlasting. The Christian Bible has in its Lord’s Prayer, the following quote, “On Earth As it is in Heaven”. The Egyptians said, “ as above so below”. And the term, Heaven is where God creates, Revelations 13 para 18 explained in the Author’s interpretations, and it is the Uterus. And Cheop’s Pyramid is inverted to show where heaven or the Garden of Eden, the Arabs called it an enclosed garden, Paradise; the Christians call it, “the Paradise of God”.

The Ancient Symbol of Fertility is green in colour, and is called the Reed Sea (Pubic Hair Region) or Red Sea (meaning Menstrual Blood). So, what would happen if you were to turn Cheop’s Pyramid up side down? And then join it to the pyramid on the ground, and then scan the heavens looking for a sign, and guess what, you wind up with the “Orion” constellation. And that is another part of the quest for the “Holy Grail,” and another link to the “Cosmic Conspiracy”. The Cap Stones of the imaginary Heaven and Earth cross over the three belt stars of Orion’s Constellation, there are 7 main stars representing, as I have said before, “MAN”.

The trinity represents, Father, Mother, Child, (Sleeping Beauty, King, Queen, Beauty-God, Mary, Jesus,), The Egyptians called the time in the Womb-Sleep state, the time spent in the Under World and the box shape is the Granite Box (Granito-Italian for seed, Manger is a wooden oblong box to feed animals grain seed) found in the Western End of the King’s Chamber. Sargon the 1st and Sargon the 2nd were found floating in tinderboxes, in the reeds of the Tigris and Euphrates River, Mosses found floating in the Bulrushes (Bull-female reproduction organs, rushes-pubic hair region -Ancient Symbol of Fertility). And the Christ Jesus put in a manger, an oblong wooden box, called a manger. (Wooden, the Ark, the cross of Christ Jesus’ manger, trees grow in rings, we grow in DNA rings, tinder box, has a spark and a flame, spark of life and the Soul being the flame, matches made of wood, meaning DNA). The reader who understands the text of the Christian Bible will be able to understand the way the bible came together.

(Author’s note: - some miss-informed person will say that is the only building material available, that could be correct but we are looking at a parallel of wooden building material in mythological dialogs over several thousand years that pertain to the building blocks of life, DNA)

There is another star system that has been over looked it is called the constellation of Cepheus. In my research into Egyptian words, an Egyptian Pharaoh called “PEPI the 1st”, and he appeareth on the two thighs of Isis, also Pepi reposeth on the two thighs of Nephthys, the pubic hair region of a female. It seems that a lot of theologians missed the play on words with the Egyptian Pharaohs and astrology/astronomy. Also the word “Pepi” means triangle, and the Constellation of Cepheus or Cheop’s in the Heavens is right next door to the Constellation of Cassiopeia. And she is known as the Queen of heaven or Mother and Child, (King, Queen, Child, of the Fairy story, Sleeping Beauty, which I will explain later).

So far the ancient symbol of fertility, has been standing out and as I have shown in the, “as above so below”, in regards to the two triangles of the Orion Constellation, but when you look at the shape of the constellation it does look like a double headed axe. Also on the Island of Crete the entrance to the under world called the labrys, Christianity calls it the place where the evil one lives, the under world, the nighttime sky. A further clue to the cosmic conspiracy, as I already explained as the fallopian tubes, or catacombs, in the Cretian mythology. The entrance to the labyrinth which is long and narrow, and is guarded by Minotaurs' armed with double headed axes called a “Labrys”, a reference to the outer labia of the female sex organs this labyrinth had a one eyed monster called a “Cyclops”, who ate Virgins, ovum (one eyed Monster) when fertilised, it eats a young girl and turns her into a woman. On the Meseta Plateau between Bolivia and Peru, in South America, about 16 klms. From Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world is the ruin of the most mysterious city on Earth.

It is estimated that it is somewhere between 13 to 14,000 years old, but they are not real sure. But it is the entrance to Tiahuanaco City Temple that is so strange, some Archaeologists have said, it was built like that to make it easy to defend. The entrance is a single piece of stone weighing ten tonnes-3 meters x 4 meters, and the opening is 6 ft high and 32 inches wide. It is at least or older than the Temple Builders of Luxor and Karnak in Egypt, they are on separate continents and separated by one very large ocean, but the architectural design of the entrances are designed by the same architect. Ancient Persia and medieval Europe kept the same strange Blue Print Design and used the same Architects, and are backed by Matthew 7 para 14, Quote “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way, which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Unquote, and again Luke 13 para 24 quote, “strives to enter in at the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter in and will not be able.” Unquote.

The following might not seem relevant but it is; Sirenetta (Ovum), the littlest Mermaid, is another children’s fairy story. When she sang (the call of the Ovum to the Sperm in the Fallopian Tube), all the little fishes (Sperm) came from all over the sea, to listen to her sing. The same can be said for the sailors, who in the time of wind power drove the ships of discovery around the high seas of the world. And they were very superstitious, and as the story goes they would tie themselves to the mast so that they would not steer the ship onto the rocky shore at the wail of the sirens. The question is another name for sailors? “SEAMEN,” pun for semen, the Mythology of the Ancients. We in the so-called modern World have our sex education programs and sex educational books, gynaecologists and medical books on gynaecology. Greeks, Egyptians, Christians, and even up to modern television entertainment, like the American production called “STARGATE” has a hidden story in overall plot that appeals to your subconscious, nobody liked Kevin Cosner’s movie, “Water World”, pity, it was the perfect movie to appeal to the reader’s psychic.

Just because it was not a Rambo style, but one day it will most probably become a classic. (Explanation of “STARGATE” the movie at the end of the notes) To help explain the next section, and it does need explaining. The word “KABALAH” used by Ancient Scholars, and is a programme that is in everyone’s subconscious. Some readers are going to say, “I knew that,” and still have a puzzled look on their face. Even I, the author was surprised with the discovery that the way we love mystery and stories that seem to have no real explanation but we have to think about it all the time and keep going to the “Movies” and look at and praise movies like “The Never Ending Story” and it’s certainly is that, think of Lorne Green in “Battle Star Galatica”, it might get you to look at the children’s books again.

Some stuck up “Do-Gooder” might have all Children’s Books banned because of the hidden sexual references in them after this book is published. I am wondering if modern psychology has an answer for all this, it will open up a new world of fantasy for all. Bear with me and all will be understood, because the greatest find will become apparent to the reader soon. And the next couple of paragraphs give the Reader an idea about the mysterious Jewish Kabalah and out of another little Book tells the Reader how the “Kabalah” is used. I, the Author use it extensively in this “Book”.

Numerology And The Divine Triangle Forward By Faith Jarvane

Quote, My study of Numerology began in the spring of 1938. I found a teacher of Astrology who insisted that before she would accept me as a student, I must study Numerology. Since I very much wanted to study with her, I agreed to start with the numbers. Her approach to Numerology, however, was like none other. She had received it in a unique way, from what she called the InnerPlanes, which meant that she, went outside her body to a Mystical School for her instruction. She called this work KABALAH because it had come to her through the mind and soul rather than from a flesh and blood teacher, or from a book. KABALAH refers to secret information in Symbolic form, whether in a Numerical, Verbal or Hieroglyphic pattern. The biblical books of Ezekiel, Enoch, and IV Ezra contain mystical revelations of hidden knowledge, including speculation about the mystical import of Numbers and Letters. The Cabbalist knew how to decode the esoteric messages in the Scriptures.I admit to some scepticism about my teacher’s beliefs, but I went along with her teaching. What she revealed we now call the Divine Triangle. It was known in the Pythagorean school (about 6th Century BC) as the Life Theorem, and is now commonly accepted as the proposition that: The Square of the Hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Pythagoras used the right-angled triangle as a representation of the Universe; it was his “Eureka.”

Keb, the Erpat, God, YHVH, Jehovah, and Father of the Tribe.

A friend gave me, a little book on numbers, called “NUMBERS, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues”. By W. WYN. WESTCOTT, and first printed by The Theosophical Publishing House Ltd., London, in 1890. And on page 40 is the following quote. “The animal kingdom shows all sexual generation to arise from pairs of contrasted beings, the male and the Female; the microscope now discovers to us the spermatozoon and the ovum, but the truth was known of old to philosophers of India, Egypt and the Gnostic, in whose lore we find human generation to spring from the Serpent and the Egg.” Unquote.

And again from pages 26-7, quote, “Notaricon, a word derived from the Latin notarius, a shorthand writer, means the construction of a word from the initial or final letters of the several words of a sentence; or vice versa the construction of a sentence of which each word in order begins with the reversal letters composing a given word: processes of contraction and expansion, therefore. Refer to Deuteronomy XXX verse 12, and find that Mosses asks, “Who shall go up for us to heaven?” The initials of the words of the sentence, My Yolh Lnu Hshmymh, read “My yeolah lenu hashemimha,” form the word MYLH or “Mylah” which means “Circumcision,” and the final letters (ah) form the word Jehovah, YHUH or IHVH, suggesting that Jehovah pointed out the way, by circumcision, to heaven. Again the first six letters of the book of Genesis, BRASHIT, Berasit, translated “In the beginning,” but more properly “In wisdom,” are the initials of the words BRASHIT RAH ALHIM SHYQBLU ISHRAL TURH, read “Berasit rauah Elohim Shyequebelu Israel Torah,” which mean, “In the beginning, God saw that Israel would accept the Law.”

The famous Rabbinic name of power, AGLA, is formed of the initials of the sentence, “Tu potans in saeculum Domaine, ATH GBUR LOULM ADNI, Ateh gibur loulam adonai. The word “Amen” is from AMN, the initials of “Adonai melekh namen,” ADNI MLK NAMN, meaning “The Lord and Faithful King.” To the average reader it would seem like a lot of double-dutch, to say the least, and before I go to the Egyptian words I should explain a couple of points here. The Habiru, later to be called the Hebrews, before “the flood” had seven Gods of creation, (they did not always believe in one God), and in the above, Mylah is a reference to the 3rd Creational God, called “JOA”, and later corrupted into the slang term Jehovah, because the term YHVH was a forbidden (hidden) word.

So the God of Israel and the God of Circumcision (Creation) were two different Gods. The word ‘Israel’ in English means ‘he who struggles with God’. In simple terms means ‘he who struggles with his mind’. El, as, ah and ak refer to God, example “Akashic Record” or “Sky God Record”, from the Sanskrit word “Akasa” meaning SKY or LIFE Spirit. In Syria, Palestine, India and Greece. This became known as “As,” pronounced as “Ah” and means Life. Ancient Hebrew, “iah” or “Ya”, which means breath, wind or air in (circular) motion. The Hebrew YHVH in English, without vowels, “Breath”, and “As/iah”, means, breath/life or life’s breath, the Reader should be able to start to work it out by now. With the decline of ancient knowledge or wisdom, the “Hidden,” unseen and miss-understood world of genetics, cells, atoms, sperm, ovum and anything that could not been seen by and to small for the naked eye, would have been a problem that ancient man knew existed but could not comprehend. So it became a mythology, fairy story or in medieval times, a flow onto nursery rhymes and stories.

The night time sky became the under world, because even flowers like lilies closed up until the sun rose the next dawn so ancient tribes relied on the sun for sustaining life as they knew it to exist, as we do today. I have had a long hard look at most ancient texts and mythology and in some cases it was easy to compare it with sexual reproduction and organs. But my biggest break through was looking at Pythagorean Numerology and when it was taught, the Hermetic schools, Hermes is a Greek word, and is the Planet Mercury, and is a reference to the astrological sign Gemini, the twin. And for the Egyptian twin Lions refer to the same part of your anatomy, your twin hemispheres of your Mind. And if you are still slow in understanding, the Ancient School of Hermatica simply means “Ancient School of Minds.” Esoteric (mysterious) understanding throughout the ancient times and the fact that there were ambassadors from Greece in India in 302 BC. That meant to me the ancient civilisations moved around a fair bit and the exchange of knowledge was fast and furious.

The likes of Pythagoras, 5th century BC, and later Nostradamus, 15th century AD, were still using the same numerical code. The Greek Hercules originally known as Herakles from the Greek ‘Hecate’ meaning 100, was even in the Koran, so the writers of the Christian Bible went to the same school of mystic, esoteric understanding as the writers of the Koran. They all used the same cosmic number code, which dates back further than the Dogons of Mali in Africa, and their sand drawings which can be compared with the Hopi Indians of America. By the way the word “Dogons” is a muddle for the words, “Sons of God”, a bit like Sirius the Dog Star in the Orion constellation, which was very important to the early Egyptians. (Sirius-Osiris) Thoth the black headed Jackal God of Egypt who was associated with the Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, and the living representative of the Sun God.

Hence the term Son of God of the Christian Judaic fame, son-God reversed dog-son (Dogons) meaning Thoth, the opposite of the colour black is white. And the opposite of the word dog, a lot of readers say, “cat.” I said the “Word” dog, if you reverse the word and it is God, and that is what the ancient Egyptian Priests were saying, “the black headed, Jackal God of Egypt”, and will star later in the translation of a nursery rhyme at the end of this section of Author’s explanations, called Hi-Diddle-Diddle. Hymn to the Amen-Re (Ra) Osiris-King of the Gods. Thou art the Heir of Keb, and of the Sovereignty of the two Lands, thou wast begotten by Keb (Seb), the Erpat. Keb means creator, also in brackets was Seb, and have double meanings, first, Keb-Creator-Father, Seb has the same meaning, but it also means Cedar, as in cedar tree. In Egyptian Mythology, Osiris was cut up by Set (Seth is his double in the Judaic-Christian Bible) into 14 pieces and scattered, his dutiful wife, Isis collected the pieces but she only found 13 of them. (13th sign of the Zodiac, Arachne the spider). The piece that was missing was Osiris’ penis, so she carved one from a Cedar tree, copulated with the wooden phallus and produced a son who would eventually avenge his father, but that is another story. What got me thinking, why a tree when a piece of wood will do (Mary’s immaculate birth, the New Testament left out the bit about the wooden phallus).

The Virgin and the word “Almah”

There are a lot of tribal stories around the World that the tribal women use a rather large wooden phallus in marriage ceremonies for breaking the hymen in young virgins. It was rather a barbaric custom in which the wedding ceremony of some African tribes, the bride was deflowered with a large wooden phallus. The male groom is held in a separate room, the women elders of the tribe placed their mouths over the groom’s penis until he ejaculates in their mouths and then they spit the semen into the vagina of the bride. No matter how long the couple take to have their first child, it is claimed, by the women of the tribe, that they, the woman of the tribe, are responsible for the first born as theirs, an immaculate birth, along the lines of Isis, wife of Osiris and Mary, mother of Jesus.

(Author’s note: - in the Biblical story of Moses,” he killed or Slew the Egyptian Hired Man”, and in scriptures the word kill or slew, has a meaning of, to change direction violently, the deflowering of a young virgin into a young woman is violent enough, and again in children’s fairy stories the meaning is “to pick a flower”)

The word, “Almah”, depending on what side of the Mediterranean Sea you lived in about 200 AD and if you lived on the northern side you would have been under the influence of the Greek language and the word “Almah” means “virgin”. But on the other hand if you lived on the southern side or what was common ground of the Egyptians, and under the influence of the mighty port city of Alexandria, and the basic language was Hellenised Greek and “Almah” meant “young woman”. The Egyptians, whose mythology had Isis carving a phallus from a tree and copulating on it to produce a son and heir, and by the time of the immaculate birth of Mary’s child Christ Jesus, approximately 7,000 years later, they had it down to a fine art and the mention of the “wooden phallus” was long forgotten. Also Christ Jesus was placed in a wooden manger, crucified on a wooden cross, Noah built a wooden Ark; Jason built a wooden Argo, Greek for boat.

Before the development of scientific geology and theories of evolution in the 19th century, it was widely thought that the biblical Flood was a historical event (fragments of the ark itself were believed to have been preserved as relics), but comparative studies of world mythology reveal that there are numerous myths involving the destruction of the earliest human society by flood and the preservation of certain chosen creatures in an ark-like vessel. The most obvious antecedent of the biblical myth is the Sumerian story of the Flood, which exists in several versions in Mesopotamian mythology: a common feature is that a man, variously named King Ziusudra, Atrahasis, or Utnapishtim, is forewarned of the Gods' intention and builds a boat in which to survive. In Greek mythology it is Deucalion who builds an ark; while the Indian ancestor of humankind, Manu (India), is guided by a fish whose life he once saved, being able to preserve in his ark “the seed of all things”. After the deluge has subsided, the ark comes to rest on a high mountain-peak—in the Bible this is named as Mount Ararat; in Greek myth, Parnassus, Etna, or other mountains—the human and animal passengers disembark, and the vessel's purpose has been fulfilled. The ark remains a powerful symbol of safety and guidance in the midst of destructive turmoil; and the survival of Noah’s Ark in western children's culture in countless songs, games, and toys makes it unique among biblical images in this respect. Flood, cataclysmic event in many religious and mythological traditions in which, in a remote time in the past, the world is destroyed or cleansed by fire or flood, often inflicted as a result of divine moral anger at the wrongdoings of humankind. In the Old Testament, Genesis, for example, human wickedness causes Yahweh (Jehovah) to regret that he created mankind and he resolves to destroy all living things. The honourable 600-year-old Noah, however finds favour with Yahweh, who instructs him to build an ark in which both human prosperity and other creatures will be sealed. The biblical Flood has its clearest past history in Mesopotamian myths, recalling the environmental veracities of a land subject to sudden flooding from the two great rivers Tigris and Euphrates, simular to the Egyptian account. In the Gilgamesh Epic, a Babylonian heroic account, when all's said and done of Sumerian origin, the high God Enkil sends a flood to destroy mankind; one man, Utnapishtim, survives in a cube-shaped ark he has been instructed to build and to stock with the seed of all living creatures, and the description of his preparation and voyage intimately forecasts the biblical account of Noah.

(Author’s note: - Ancient Habiru (Hebrews) calculated age by the number of moons, meaning that 600 divided by 12 moons per year equalled 50, Noah’s age. The Sumner’s had two arks, Persians and the Babylonians built wooden Arks, and the Kogi Indians in the northern end of South America built one of wood also the Japanese had an ark. In total I found 14 wooden boats or arks, so when the snow melts on Mt. Ararat, it’s going to be crowded or if there is only one, who will lay claim to the wooden remains?)

The principle of the Flood also occurs in the folklore of India and Greece. In Chinese legend a hero named Yu is charged by the Emperor Shun to bring floodwater under control; this task takes him “13” years of punishing toil, but he at last solves the problem by constructing canals. He is rewarded by the emperor's abdication in his favour. The Australian Aboriginal legend of the Great Flood, which both destroyed a previously existing world and initiated a new social order, may have a historical basis in the effects of rising sea levels as temperatures rose after the last Ice Age. (*13 is another number that accounts as the 13 of the last supper of the New Testament, and the Livi of the tribes of the ancient Habiru (Hebrew) being the 13th tribe. The scientific reasoning of ancient flood waters has never shown any evidence to clarify the flood of Noah or any other global flood in the past 10,000 or so years, where the Earth was completely, and I mean completely, covered by water, remember the world of mankind started with Adam and Eve 4,005 BC, according to Christian resources and the symbolic meaning is according to the Old Testament, and that book is about the creation of Mankind so the flood is in connection with child birth, in other words when the water breaks prior to the birth of a child.)

The original five books of the Old Testament started life as the “Torah”, and claimed to be written in ancient Hebrew. There are no surviving copies today, except in modern Hebrew, introduced in the so called time of Solomon, the oldest of these is held at Mecca, the Muslim Capital and the tradition is that the original information was handed down through oral tradition to the time of Solomon, approximately 900 BC and now that time in world events has been thrown into disarray with the discovery of the ancient city of “Elba” in Palestine. If we look at the ancient Code of Law of Hammurabi, a Prophet King 2,100 BC; but the original writings could be from as far back as 4,500 BC, and rehashed about 2,100 BC, which is highly probable, the completed Old and New Testament including the Koran are founded in and around 400 AD, so we are due again, all I can say about that is that we live in an exciting time for the future, and what type of understanding will evolve.) In Australian Aboriginal folk law the Flood is the work of the great serpent or rainbow-snake Yulunggul, who sends it in anger at pollution of his waterhole by the two Wawalag sisters, Waimariwi and Boaliri, whose travels play a major role in Australian Aboriginal foundation mythology. Yulunggul devours the sisters and their two children, but after the Flood has abated he regurgitates them, creating the first inhabitants of the new world, the world of tomorrow, the younger generation sets new goals and advances in science that require new ideology and concepts that have new moral codes attached that upsets the older generation.

While Flood myths show the destructive power of water, from which we are to be born, creation myths often recount the origins of the world from a watery abyss or primal sea. The Ark, in the biblical Book of Genesis (Chapters 6, para 9), the vessel in which Noah saves himself, his family, and breeding pairs of animals from the cataclysmic deluge sent by Yahweh to destroy humankind, and in definition; the next generation. The English word “ark” comes from the Latin arca, meaning a chest or coffer; in Hebrew religious history the “Ark of the Covenant” signifies the box in which the tables of the law were kept (referring to the human body), and the home or temple of “God”, and the alter is the human (conscious) mind. Yahweh gives Noah quite precise instructions as to the ark's design and dimensions (Gen. 6: 14-16) based on sevens and nines, numerically speaking and tells him to take on board two of every kind of living creature, is the reference to the cable formation of DNA. Before the development of scientific geology and theories of evolution in the 19th century, it was widely thought that the biblical Flood. Was a historical event (fragments of the ark itself were believed to have been preserved as relics), but comparative studies of world mythology reveal that there are numerous myths involving the destruction of the earliest human society by flood and the safeguarding of certain chosen creatures in an ark-like boat, and as I have said before, there are over 14 documented “Noah’s” arks from around the world and the dates are approximate. (I’m told that there are over 500 Great Flood mythologies documented from around the world, do not confuse the creation of man with the destruction of man from one age to the next, there are myths that create a new world age of man on earth, there is no need for me to equate or reason, it is advisable if the reader was to read Graham Hancock’s book “Fingerprints of the Gods” for full understanding.)

5,000 BCArk of the NommoDogons (Africa)
3,400 BCArk of Ziusudra Sumerian
4,500 BCArk of UtnapishtimSumerian
2,100 BCIsis and OsirisEgyptian
2,000 BCIsi and Iswara (Hindu) India
1,500 BCArk of DeukalionGreek
2,000 BCNoah’s ArkHebrews (Judaic/ Christian)
1,000 BCJason and the ArgonautsGreek
?Ark of the JapaneseJapan
?Ark of the Kogi IndiansColombia, South America
These are just a few that I found along the way.

Sumerian Religion and Mythology

(Which was a forerunner to of the Judaic/Christian Religion, the source of my notes is unknown)

The great Gods of the elemental forces of Nature, Heaven, Earth the Sea and the Air, were creative Gods and by their word alone could create the forms of Existence. The Gods were thought as human in form and behaviour but were immortal. Stories were told about the creation of man and about a great flood, which covered the Earth, but a Sumerian Noah saved men and animals. Like his Hebrew counter part, he built an ark in which he, his family, their animals floated until the water receded, but in the Sumerian version a brew of beer was also saved. The story of the flood, along with other tales became a part of the general mythology, in which the Hebrews shared. Their laws were given to the people, by Hammurabi, a prophet king, from Shamash, their Sun God, which was called, “Code Of Law”, it consisted of about 8,000 words, it was an epilogue that promised rewards for those who obeyed the law and punishment for those who transgressed. Which included an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth (Exodus 21, para 12) and an underworld full of Demons. Gilgamesh Epic, from the Sanskrit, which included the Akashic (Sky-God) Record.

The Sargons of Akkad seem to lead the way

Sargon the 1st, like the Hebrew Moses, was a foundling, picked from the rushes of the river, and Sargon the 2nd, was found in a tinderbox floating on the Euphrates River, another story said that he was found in a tinderbox on a peasant’s doorstep. Anyway the beginnings are reflective of Moses of Egypt in the Old Testament (Exodus 2, paras 3 and 4), and Christ Jesus of the New Testament who was put in a manger (oblong box) of poor parents in a cave/nave, which satisfies the criteria of a humble beginning, and Mohammad of the Koran, has simular beginnings. Code of Hammurabi, a collection of the laws and decrees of the Babylonian king Hammurabi, and the earliest legal code known in its entirety. A copy of the code, engraved on a block of black basalt that is 7 ft 5ins in height, was unearthed by a team of French archaeologists at Sûsa, Iraq, formerly ancient Elam, in 1901. The block, found in three pieces, has been refurbished and now sits in the Louvre in Paris.

The divine origin of the written law is emphasized by a bas-relief in which the king is depicted receiving the code from the sun God, Shamash. The quality most usually associated with this God is justice. The code is set down in horizontal columns of cuneiform writing: 16 columns of text on the face side and 28 on the reverse. The text begins with a prologue that explains the extensive restoration of the temples and religious cults of Babylonia and Assyria. The code itself, composed of 28 paragraphs, seems to be a series of amendments to the common law of Babylonia, rather than a strict legal code. It begins with direction for legal procedure and the statement of penalties for unjust accusations, false testimony, and injustice done by judges; then follow laws concerning property rights, loans, deposits, debts, domestic property, and family rights. The sections covering personal injury indicate that penalties were imposed for injuries sustained through unsuccessful operations by physicians and for damages caused by neglect in various trades. Rates are fixed in the set of laws for various forms of service in most branches of commerce and trade.

The Code of Hammurabi contains no laws having to do with religion. The basis of criminal law is that of equal retribution, which has a similarity to the Judaic, Christian law of "an eye for an eye." The law offers protection to all classes of Babylonian society; it seeks to protect the weak and the poor, including women, children, and slaves, against injustice at the hands of the rich and powerful. The code is particularly humane for the time in which it was disseminated; it attests to the law and justice of Hammurabi's law. It ends with an epilogue glorifying the mighty works of peace implemented by Hammurabi and clearly states that the Gods “to cause justice to prevail in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil”, had called him He describes the laws in his compilation as enabling the land to enjoy stable government and good rule, and he states that he had inscribed his terminology on a pillar in order "that the strong may not oppress the weak, that justice may be dealt the orphan and the widow." The code of Hammurabi’s Law advises the subjugated in simple terminology: "Let any oppressed man who has a cause come into the presence of my statue as king of justice, and have the inscription on my stele read out, and hear my precious words, that my stele may make the case clear to him; may he understand his cause, and may his heart be set at ease

The Cosmic Conspiracy

Explaining the dimensions of Noah’s Ark has it’s links to the cosmic conspiracy: - Genesis 6 para 15 “Make it 450 feet long, 72 feet wide, and 45 feet high.” (4 + 5 + 0 = 9, 7 + 2 = 9, 4 + 5 = 9) Some versions have three decks high on the ark, seven cubits by nine cubits with skylights, which in the long term comes back to the numbers that would indicate astrology through a numerical code; incidentally the skylights were windows for the soul, the eyes. Books on ancient tribes and medieval times that keep on referring to a great cosmic conspiracy, the Egyptians knew what it meant, so did every other ancient, classical society with the numbering system of their buildings in their design, but all that one had to do is go back to the basic numerical understanding of astrology to realise what it meant. Robert Temple in his book, “The Sirius Mystery”, devoted about 25 pages trying to grasp the meaning of the great cosmic conspiracy, and on page 110 of the paper back addition of his book (1976) says, “that men will seek out the inner nature of the holy spaces which no foot may tread, and will chase after them, into the height, desiring to observe the nature of the motion of the Heavens.” “Observe the nature of the motion of the Heavens,” they are important words to the understanding of the cosmic conspiracy. Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Hennery Lincoln and their book, “Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”, on page 48, of their paper back addition, say, “the Cathars as a congregation of sages, enlightened mystics or initiates in some arcane wisdom, all of whom were privy to some great cosmic secret.

(A reminder, the Egyptians said, “As above, so below”, a similarity appears in Christian bible-the Lord’s Prayer, “on earth as it is in heaven”.)

We did not have to go to the heavens known as space travel, all we had to do is observe the motion of the heavenly bodies and relate them to the human body. The following information is a cross match of the movements of the solar system in basic astrology, the relationship between astrology and the human body, and because of the advancing ignorance of past societies or worlds, as to the understanding of genetics and the medical knowledge passed down to us through mythological fairy stories.

Based on the Earth’s Astrogical progression around the Zodiac . .
Astrology Man’s av. Heartbeats Man’s av. Respiration
1 deg = 72 years1 min = 72 h/b1 min = 18 av. Resp7 + 2 = 9, 1 + 8 = 9
5 deg = 360 years5 min = 360 h/b5 min = 90 av. Resp3 + 6 + 0 = 9, 9 + 0 = 9
30 deg = 2,160 years 30 min = 2,160 h/b2 hrs = 2,160 av. Resp2 + 1 + 6 + 0 = 9
90 deg = 6,480 years 90 min = 6,480 h/b6 hrs = 6,480 av. Resp6 + 4 + 8 + 0 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
360 deg = 25,920 years360 min = 25,920 h/b24 hrs = 25,920 av Resp2 + 5 + 9 + 2 + 0 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9

And all the above figures add up to the power of nine, which was part of the Cosmic Conspiracy and gives justice to Pythagoras, who taught that "evolution is the law of the life, numbers are the law of the universe and unity is the Law of God." Pythagoras believed that everything in the Universe was subject to progressive cycles, measured by the numbers 1 through 9. He taught that numbers represent qualities; figures represent quantities. Numbers refer to the spiritual world; figures represent the material world. The words “Jesus Christ” add up to 43, 4 + 3 = 7 and according to the Church, you must have “Jesus Christ” in your life, and rightly so, 7 parts to the inner ear, 7 parts to the retina, 7 divisions to the brain, 7 cavities to the heart, 7 layers of the skin, 7 nerve centres, 7 main organs, just to mention a few, and you would look different with out the “7’s” and ‘Noah’s Ark”, in the Old Testament, known as the human body, was built in sevens and nines, another part of the cosmic conspiracy.

The twenty - two major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Pack relate to the twenty - two Books of the Revelations, and to give a bit of trivia, we as humans are 22% mineral and 78% water, the planet Earth is 22% land mass (mineral) and 78% water, and there are 22 major arcana cards and totals 78 Tarot Cards in all, quite a coincidence. The Cosmic conspiracy was easy to work out if you understood Astrology and the tarot deck of cards. The Rock of the Christian belief, known as the Vatican said, astrology was an instrument of the Devil. The TV show and movie “Star Gate”, you could call it a modern fairy story. When you view the gate side on, it is long and narrow, like the eye of an needle (Bible), and to pass into another world you have to press seven symbols on the control panel which transfers to the “circle” on the “Gate”, it had the 22 letters of the Jewish alphabet around the outer edge and “7” red lights, before you can “pass into another world.”

When the movie preceded the television series they, the actors, arrived in the new world wet, cold and had trouble breathing, have you, the reader, observed the birth a new born baby through a narrow opening, following the flood of water and observed the child taking it’s first breath, and that is an unbelievable trip from the molecular or genetic level, then living in a “water world” and then through that famous long narrow gate into a new world. (My hypothesis is this, approximately 20,000 years ago there was a global disaster and the remnants of the tribal peoples living on the planet were forced into caves and started to put their lives back into prospective. The fact that they did not have microscopes and telescopes to view the events described in mythology and it would take another 18,000 years or more to reinvent the instruments, so it would be logical that the stories would develop a mythical theme and that is how this Author deduced that the “Noah’s Ark” was based on sevens and nines. Our solar system of “nines and sevens” according to our ancient astrologers would be eventually linked to the human body. And as a postscript to what I just said, I would not be surprized if animal physiology is also linked to the cosmic conspiracy, but I have not studied the subject.)

The Sun (1+3+5=9) is the light of this world and without its energy there would be no life, as we know it. The Egyptians worshipped the sun, as a God, and we wonder why! The sun being the centre fire of our solar system so is our soul the centre fire of our body, the word “Soul” adds up to “13”, remember the 13 tribes of Israel, the 13 at the last supper, these are a reminder of what our soul is all about. With esoteric understanding, the 666 (3 x 6 = 18, 1+8 = 9) of Revelations 13 para 18, is man, the creation and the 144,000 (= 9) saints or angels, guiding spirit, Soul meaning the creator, the two opposing forces in man and as many a spiritually aware person would say “The God Within.” Venus’s orbit around the Sun is 225 days (2 + 2 + 5 = 9); both the sun and the moon are 108 times (1+0+8=9) their own diameter from the planet Earth.

The moon is 4 times smaller than the earth and its diameter is 21,600 miles (2+1+6+0+0 = 9). Venus is 180 million miles (1 + 8 + 0 = 9) from the sun. The sun shrinks at the rate of 108,000 feet per day, another 9. The sun pulses at the rate of 9 times per day. Numerically, Venus and love both add up to 9, a total of another six, 9’s. There are 86,400 seconds per day (24 hrs), and 31,557,600 seconds in 365.25 days another two 9’s. It takes 252 days or 9 months of gestation to produce a human child, two more 9’s (in India they worship cows, the head of the cow represents the human female reproduction organs, and a cow takes 9 months (or 40 weeks) to have a calf, the same gestation period of a human foetus, and we can now see why a cow in India is sacred. The speed of light is 185,994 miles per hour, another 9, the ancients revered the number 9, and with our advancement into the metric system and the world is shrinking at an alarming rate and as we modernize our language, which changes the translations of old writings, the hidden mysticism of the numbers, nine and seven would be lost forever. 252 days equals 40 weeks or 9 months, the Ark floated on the Flood for 40 days and 40 nights, Moses was in the Desert for 40 years until one generation had died. You the reader represent one generation, it seems like another coincidence has happened here, a play on numbers. So I hope that the reader can see why the ancients worshipped “Nature”, and we have the hide to call them primitive and ignorant. Seeing that I have cleaned up the idea of the cosmic conspiracy a bit, there is more to this Noah’s Ark than the reader thinks, read on for more understanding of what the ancients knew.

Isis carving a phallus from a tree, I started to think why not a piece of wood to carve a phallus and the answer was simple, trees. They grow in rings, we as humans use DNA (genetic) growth rings; the DNA is delivered through the penis, hence the use of the “wooden” phallus, in the ancient mythology. That is how we advance and grow from the womb, and explains the reasoning behind the use of trees for carving a phallus, the making a wooden boat to float on the flood in all mythologies, or hang a redeemer on a “T” cross make of wood, the “T” represents the uterus of a young woman or virgin and naturally being made of wood is the parallel for “DNA”. So how do you build a wooden boat? First you lay the keel, and then put in the steerage-rudder, guidance system, then the ribs, and then to complete the boat you fill it with planking. How does your genetics/DNA build an embryo/foetus, first the backbone (keel) then the head (steerage-rudder, a guidance system) then the ribs, and to complete it, fill it with flesh (Planking).

All the animals (mythological) go into the Ark (Human Body), two by two; your DNA goes into your Body two by two. I had found the secret to the cybernetic guiding timbers that was built into Jason’s Argo, cybernetic from the Greek, kybernetes, meaning Programme for life, governor or steersman, Nautlineer (Gk, nautes-sailor, remembering Sirenetta, the littlest Mermaid also the Hymn to RE (RA), Egyptian, “I am the “Nautlineer” of the Barque of Re” cyclic creation. The Ancient Peoples had the knowledge from the microscope and the telescope, but they had lost the understanding. (The Mayans of Mexico, had a street called, “The street of the Dead” in their capital called, “Teotihuacán”, and in this street was a Temple dedicated to the “Mythological Animals”, and is connected to Noah’s Ark, a mythological animal like a centaur, half man, half horse, a horse is a beast of burden with spirit within, a man is a beast of burden with spirit within, meaning soul. In mitosis, the division of cells, during the meiosis stage, chromosomes divide [four wing] into chromatids [two wings, a griffin has wings of an eagle, and the Christian’s angels had two wings], and the winged creature in Greek mythology, the winged horse, Pegasus and to a Roman a centaur, they are all mythological animals the reader would have to be a student of mythology to fully realize, because some of the creatures and Gods are, Belleraphone, Pegasus, Eros, Neptune, Vulcan, Minotaur, Hermes [Pan] and Uranus, to mention a few.) Jason and the Argonauts, Argo means ship, wooden boat (Ark), and fifty. If you have 50 oarsmen (Argonauts), you must have 50 oars, in ‘pairs’ of course, 50 + 50 = 100, in Greek, Argo + Argo = Hecate or Hekate. Helix meaning spiral, and helices meaning double helix, and the Argo’s oars are in pairs, we also get the word helicopter from this configuration, twin rotors-twin helix, the paddles on the twin helix drawing in your acids and proteins into a double cable formation called DNA are the oarsmen, circles of six, 2 by 2, and we wonder about the animals going into Noah’s Ark two by two.

The early Roman Church called the Orthodox Catholic Church, they dropped the word orthodox for the word “Roman”, and they outlawed the knowing of the astrological “facts” in biblical text and wrote them out of the bible. The earliest references to the removal of embarrassing words or unwanted ideological doctrinal themes were found in the “Anthemas”, called the Articles of Condemnation, they were dug up in the 14 century and now rests in the British Antiquities Library, but the bulk of unwanted items was removed through the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. In the Hymn to Amen-Ra, Osiris said “I am the Nautlineer (DNA) of the barque of Re (Ra), (placenta) I control the halyard” (umbilical cord), rope to a square sail (powered by nature). A rope is three stranded, three arteries from the placenta to the foetus. Four square sail, remember I said Sky God was air or wind in motion, the hidden “Power” or the force of nature to sail this legendary boat, square is four sides, four fixed signs of the zodiac, fire-soul, earth-flesh, air-breath, and water-blood.

And I have 50 oarsman (DNA), I sail the Celestial Heavens, the Womb, a foetus is upside down, the same as when you look into the sky or the heavens which is upside down, and the star patterns represent the Egyptian, as above so below, and of course the Lord’s Prayer, “on earth as it is in heaven”. Remember I said hidden and the life of a foetus is hidden from the view of the naked eye called the sleep state (Egyptian), underworld or hidden world (the microscopic, hidden from the human eye). “The Erpat” meaning, hereditary father of the tribe, and the complete term Keb (Seb), the Erpat, was a forbidden (hidden) word to be said, like the Hebrew word “YHVH”. Heir means son of, successor, next generation or begat. Amen has several meanings, “hidden power”, also “the hidden”, and the mysterious and unknown power that causes conception in women and animals, and was a very ancient God. ‘Re’ pronounced ‘Ra’, was the Sun, the centre fire of our solar system, and without it no life as we know it exists, the same can be said about our soul. “An”, “Taut” in Egyptian suggests the soul being the centre fire, life itself. The “Hymn to Amen-Re” means, “The Song of Praise to the Hidden Power of the Hereditary Father of the Tribe, and the Sovereignty of the Two Lands, means on the two thighs of Isis meaning the womb.

And throughout the ancient world, the phallus is known as the father of the tribe, or the Creator of mankind, and the gateway to the kingdom of God; there is an old saying in the Bible which says, Matthew 19:24, “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. And the eye of a needle is long and narrow, just like the entrances of the ancient temples. So the Gateway or Stargate of the God or Gods is the outer labium, the lips of the female sex organs or genitals, and is called the portals to the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple. In summing up, “Jehovah pointed out the way, by circumcision, to heaven. Now we know where heaven is, according to ancient mythology, which gives us a clue to whom, or what Jehovah, the Creator of Mankind, looks like.

There is only one thing that points at the uterus through a narrow gateway and is circumcised, and his name is Jehovah, the “phallus”, the early Hebrews called him “JOA” and the Egyptians called him “Keb, the Erpat”. We have been worshipping this form of symbolism, for about 4,000 years. The reason I said “we”, our heritage through our DNA, says that a part of our current DNA has been there and done that. While we are on the subject of “DNA”, there is some interesting observations from religious folk law within the African Zulu traditions that can be understood here if you can relate the serpent and the egg to Adam and Eve or Ovum and the Sperm along with our modern understanding of genetics and link in the Zulu’s religious folk law before the Christian Missionaries came on the scene and altered their belief structure. The thing that surprised me the most was the references to “genetics” because these ancient tribes did not have a microscope or maybe the information was past down through oral tradition simular to christian beliefs from older more enlightened times when or if the DNA information was around.

It is interesting to see even on a television programme on channel 9 at six thirty pm on a Sunday nights called “Frank Warrick’s World around Us”. The subject matter was “Snakes”, and it was about the twelve most deadly snakes in Africa, but a segment on the “Zulu Religious Beliefs” in relationship to snakes made me take notice. From Zulu Sacred Knowledge in the programme, comes the following understanding: - quote, “The Zulu believe that snakes were created before we human beings were made. They also believe that every one of us has a snake’s spirit in him or her.

It is said that when humans were created every animal on earth shared with the new human beings parts of it’s personality; the Lion, the Elephant, the Frog and the Snake, and the snake gave us the power to think. Zulu healers throw or cast specially marked bones on the ground and read messages from the Ancestors (which is simular to the casting of runes or shuffling tarot cards). Snakes of legend often play an important roll in African religion, folk law and legend. To some African tribes, snakes are the spirits of water and rain, to other tribes they herald the coming of the wet season, the dawning of new life by shedding old worn out skins for new ones, an ability celebrated by some tribes as the miracle of rebirth and creation and those tribes who see the snake as messengers from their ancestor’s spirits that link heaven and earth. The snake is the embodiment of a noble ancestor” unquote. I hope that the reader can see the connection of the African tribal customs and what I am talking about in all religious folk stories from across the world. I have mentioned the links to spiders and African tribal religion and Greek mythology. The connection to the Dogons Nommo, a fish like creature, the Babylonian Gods of Water and Wisdom, the Mayan Rain Gods and rainbow serpents, and the Egyptian’s double-ended boats floating down the Nile River. The Greek’s Argo and Noah’s Ark, and of course the American Sioux Indians belief that fish are the ghosts of men and the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, Ayres Rock and the Rainbow Feathered Serpent representing Ovum and the Sperm. I wish to now add an interesting point that may or may not be related to the above, so I’ll let the reader decide if the information is related; his Holiness Pope John Paul the II, was talking about the right to Life, the anti abortion question, quote, “You must not use contraception, you must not hinder God” unquote, and sort of agrees with what I am saying. Also the Vatican put out a statement (Bull) in 1998 via his Holiness, Pope John Paul the XXIII, condemning the fraud and false pretences engulfing the world; I think the Vatican should clean up it’s own act and put its own house in order first before it makes outlandish statements like that.

The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, printed in 1986, and looking at the reigns of Popes throughout history and when a Pope made radical reforms or outlandish statements, they suddenly died, usually of fever or malaria. Pope Alexander VI (6th), and Leo XX (20th), of the 16th century, both said, “It has served us well this Myth of Jesus Christ”, and Pope Leo XX added, “But we are Christ’s Vicar on Earth”. Consequently the pair of them suddenly died of malaria. I wish to enter a passage from the book called, “The Occult Conspiracy”, by Michael Howard. (I’m sorry, that is all the information I have on this book) and on page 19, quote, “Professor Gregory Webb of Cambridge University, who in 1946 was Secretary of the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, and an Authority on Medieval Architecture. Ninety percent of all pre-reformation churches built before the outbreak of the bubonic plague at the end of the 14th century. Alters hid fertility symbols (male and female genitals) that dedicated the Christian churches to the old pagan religion”. And was discovered, when he was asked to help with the reconstruction of those churches at the end of W W II. And when the Church was asked about it and the reply was, they had to include the old pagan (pre-christian) rituals or they would not accept “Christianity in those days”, unquote.

(Author’s note, the church’s answer is inadequate on the grounds that in the fourteenth century the Inquisition would have put you to the stake, if you believed otherwise, the main topic on the menu in the 14th century for the church was it’s doctrine, it is also noticed that in a few old churches mainly in southern Europe, the Madonna with the baby Jesus, is in ebony, a black wood, suggesting that they are black skinned, but again the fathers of the church have egg on their collective faces, by saying that the colour is caused by the mass of candles that are burnt before the Madonna and child, but they cannot explain the white eyes and teeth of the statue, anyway the Madonna and child are connected to the constellation of Cassiopeia in the night sky and the night sky was the underworld, or the world of darkness, so the Madonna and child in ebony suggests the underworld, the night sky.) We are all the serpents, world eggs, God’s of the Water, and our lives started from the turtle shells, so as long as mankind does not wipe himself out in the short term, we will continue to have “eternal existence” for the life of the Planet Earth.

Book 2, Para 28: - “The morning star”

It adds up to 59, 5 + 9 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5, 59/5, but there is a hidden “14” in the middle, in which 5 has the meaning of Change, Communication, Sex, New Interests, and Travel. 9 mean Changes, Endings, Charity and Inspiration. The ‘hidden’ 14, means Active Sexual Principle, Pregnancy, Social and Family Obligations, Completion and A need to Verify. Astrologically speaking, 5, means Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is the Twin, in our likeness-offspring-descendant also the twin means the mind where the Laws of God (10 commandments) are kept, DNA and also suggests where the 10 commandments are kept and Taurus means the Womb. DNA and Rebirth, in other words “heritage”. The numbers rearranged, 59 (14) / 5, meaning, 5 heritage, 9 birth, 14 new beginnings and life, and 5 heritage, in death, we are born to die and gain rebirth through our siblings, which is our destiny (eternal existence). I could have said the Morning Star is Venus meaning Love and that Venus and Love both add up to 18, 1 + 8 = 9, meaning changes and endings, rebirth-death cycles. We are rearranged to a new destiny in the womb; born, educated, have sex to continue our heritage through procreation, which creates social and family obligations, and then completion-Death. I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the beginning and the end, I am life. In the old scriptures and mythologies and the sayings are simular to the Dogons story and I will quote from Robert. K. G. Temple’s book, “The Sirius Mystery” and on page 54 of the paperback addition quote, “The parallels with Christ are extraordinary, even extending to Nommo being crucified on a tree, and forming a eucharistic meal for humanity and then being resurrected”. And at the bottom of the page, quote, “We are told that the Nommo will come again. A certain ‘star’ will appear once more and will be the ‘testament to the Nommo’s resurrection’. The Nordic “Odin” suffered the same fate, and the star or planet that signals the second coming is the planet Venus, meaning love, and it is through this meaning that we as human beings copulate and produce offspring.

(Author’s note: - I explain “Jesus is coming” in slang terms below, also the second coming of the “Nommo” is in the same vain when you see a Dogon drawing of the Nommo) The Egyptians were a bit uncouth about it, and it is mainly at night that we copulate and the dying as a Eucharistic meal means that this Odin, Christ and Nommo etc, represented all the sperm that dies because only one sperm makes it. In this book I am tearing down the bastions of the Christian Religion enough, without going into the many modern slang terms I have found along the way, but I will say this, in Australia there is a slang term for when a man ejaculates (comes), and the church especially the charismatic churches uses the following statement, “Jesus is coming or Jesus is coming again.” In Australia the slang term for the female genitals is “Twat” and the Egyptian word for “Other World” is “Taut” and connected to “”Sekhet-Aaru” meaning “Field of Reeds”, the female pubic hair region. The reader might just grasp the connection to the slang that we of today use, but their origins escape us, which I found to be quite interesting, and I’m sure that a lot of people will get the idea.






HI-DIDDLE-DIDDLE-here is a riddle

THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE-cat, meaning our conscious drive, in which we have for reproduction/sex, and the fiddle well, we do have a fiddle between the sheets. 4 strings of a fiddle represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, meaning Fire – Soul, Earth – Flesh, Air – Breath, Water – Blood. The word cat adds up to “5”, and five means heritage, which is appropriate with the right understanding. Looking at the ancient meaning for the conscious mind, and we are considered as “Gods”, means that we think about sex first in our minds so to the ancients that is where God creates. So to create a human being in the first place we have to think about it or get into the mood. To design a house an architect first thinks about it in his mind and then puts it on paper, for which the ancients say, God creates in Heaven, man being the “God” and heaven being the conscious mind. (A reference to the “God of the Earth” is found in Revelations 11, para 4).

THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON-a few of the Readers would know that in England, to call a woman an “Old Cow” is not nice. But seeing that the roots of most nursery rhymes originated in and around England and Europe from approximately the fourteenth century and the reference to a Cow, is to a woman, and in this case the head of the cow represents the female reproduction organs. The quarter moon is the placenta, the double-ended boat from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology to mention a few, but not “Noahs Ark”. The word “Jump” is a little harder to explain. Here in Australia, “jump” is a slang term when one male is asking another male about his sexual prowess from the night before. When he asks his mate, if he got a “jump” with that girl he was seen with the night before. In other words did he have sex with the girl? In ancient Crete depicted on frescoes, it shows males grabbing bulls by the horns and somersaulting over the backs of the bull into the arms of a female. They were called gymnasts, but the words “to leap” had two meanings, to jump or to cover a female and make her pregnant. The sporting ideas in ancient times are not much different to now, as I speak with tongue in cheek, indoor gymnastics or horizontal jogging, well they say that having sex is as good as a “seven” mile run. Etymology (study of origins of words) has changed a few ideas about translation of words from one language to another over the last few centuries. A bit off the path but I think the Reader can grasp what was meant in ancient times “To Leap” or in modern times, “To Jump” refers to, and like the saying “I would like to jump her bones”.

THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED TO SEE SUCH FUN-the word ‘dog’ is easy enough; the reverse of dog is God, in Egypt, Sirius-the Dog Star, was a reference to the God-King, the Pharaoh, and in Egyptian hieroglyphs this referred to and known as the black headed, jackal, the God of Egypt. Opposite black is white, the opposite of the word dog is not cat as most people would say, but it is God. To understand it’s full meaning, as I, the Author said in the beginning, that the real Gods are our “DNA” and you cannot see them without a microscope. So they are very small or ‘little’ referring to our molecular structure, DNA. And the reader might just see what I mean. But the term ‘laughed to see such fun,’ my interpretation of what it means goes like this, “Our collective “Gods”, the little dog ” find it amusing to see the way that “we” humans carry on with our religious nonsense and ignore the real “Gods”, and if it was not so serious it would be laughable.

THE DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON-the dish, an ovum gets together with a sperm, the spoon. And we grow up and eventually leave our parents. So the “dish” does run away with the “spoon”. You could say, the modern version of the Serpent and the Egg.

Book 3

Para 2, “Martyrdom”

In the Author’s notes of Rev. 2 para 13, I talked about ‘Antipas’ being God’s faithful martyr and the notes on Book 2 para 2, the down fall of the paganism at start of the new religion. The old religion in it’s death rattle was martyring the early Christians and when Christianity found it’s collective feet, it revenged itself in a big way and there were plenty of martyrs for the old pagan religion, the revenge through the Inquisition proved that. With the predictions of Malachi, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus and others, also the letter of Fatima, predicting the end of the Church in the near future, and the stress it has caused. I am expecting a very swift end, the Christian religion was established in three days, from the saying of Christ Jesus, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will rebuild it”. In the case of time, approximately three hundred years after the so-called demise of the Christ, the Christian religion was born.

The references of one day equals one year or 100 years, 42 months or three and one half years can equal approximately 7,000 years and is simular to Revelations 11, para 9; “And those from the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations will see their dead bodies three and a half days, and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves”, (Author’s note: - I will put forward an explanation at the end of this section about the dead rising from the grave) And according to Nostradamus (Century X (10) quatrain 72), it will be finished in the next 200 years, and because of the old saying, “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”, and their testimony is for half the Tribulation meaning approximately 7, 000 years. It seems that we find it hard to let go of old out-dated ideas and there will be plenty of “Martyrs” for the end of the old religion, Christianity, and of course the Muslims and especially the devil, doomsday, inter-stellar space cadets, and any religion that jumped on the Christian band wagon come Merry-go-round, the millions who have died for the changing face of religious ideologies.

Don’t forget the millions who have died for the political and religious control of the masses over the last 5,000 years or so, maybe we should heed and embrace the words of the late John Lennon, of the Beatles fame, his song, “Imagine”. I was asked if I was going to use a pen name to protect my well being from radicals (religious extremists), in reference to the problems a few years ago with “Satanic Verses” by Salmon Rushdie, after my book was printed and circulated. I said “no! I want to be a martyr, because the world loves a martyr”, the clergy thrives on it, besides they would like me to sort of disappear or never have happened”, like, disappear off the face of the earth, I think I was trying to be a bit facetious (amusingly smart), at the time. There is not one belief, sect, or movement out there in the world that does not have blood on their hands. In January, 1999 in India, a Christian Missionary and his two Sons were burnt to death for religious reasons, and a spokesman for that particular brand of religion, made a statement to the press, and don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to “be-little” the tragic loss of life but he said, “The blood of the Martyrs, is the seed of the Church,” how damn true!!! After this book hits the street I believe someone will try to prove me wrong, or say they were like that in those days, to justify their vanity, pride, ego and the illusion of their belief structure. If the reader has been observant, to be a martyr for the sake of being a martyr, as was John the Baptist’s death call, and is like committing suicide, a coward’s way out, you can be a martyr but use your head wisely, and stay alive.

( from Revelations 11, the first twelve paragraphs have a bearing on Nostradamus, and the reader must try to member that the Revelations, for that matter, even the whole bible is not to be looked upon as religion. The book is a record of ancient wisdom, a mismatch of ancient mythologies, that has been reduced to a fable, and mixed with the science as a code to live life by, because the people who lived in those times left a record that is important, because of the adversity of life that they experienced over a long duration is a wealth of knowledge. Their forefathers left them a simular record, which we of today calla mythology, I believe that the Sphinx and the three main Pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt are the visual references of ancient knowledge, a time capsule. And the future is for our descendants, and if anyone thinks that what I am saying is the ramblings of a romantic old fool in need of therapy, because tomorrow does not exist without the children. I might not be totally right in what I do or say, my attempt to translate all the myths, mythologies, legends, folk lore, predictions and traditions, because I was not around when the traditions or whatever were created, sometimes I wish that there was an old book or parchment laying around that could verify or condemn what I believe it all means.)

It is a fact that the planet has had great disasters somewhere previous to say 12,000 BC, [we are due again in the next 376 years from now] and I believe that mankind tried to save the technological advancement known to mankind from this previous time. Because the disasters were global, and the main bulk of the survivors were spread over a wide area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, there are many pointers and reasons for this but that is another story, it is suffice to say that the bulk of the mythological foundation stories and the main religious beliefs of today come from this time-region of the world; especially the establishment myths for communal living, code of law, like the 10 commandments, down through time, the archaeologists have put the caveman at about 8,000 BC and in modern times, as we dig up more and more ancient towns and cities, the most fantastic archaeological find in the nineteen-sixties, was a city called “Elba” in Syria and the 4,500 year old clay tablets called cuneiforms, numbering around 15,000 have a story to tell because cities like Beirut, Byblos, Damascus, and Giza leaped from the tablets and were thought to have been established at a much later time, and even Sodom and Gomorrah get a mention.

The most intriguing of all; were the personal names found on the Elba cuneiforms, they are Ab-ra-mu, E-sa-um, and Sa-u-lum, translated they are, Abraham, Esau, and Saul, and a name never found before in ancient literature, save for the Old Testament, Da-u-dum meaning David, furthermore, Muslim scholars have long held the idea that Abraham's epic journey occurred about 2,300 BC, and does it throw all writers of the Bible and the Koran into disarray, because we now have come across a Syrian capital, with names that were in common use 500 years before the accepted date for Abraham. The wisdom contained in the tablets is the result of the highs and lows of the educational level of the period, and that depended on the technological level of advancement and the religious demands on the psyche of the people. For instance, and not related, from about the fourteenth century AD, the Vatican put out a “Bull”, in simple terms, a command, instructing that the only people that were aloud to use a knife were butchers or the Crusaders, which curtailed doctors in the administering of their medical practices. Therefore, by that decision, put medical science back about three hundred years or so, and part of the reasoning was to disarm the general populace, again big brother at work. A question is raised, how far advanced would we be now without this monkey on our collective backs, called religion?)



(1) And there was given to me a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there.

(2) But leave out the court, which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the holy city under foot forty - two months.(1)

(3) And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth. (2)

(4) These are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands standing before the God of the Earth. (3)

(5) And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this manner.

(6) These have the power to shut heaven, so no rain falls in the days of their prophecy; and they have the power over the waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the Earth with all plagues, as often as they desire. (4)


(7) And when they finished their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them. (5)

(8) And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our lord was crucified.

(9) And those from the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations will see their dead bodies three and a half days, and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves. (6)

(10) And those who dwell on the Earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the Earth.


(11) And after three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them. (7)

(12) And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, come up here. And they ascended to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them. (8)

(Author’ note: - I have numbered the parts of the passages that I wish to bring to the reader’ attention, and it is not to be confused with the actual translations of the Revelations, because there is a three-fold understanding of the written words. Without going into great detail, I will explain my interpretation of the passages)

1 And they will tread the holy city under foot forty - two months. : - They will tread meaning to have influence. Holy city meaning man’s house of God, the mind. Forty-two has a double meaning here, 4 + 2 = 6 and means mankind, but also means the 42 months of tribulation half of the 7 year period, or the two 3 ½ years. Months, 4 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 8 + 1 = 26/8, meaning confusion of spiritual understanding, for approximately 7,000 years mankind would have confusion of understanding until knowledge is much advanced.

2 And they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth: - 1260 days is 42 months, 3 ½ years or 1 + 2 +6 + 0 = 9, nine in simple terms means, endings and new beginnings, in other words death and rebirth and in this case “for their natural life” they will not die prematurely, they will live out their normal life span, and the sackcloth means humble to the cause. They will do “God’s Bidding” meaning for all mankind, because they know how long their life span is, therefore they are not afraid of a premature death at the hand of their enemies, and will not give up their destiny because they have been judged and found not wanting, therefore they can judge the world for it’s “righteousness”.

3 The God of the Earth: - meaning Mankind, Genesis 2 para 26.

4 As often as they desire: - what they predicted was written down and published, i.e. like Nostradamus’ predictions.

5 The beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them: - the religious doctrine would say that the method of the way they came up with their predictions is the works of evil, which includes astrology, crystal balls and tarot cards etc, which helps protect their hold on the faithful and condemn what they say with superstitious nonsense by telling the world that what they say is the “work of the devil”, there are a lot of people out there in the world who do not believe in prophesy because of religious teachings.

6 And those from the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations will see their dead bodies three and a half days, and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves: - under normal circumstances when somebody dies, the last remembrance of this person is usually about three or four generations or approximately 99 years, in the case of Nostradamus who died in 1566 and he has not been aloud to go the way the rest of us mere mortals have gone to the world of the here after, in other words-not forgotten. Also the 3½ days could mean times 100 = 350 years, and could also mean half the tribulation. Nostradamus was given recognition 223 years after his death for predicting the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution on the 14th July 1789, also Nostradamus had fame in his own lifetime and again in the late nineteen hundreds and I base my understanding of the two olive branches standing before the God of the Earth (Mankind), and Nostradamus as one of the two before Mankind and at this time in history there is no-one to compare with him.

(Authors note: - the second prophet will start to put his predictions together somewhere near 2160, as of this time I have not completed my study on Nostradamus’ quatrains: - Century 1 quatrain 96, Century II quatrain 13 and 27, Century III quatrain 2, Century IV quatrains 25, 28 to31, and a special significance to Century I quatrain 48, when the second prophet will start his prophesy. It may be an inappropriate time for airing my thoughts on the matter but 20 years of the moon reign is approxmately20 x 29 years (cycle of the moon is approximately 29 years but the moon’s reign is approximately 72 cycles, in other words 2160 years) and working on Nostradamus’ death-1566, plus 594 years, makes it 2160 AD in the twenty-second century AD, and is only 216 years from the end of the Age, fifty-nine years short of 2219 AD (1999) or as Nostradamus put it “the tired Sun”, which ends in 2376 AD, anyway it’s an idea but it is still full of holes at this stage, but eventually I will find out who he is and where.)

7 And after three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them: - simply means their prophesies will be verified and the church knows this, because of the accuracy of their predictions and not dead and forgotten.

8 And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, come up here. And they ascended to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them: - they will know who they are, because Nostradamus knew where he was at and why. In a cloud means obscurity, their enemies (the church) cannot predict their birth to stop the life’s work that they have been predestined to do and that the two witnesses will know; how, when, where and why for begetting their abilities.

Para 5: - “Book of Life”.

Book = 16/7, of = 12/3, Life = 23/5.

Book-set of records, house of God, sub and conscious mind,

Of-belonging to, reference, direction, true understanding, acceptance of (the subconscious mind).

Life-capacity for growth, continual change, state of existence, strong driving force, mental attitude looking towards the future, true inner hearing, the source of God, inherited life force, subconscious control over the conscious mind.

I look at all the above meanings and I understand what they are and where they relate. The spiritually enlightened would also understand. But I will have to tell you a story to explain a life experience. The Book Of Life And Where It Is Stored, also The Great Hall Of Records I have a dear friend who I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 20 years, who is a practicing Astrologist of considerable public fame. She writes for several (approximately 25) newspapers and one day she related a re-occurring dream to me and it goes like this.

She said that she walks into this large building, through these two big highly polished tall oak doors, and enters a Great Hall. And as she looks around there are these book shelves from the floor to the ceiling, full of books all around this great hall, the floors are of highly polished marble and in the middle of the hall a huge highly polished Oak Table. And seated around this mighty table are Seven Elders wearing long white robes, these are the Elders that watch over the Planet Earth. She walks up to the end of the table and sitting at the end of this table is a scribe writing in a book that looks like the books on the shelves around this Great Hall, and he was writing down what the Elders were saying. She leans over and asked this scribe, “Why am I here?” the scribe answered, “Don’t you know?” “No”, she replied, “I do not.”

The scribe then said, “You have better go back from whence you came, and when you discover why, come back again”, end of her dream. At the time I was at a loss to give an answer for the dream, but several years later after I had studied the Nag-Hamaddi scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls Egyptian Mythology, Celestial science (Astrology and Astronomy), Northern and Southern American Native Mythology and the Ancient World in general. And after completing the first half of the translation of the Book of Revelations, I wrote her a letter in 1998 explaining to her what the dream meant. The large building was her head, the Great Hall with all the books around the wall was her Subconscious Mind and all the writings in all the books was all the accumulated knowledge she had achieved through out all her genetic heritage.

She was the scribe who was writing in the book, and it was a lesson for me to learn also, because it was the same hand writing in all the books on the shelves around the walls of the Great Hall. She was adding to her own Book of Life, and it was available for her to use in this lifetime if she wished to excess it. The highly polished floors and table meant that it is of the best quality of her inner Mind, her Sub conscious Mind. The highly polished Oak Table, Oak means very old, again highly polished very refined, and trees grow in rings, this meant her DNA heritage.

The Seven Elders dressed in White Robes, firstly they are the Seven who have control and Guardianship over the Planet Earth, or the collective psyche of all mankind on the planet Earth and as I have said before 7 means Mankind. The White Robes means dressed in knowledge white meaning pure, sincerity, collectively meaning pure knowledge, Spiritual Wisdom (Commonsense and the knowing of how to apply it). The rest of her not knowing why she was there and not knowing when to come back was also addressed to me. Because I was not utilising my full mental capabilities, I had completed up to Revelations 13 para 18 at that time. I had translated the word “Amen” as “The Power of Regeneration”, but it was nearly two years later that I was to realise that there was another meaning hidden in the scriptures for Keb, the Erpat and YHVH. “Amen” was, and that was explained in Author’s notes for “Eternity”. I realised that I was also the one inquiring from the Scribe, in her dream. I was the one who did not understand and know why I was there but now I realise that she, the dreamer, teaches the novices (the general public), how to unlock the huge doors leading to the Great Hall of Records, the Halls of Learning, and the Mind. When the novices have unlocked the doors and walked up to the table, they will talk to the scribe, and then the scribe shows them the Books of Records and how to open them, which incidentally is my vocation in life. In other words, remind those who have come to fellowship. It simply means to become Spiritual through Spiritual awareness/Knowledge. (Man and his mind, another clue to the Cosmic Conspiracy, Leo and Aquarius)

(“The Council of Elders dressed in long robes that watch over the Planet”, has been built into our psyche via movies like Superman, Battle Star Galactic, which is a reminder of old known wisdom, and for those who do not believe in fairy stories or the hairy, fairy, dairy land, as I call it, it is to be called intuition from the Morfic residence (intelligence) built into our DNA.)

By writing her a letter, I had recorded in my own Hall of Records so that I could reopen the Book of Records or Learning to write about it between the pages of this book. And the interaction between us about the dream, taught us both and I feel that is what Revelations is saying, love and help one another and not keep on trying to destroy one another and the book that the scribe is writing in is the Book of life which is backed by the lines in your hands (palmistry). Freemasons have entered apprentices, fellow craftsmen and master masons and the parallel is, if the reader remembers in the Foreword. I said, “You will see that the Sheep, Scribes and Pharisees, are the Parishioners, Priests and Popes” and the Revelations equivalent is Ignorant Mankind, Spiritual Mankind and Spiritual Teachers, so that becomes quite a coincidence.

And while I am at it, this Lady who is relating the dream to me and when she dies, in other words goes to heaven known as the House of God in her children’s subconscious mind and this guarantees her Eternal Existence (Genetically speaking), life after her death through her DNA. She will become one of the Elders siting at large wooden oak table, to her Children depends on how well she raised up her children with discipline, and the important part is, it depends how well she has learnt her lessons in her own Physical Life, will depend how accurate the Records (Books) are in the Hall of Learning for her Children to relate to, some people would like to call this being naturally gifted.

(being an elder in the minds of your children is parallel to the Spiritualists when they say you have a number of Guides, which are usually your dearly departed relatives, ultimately meaning the dead shall rise from their graves but not a mass opening of the cemetery as suggested by the Christian Doctrine).

That is, if she is one who teaches by example the Seven Principles and Virtues, to her children. Book 2 para 20; she will be the Biblical equivalent of an Archangel, as in Revelations, one of the 24 Elders from Rev 4 para 4, has a meaning of Truth and Justice. You are sitting in front of your computer keyboard and typing the information into your mind, metaphorically speaking. By reading this book and if you do not like what I am saying you will hit the delete toggle. In other words reject that I am saying and I will most probably wind up being called Lucifer, the Devil’s helper, the fear in a Christian’s mind, “Fear of the unknown in this case is called ignorance or blindness”.

The World of science is changing the way we conceive things, it’s changing so fast, and we do not have time to think about it. Love of your fellowman, charity and kindness, giving freely to others are some of the qualities that were embroidered into the churches religious ideology. The church has out lived it’s usefulness and has reached it’s used by date. Being a world community in this day and time, there are too many “Religions”, it is a bit like Unionism, if the Man (Employer) does the right thing by his fellow man (employee) and vice-a-versa, the unions have reached their used by date. We could have a war on religious ideology and dramatically reduce the head count like we have done in the past, or come to the understanding that Nature is this mysterious God from the mythological archives on ancient history. We could all accept the natural phenomena that is happening all around us called “Nature”, a one-world realization, or is that logically too simple to accept or comprehend.

The author is showing you what has been sitting in your collective mind or DNA’s Morfic residence. Have you ever thought, or even wondered why, the older generation have an affinity or a fascination with the Great Pyramids of Egypt or the Sphinx, or what is written in scriptures/mythology from all around the world and the younger generations see movies like “Battle Star Galatica or Star Gate” in the same light. It has been built into your subconscious mind since Adam and Eva walked in the Garden of Eden, and it’s not just your dominant religious belief that you aspire to, but the proper-gander put out by religious church like communities which is so closely aligned with the science of the inner mind which has been with us since time immemorial and mankind through a fairy story called the Bible has set themselves up very nicely, thankyou very much. The Christian Bible says, “There is but one God and his only begotten son, Jesus. The Koran says, “There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is His Prophet”. If you look at it all without tunnel vision you might just see that the clergy are salesmen, oops I should have said salespersons, for their particular brand named product called “Religion”. Carl Jung was asked if he believed in God, he answered, “I am not a Muslim who has Faith or a Christian who has a Belief, I know. And before you ask the next question, when you know as I do, you will have no need to ask the next question”.

The collective world has spent millions of billions of dollars on these edifices to man’s ingenuity, temples, mosques, and churches, and when the bomb falls on one of these edifices, the people who ran in there to get that particular God’s protection and they were all killed. The leader of that particular church/religion usually says, “It’s God’s will, or the will of Allah”. They are full of that stuff that is found in abundance in any given bull paddock, the parishioners concerned were in the wrong place at the right time, it was their will to be there and it’s their mistake, not God’s or Allah’s, and if they had listened to their inner voice they would most probably been somewhere else. Some will say I am being harsh, am I really. Pass the ammunition and praise the Lord, I was there when they needed them, not feeding them, as the saying goes. I served in Vietnam, one particular day which will live on in my memory forever; while I was working with CA (Civil Affairs), I went to a place north of the static base for the Australian Army in Viet Nam called Nui Dat to collect a civilian body that had been shot by a member of one of the serving Australian Battalions, because one of the patrols came across a group of civilians cutting fire wood, one nineteen year old girl tried to run when the patrol leader asked in very bad Vietnamese, for her ID cards, and she was shot by a trigger happy soldier.

This hapless 19 year-old girl was killed because she had forgotten her identity card that day, panicked and ran, just another faceless victim of a political war that should not have happened, she died for the cost of a small piece of plastic that is about the same size as your bankcard. When a child does the wrong thing, the parent usually up ends it and spank it’s behind. In this world, there have been countless wars, and a side product of this, is Rambo style movies. We pay to see the movies so we create the demand, and the movie industry provides for that demand, which was created by us in the first place.

In Australia there was a massacre at a place called Port Arthur. It was in all the news around the world, when a young man acting in a manner like the “Rambo” movies portrayed. He shot and killed over thirty men, women and children. The Law in Australia, like anywhere else in the world says that the perpetrator of such horrendous crimes must pay the price against Society, which was dutifully done. But then the excuses started to come out. The young man was mentally retarded or not a very bright young man. He had psychological problems and was on prescribed drugs, which hinted at problems as a child with his mother and consequently had a questionable relationship with an older woman, who had passed away, which was very convenient because the woman could not defend herself and any reputation of bad or good standing she had before the incident was now history. You and I and all our Ancestors created the world we live in, which includes the Wars, which in turn created the “Rambo’s”. So who is going to spank our collective backsides for creating the problem in the first place? You and I, we are all working for the Seven Elders who watch over the planet Earth, which is our DNA heritage, and we would not be here now without it and have a great responsibility to that genetic heritage. All our ancestors and us are responsible, and we are both the cause and the effect of ourselves. Our world was, is, and always will be what we have made, make, or will make of it.

The Book of Life is a set of records in the House of God, the brain, belonging to and refers to the acceptance of the true understanding of the subconscious mind. Life is the capacity for growth; the continual change of existence, which is the strong driving force, the mental attitude looking towards the future, the inherited life force, the source of Nature, and the subconscious control over the conscious mind. That is why I say, “May the Force of Nature be with you always”, like in the “Star Wars” movies.

Para 17: - “Because you say; I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing, and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.” The same applies as in author’s notes, Book 2 para 9, rich meaning, having Spiritual Knowledge and wealthy meaning, having Spiritual Wisdom. To explain my interpretation of 17, I will jump ahead to Book 14 para 8: - “Babylon is fallen” the reader will see the explanation in the author’s notes for the end of Book 14.

It means “Confusion of Spiritual Understanding identifies Selfishness”, to be blunt about it, if a person goes to church on Sunday and pay their dues (tithings etc.) and be their usual selfish self, a normal citizen for the rest of the week, only being a loving, giving person on Sundays and decline charitable help unless you belong to this or that denomination or maybe a good Samaritan four days a week, and to be a good Samaritan, one has to work at it all the time. In Sydney 1997, I was driving around in my large, articulated, refrigerated lorry doing local deliveries, and while I was doing so, I was listening to a morning talk back radio host, by the name of John, who is a household name in Australia. A woman caller wished this announcer, financial destitution, ill health, and a couple of other things because she did not like him or his programme and identified herself as a “Christian” lady.

A Good Samaritan will help anyone all the time without asking for anything in return, money or favour. Not one day or three days a week, all the time and do not to expect their name to be mentioned on a television charity marathon, or their name to be put on a relief parcel to an overseas disaster relief charity drive. They are not doing it for the act but for recognition and self esteem. They are part time Good Samaritans, as the term suggests they suffer from ‘Vanity’, in other words “Selfishness”. It seems that people need inducement to give of their Mammon (Material wealth) to help with their fellow mankind’s basic charitable needs.

And the radio announcer, “John”, who thinks he is the saviour of the little people, the peasants of Sydney and Australia, he does retire to the Hunter Valley, on weekends. The only reason, and do not overlook the fact, I, the Author suffer from the same vanity. All of us are of the same mould, we are human beings and there is no perfect one or Saint out there; we are all wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.” Book 3, para 17a, “By reasoning Physical Mankind pronounces: I am Spiritual, and possess Spiritual Wisdom, and do not have the need for Materialism, and they are not aware, that they are spiritually worthless, Spiritually Insensitive, Spiritually Inadequate, Spiritually Ignorant, and Spiritually Unprotected.” Wretched, by chasing Worthless goals, Miserable by being Insensitive to the suffering of others. Poor, by being Inadequate because of failure to control the desires to overindulge in food and drink (by that alcoholic beverages, and clouding one’s senses), unhealthy relationships. Blind is to be ignorant of the reasons of emotional dissatisfaction, naked, no emotional control because of the dreams of success and wealth dance in mankind’s head. In all Scriptures, to be dressed is to have knowledge, to be naked, and think about this, what if you were to suddenly appear in a shopping centre totally naked, the mind boggles at the thought of it, there you are trying to cover up your nakedness with nothing but your hands.

I think you would loose your emotional control. But if you have clothes on and walking around the shopping centre, you would have a cover over your nakedness, and this would mean that the dreams of success and wealth would be clouded. We link success to wealth, and a person who gambles away his or her life, has no control over the habit. Because the next bet might be the one, even if it’s the one that would set them up for life they would waste the material gains because of the thrill of winning. It’s linked to the emotion of “love”, the love of money, material wealth. The Christian lady who wished the radio announcer, “John”, to be poor and have ill health, it was like a witch who was casting a spell and she has a ‘love’ for “hate”. It sounds like she is jealous of ‘John’s success’, another two ‘love’s, envy and jealousy.

Revelations 3 para 20, “Dine”

Dine-23/5, partake in food with someone; knowledge is the food for the brain, which is explained by the twenty -third tarot card. Spiritualists have been using their clairvoyance since the eighteen hundreds, witch-doctors and ancient priests, alchemists, and so called witches since mankind realised that there was a voice inside their heads. Priests have claimed to get their calling to ‘God’s service’, when they talked to the voice. In the book, “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. Published by Para Research, Inc. Gloucester, United Kingdom. And on page 179 of the paper back addition there is the explanation of the King of Wands of the Tarot and the astrological correspondence, which is quite appropriate at this time quote, “23/5 - the King of Wands: - The seated figure looking at the World indicates a Mental attitude of “Looking toward the Future,” possibly deciding to change His point of view. Decorated with Lions, the background screen indicates that the fixed powers of the Divine Law are behind Him, and He is aware they are his to use. Salamanders represent Spirits living in the Element Fire, and denote that the King is able to handle Fire; He can control the Fire of the Self and of Nature. He is holding the live Wand of Spiritual Power. Aries (First decan): - The King of Wands presides over the First decan of Aries (a decan is a 10-degree division of the Zodiacal wheel, and each of the Signs spans 30 degrees or 3 X 10 = 30).

This decan, ruled by Mars, is a Strong driving force. You learn easily. You want to lead and be at the head of things. You have an abundance of ideas and aspire to improve existing conditions. You are ready to gain all the Knowledge you can, and you enthusiastically grasp opportunities to progress Intellectually as well as Physically. Your creative and inventive ability may express itself in the direction of Science, or other Mechanical pursuits, unquote. Knowledge is the food for the brain and when your “Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel,” comes to give you the benefit of the books of learning in the ‘Halls of Records’, “Intuition”, go and sit down at the large highly polished Oak table and dine with him. Have you ever wandered why the “Church” did not want to let you know the occult and esoteric meaning of astrology and numerology, and by saying it’s the tools of the “Devil”,

They fear that you would no longer need them to administer the Spiritual knowledge also the getting of bad thoughts, the Devil that is in your head. Man’s quest for Power especially to control his fellow mankind. And out of the pages of their own guide to Spirituality, is the following quote, “Luke 20 para 46.” “ Beware of the scribes, who desire to walk in long robes, love greetings in the marketplaces, the best seats in the synagogues, and the best places at feasts”, to wear long robes, is to appear to have the knowledge. The 7 elders in the Halls of Learning wear long robes; it’s a psychological thing, to appeal to your psyche. Your subconscious knows and you wrestle with it but your conscious mind sees them (the clergy) in long robes and thinks it’s the connection, so your mind accepts it, or maybe the perception of it. The Pope likes to parade through the streets of a city, town or village (greetings in the market place) and the clergy sit at the bridal table at the wedding breakfast (the best places at a feast) anyway the reader will get the idea.

Book 4 Para’s 6, 7 and 8, “and before the throne there was a sea of glass like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures full of eyes in front and in back”. And the first living creature was a lion, the second living creature like a calf, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle. And the four living creatures, full of eyes around and within, each had six wings. And they do not rest day or night, saying; holy, holy, holy, lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come! Ancient times the “Lion” was the 5th house, “Taurus” the 2nd house, the 11th house was the “Face of a Man”, Aquarius and Scorpion formally known as the “Eagle in flight”, the 8th house of the Zodiac. I will take the reader’s mind back to the foreword of this book and remind you about the Sphinx, the Face of a Man and the Body of a lion, (Twin astrological signs of Aquarius and Leo, 5th and 8th house, 5 + 8 = 13, the mind of man, the Soul). I hope the bells are ringing, whether or not the original Sphinx had a face of a lion or of a man, I cannot say, but if there was a face of a man, then a certain Pharaoh might have been suffering from a large dose of “Vanity” and had his likeness superimposed over the original, and my educated guess, it was a man’s face. By doing so, made the head to be out of proportion to the body of the lion, and being a betting man I would back those odds. The only way to find out for sure is to find paintings or Hieroglyphs older than 2,500 BC, showing or suggesting such a notion, keeping in mind, if the Sphinx is only that old. Our Ancient ancestors knew that the planet was the living Earth, and there were four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and they had life, which is why they are called the Four Living Creatures.

Book 5


The = 15/6, Lamb = 10/1, Scroll = 25/7.

Key words for 15/6 misconception, delusion, religious dogmatism, ignorance, discernment, laughter, physical healing, spiritual healing. “The” also means “possession of the knowledge”. (I.e. taking possession of the knowledge within the scroll) 15/6 - Key 15 the Devil: - Key 15 shows what happens when we fail to use Discrimination. The Devil is a misconception of God - as God upside down or opposite. He represents the delusion of Judging by outward appearances, instead of by inner Realities. He also represents religious dogmatism (arrogance), which is ridiculous to the enlightened person. Therefore, the Keyword here is mirth; we should learn to Laugh in the face of difficulties, for laughter or ridicule is sometimes the most effective defence against evil. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, overshadows this Key. The Saturn Centre at the base of the spine is where the Kundalini force lies coiled - and it is the life work of Capricorn to raise the Kundalini, and then teach others. The black background on this card indicates Ignorance - lack of Light. The inverted pentagram on the devil’s forehead is the symbol of Black magic - inverted power.

His torch burns wastefully and gives no light. The humans, chained loosely to the half cube could easily free themselves by refusing to be bound by darkness and imperfect knowledge - or half truth - as indicated by the half cube. This Key means we are God incarnate, but all too often we play the role in an upside down position - as underdeveloped people, chained in bondage to appearance. Venus (and Capricorn): - In “15/6” we find Mercury (5) working through Mars (1) to produce the basic Venus vibration (6). The Venus awareness of opposites finds Fertile ground in Key 15, which casts a false image of Truth. If you can imagine both sides of a situation, or see beyond outward appearances, you can escape the bondage of adherence to the purely physical aspects of living.

Through Capricorn, the eye of discernment raises you to the highest Peak of expression, in the full light of the day, at the apex of the natural horoscope. Being elevated as a Teacher and an example for others to follow fulfils Capricorn’s natural previous preference for prestige in the material world. As the reader can see by the underlined words how the translations are complied. But there is another side to the translations. The Lamb is usually, Christ Jesus, Spiritual Man, but when you get to “Scroll” = 10/1 - Key 10 the Wheel of Fortune: - The symbol corresponding to this card is the closed hand, indicating mental comprehension. To grasp is to Own; and to grasp your place in the World is to grasp what and whom you really are. Therefore, you never suffer material deprivation. The number 10 begins a New Cycle, a REPETITION Of The “1.” ROTATION And CYCLICITY are the Keywords for the Wheel of Fortune. All is in the process of becoming; Change is the only Constant - so in due time, all things come to pass. The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Man represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio (the Eagle is a symbol for the higher side of Scorpio) and Aquarius. The books they hold represent the Wisdom of the Ages.

They indicate the Laws of the Universe - which are Immutable, Fixed, and cannot be changed. The wavy Serpent symbolises the descent of Life Force into manifestation. The Jackal headed “Hermanubis” (Thoth, an Egyptian God - also a race of jackal-headed men) shows Evolution of form, while the Human body and animal head indicate that has not evolved beyond the Intellectual level. His ears, above the horizon of the wheel, show that Man’s interior hearing (or Intuition) allows Him to rise to a higher level. The Sphinx depicts the developed Human Being - to which we aspire. The Woman’s head and breast, coupled with the Lion’s body, show the Soul in dominion over the Body - in perfect Harmony - exemplifying the Union of Male and Female powers. Jupiter (and Mars): - When we work with the astrological correspondence of the double numbers, we take the number on the RIGHT and see it work through the number on the LEFT. Here we have the God Power “0” working through Mars “1” to bring about New Starts and a change in fortune.

(left and right hemisphere of the mind and as I have said before the mind of man, which represents man’s soul)

The Jupiter influence from ‘the Wheel of Fortune’ gives us the Faith and Optimism that our new beginning will ultimately bring Generous rewards. Once we have completed the basic “1” to “9” cycle, every Subsequent digit merely repeats one of the Original nine. Therefore, we can see why “10” is considered a new start. With the “9” we have finished a complete Cycle, and in “10” we have the Promise that the God Power within us never ceases, but merely changes form, and that the New Form still contains the Fire Spark - MARS. There have been a few researchers who have linked the Tarot Cards to the Holy Grail. But what is important is the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, equals the 22 Major Arcana. I made an interesting observation, when you look at the overall meaning of book 6 or Revelations 6, and the book of Numbers has a number of things to say about the Number Six. 6 - Marriage, change in home, redecoration/remodelling, domestic and community responsibilities: - The energies of this number, centres about your home, your mind. First look for the emphasis in the home, where changes are occurring. People may come into - or leave - your home, through Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce, and other occurrences. 6 - is conscientious (meaning careful, thorough, meticulous, reliable, punctilious, and hard working); it desires to bring harmony, truth, justice and a sense of balance to its environment. Love and compassion are uppermost in its mind, and it can therefore be an effective Teacher, Counsellor or Healer. Others are drawn to it because of the understanding, which emanates from it. The Ions, fewer than 5, had the opportunity to experience many events and emotional encounters. They are now ready to take on social and family responsibilities, or the 6 vibrations. 6 are a domestic and artistic vibration, and, under this number, the Ions must adjust to the needs of others. The 6 desire a close companion, marriage and a home and family where beauty and harmony prevail. A need for group harmony and service to the community follows naturally. 6 settles down, blending into the conservative element of the community, where it can create better standards of living. Gifted in the arts, it can also express its creative potential through it’s developed sense of balance and become a fine artist in its own unique field.

KEYWORDS: family and social responsibility, service, love, compassion, counselling, healing, creativity.

The overview of Revelations “Six” is about your mind and the way that we should interact with our fellow man and our code of conduct towards each other also the marriage between an ovum and a sperm, which the christian religion miss interpreted as the relationship between a man and a woman where a woman must be subservient to her husband, a left over from the Jewish understanding of Jewish religious teachings. As I said in the explanation of the “Blue Print” of man, when the sperm injected it’s DNA code into the round plump ovum, I said that this was the 6th day of creation, (a marriage) and the Old Testament is correct on this point, even if the writers of the book or translators did not understand what it meant. The planet Earth took more than six days to be ready to let mankind walk on it, but in simple terms “house keeping in your mind”. All the nursery stories have the young ladies like Sleeping Beauty, Sirenetta, Snow White, and little Red Riding Hood aged at fifteen years of age, which covers a couple of points, fifteenth day after the completion of the menstrual cycle a young woman is most fertile and capable of conception at the age of fifteen. Even if you take the time from birth of a female to the time that she can conceive is approximately fifteen years, one plus five equals six, another clue to the sixth day of creation and the 666. When the sperm has injected the DNA code into the female cell and then the house work at cellular level begins, you start to put your wardrobe on, what colour your skin, eyes, hair, what shape your teeth and colour they are going to be, and how tall you will be and a morality code is passed on genetically in the embryonic state of the new offspring, the ancient Hebrews called it the ten commandments but this depended on what moral codes were indoctrinated into the parents and passed on.

(indoctrinated moral codes is a subject matter fraught with problems for Morfic Residence, intelligence at Gene level, like the Irish song, “Me father he was Orange and me Mother, she was Green” and it is not an issue here.)

I think the reader is starting to see why it was called the Sixth day, change in home, redecoration and remodelling, your DNA is remodelling and redecorating your physical body, in a new womb, it will help the reader to understand the next chapter of the Book of Revelations, which is the Sixth chapter. SCROLL = 25/7 - the Knight of Wands: - The Knight is dressed in His suit of armour, and is riding off to the Conquest. This indicates His sprouting thoughts about a new enterprise - And a desire to win. His crusade could be a search for the Truth - because His weapon is the ‘Wand of Divine Power.’ The salamander symbol on His robe indicates His ability to handle the fiery energy.

SPRING Northern Hemisphere - (Aries, Taurus and Gemini); Southern Hemisphere (Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius): - The Knight of Wands presides over the Spring season, from the time that the Sun enters the sign Aries (or Libra) until it reaches the Summer Solstice at zero degrees of the sign Cancer (or Capricorn).

The Sun is exalted in Aries (Libra), and its power Awakens New Life as Nature responds to its warming rays. Like Nature, at this time of year you gain strength through mastering obstacles. There can be difficulties as you struggle to meet the Sun’s promise - but you persevere and work hard. A scroll is usually made of animal skin, a coat of many skins or a coat of many colours, also has the ancient meaning - life, the skin belonged to a living animal, so a coat of many colours or many skins is like wearing a long white robe which means, dressed in knowledge, as a skin means a life, a scroll is rolled up meaning DNA, a spiral and the Ancients understood that life came back through the womb, renewed, in the Old Testament, David was given a coat of many colours by his Father, what it means is, his father had created David through the God of his forefathers, and that is “Jehovah”, and the ancient peoples called a spade a spade. And reproduction through DNA, is a coat of many colours, because you wear a new skin in every lifetime, if you can understand, you are the result of many lifetimes, and the story in the Old Testament, is just that. I am the Beginning, I am the End, I am Venus, I am Love, and I am the number Nine, whose basic meaning is, Key 9 the Hermit: - The symbol for key 9 is the Yod, the tongue of flame, the “mark” that makes up every letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It represents fiery Energy, the Life Force, and the hand - opened rather than closed - of Man and Woman. In the Body we are little serpents, containing a portion of the ONE Source’s fiery Energy. As such, we are the Hands of God operating in the physical World.

The Hermit is a symbol of Ageless Wisdom, standing on the mountain of attainment. He has achieved. The snow represents the isolation he endures because His Wisdom sets Him apart from others. However, as He turns to shine His light on those who follow Him, He intimates that our knowledge is Empty and Meaningless until we turn and give it to others. The Hermit has evaluated, selecting the Necessary and discarding the unnecessary elements along His path. He has learned to use the Magician’s wand, which He now leans on, for He knows He can depend upon it for support. He has achieved mastery. The Sun (and Virgo): - The Sun is assigned to “9” because it is only after you carefully progress through the previous steps, 1 to 8, that you can attain a position of respect and leadership as well as a full recognition of your Inner potential. S 1 + U 3 + N 5 = 9

The True Inner self is expressed under a “9,” as you become the Humanitarian; the Universalist who reaches out to the multitudes to lighten their burdens through your understanding, Wisdom and Compassion. Virgo’s assignment indicates that careful; thorough analysis has preceded this final position of Authority. Any mistakes along the path could have lead the aspirant astray - therefore, keen discrimination has been necessary at all times. A scroll is a skin (the skin of an animal, a living being = 1 life, Parchment if you like) rolled up with seals, (plural, meaning many guaranteed lives) now a seal in ancient times meant that what was written in the scroll was a guarantee that the author of the parchment true word is on the parchment, (a guaranteed life in cycles) and has not been tampered with, so when “the lamb takes the scroll”, and if you take something you receive it, and a Lamb is the Knight, the Hermit, the Soul, and Spiritual Man, who takes-receives the coat of many colours, the Spiral of Life, the Programme for the Cycles of Life.

(Up until modern times, meaning the 21 century, the genes have not been tampered with so far, and the indication is that even if we do tamper with our genetic blue print it will correct itself within about five generations, so those parents who want a blue eyed blonde headed boy with the IQ, of 140+ will be setting the descendants of their gene pool, an infertility problem for the future, which will guarantee the IVF programme a future, as the translations indicate, anyway up till now the programme has been guaranteed)

What I should have said, is, “Every living being has a guaranteed life cycle”, but to be true the translations it’s Man’s life that the Book of Revelations is talking about. The Mayans and the Mocha skinned their victims, a barbaric ritual, and put on the skin of these victims, like you would put on a pair of overalls, to simulate taking on the life of the victim. Similar to drinking the blood, taking on the DNA; the courageous qualities of this enemy warrior or the fierceness of a wild animal. In their primitive way the Mayans etc. were showing some understanding of DNA, and I believe it is also the ideology behind the cannibal practices of many primitive tribes, as the scriptures explain the term, “The Lamb takes the Scroll” refers to the on going heritage of Man and his Descendants. (Author’s note: - the idea of eating something and enhancing one’s abilities, and the old adage, you are what you eat could have been proven here. Through archaeology the world now knows the Mayans were a very blood thirsty lot, so if the understanding of the enhancement of the human thoughts and actions are through DNA modification and the fact that in modern times scientists are modifying the DNA of animals for human consumption and looking at the Mayan culture it may take a long time for the effect to take over the human form from a wimp to a warrior that knows no fear, which was ideal for the life and times of the Mayans).

The 10th tarot card is also known as the wheel of Ezekiel, and it was a wheel within a wheel. When an Astrologer raises a chart on anyone, and the inquirer wants to know what they are doing in their 40th year of life, the astrologer takes the birth chart and advances it 40 days and makes a new chart, to represent the inquirer’s 40th year of life, a wheel within a wheel, Ezekiel’s Chariot, from the Old Testament, also read Ezekiel 4, and the numerology of 390 days is a referral to astrology, the twelve houses, and the 40 days for 40 years is a reference to an adjusting chart where 1 day = 1 year and 40 days = 40 years and so on, the complete Book of Ezekiel is all about Astrology; it’s getting off the subject matter, anyway see below for further understanding. Parchment if you like, for those who think that the scroll was not made of skin or that matter, the coat of many colours of David in the Old Testament, which means, a family tree, heritage, many colours meaning many lives or incarnations, and your inherited genes may contain a genetic heritage of black skin. I, the author, every day have trouble believing how they did it, there has got to be books or something, the Babylonians, Dogons and the Egyptians, and we are talking pre-5, 000 BC, and they knew amongst other things that the blood started at the heart and contained air (oxygen) and went around the body.

Also I have trouble believing how the Ancient Ones hid the obvious in such a simple manner (codes), and because of the deterioration of knowledge (Wisdom). The likes of Nostradamus, had the books of knowledge and I feel he destroyed them to stop him from becoming the main topic on the menu at the Inquisition’s barbecue or witch-hunt. And become a candidate for burning at the stake, an old tool in the fight of supremacy against those who were knowledgeable, and knew that the “Church” was wrong with their propaganda. It’s easier to understand the ‘Cold’ war; America verses Russia of modern times. Communism verses Capitalism and the hype that went with it, because if you were living in America and was an activist for communism, see how long it was before you were crucified.

As from now, young people will not understand the term that ‘the Commies are hiding under the bed’, as portrayed in the Media of the day. To understand the hype of the day, one would have to be living in those times to appreciate the problems and the reasons for doing, like Nostradamus when it is claimed that he burnt all the books that he used to understand and complete his prophecies. Ezekiel 4 para 4 to 6: - “There is a special meaning in each detail of what I have told you to do. For it is a warning to the people of Israel. Now lie on your left side for 390 days, to show that Israel will be punished for 390 years by captivity and doom.

Each day you lie there represents a year of punishment ahead for Israel. Afterwards, turn over and lie on your right side for forty days (Gestation of 40 weeks), to signify the years of Judah’s punishment. Each day will represent one year. (a) 3 + 9 + 0 = 12 meaning the 12 signs of the Zodiac, some versions say 190 days, 1 + 9 + 0 = 10, Ezekiel’s Wheel, or the 10th tarot card, the wheel of fortune a Man’s life wheel, (Zodiac, astrology chart). And the reader might begin to understand the “special meaning” The Reader might or might not see what the implication are between the two, but those educated in the sciences can see it as plain as the nose on their face. But those who do not have and over the last 4,000 years have relied on the so called experts, the theologians, clergy, and their lectures and books. But they too, have become lazy like the rest of us and except what the bible is saying in plain language, but as we become more knowledgeable and scientific advances, it throws the ideology into disarray and makes it hard to digest. The Ancients knew this, which is why the Pyramids and the Sphinx exist as they are.

Book 9

Para 2: - “created the intensity much above the normal for Racialism.” There are several words that try to explain “Racialism,” when I was translating the words “the smoke of the pit” there appeared before me the word “Radicalism” and the words linked to it were extremism and fanaticism. I looked at the possible use of the word but when if one refers to something that they do not like and call it the pits, the word radicalism did not seem to convey the message the book was trying to say. And in reality “Racialism” is the pits for the sake of hating a fellow human being. I am Australian and if I want to bow down I will go to Japan to live or even India. I like this country the way it is and it can be as multicultural as it likes but as long as it is Australian. So you could call me “Racial,” but pride in one’s nation is not what the Revelations is all about. Nostradamus had 47 quatrains referring to the “Blue” Turbaned One, but the United Nation’s Forces wear blue headdress and who said that the United Nations was right? Or are they a front for American Money Mongols or Religion overtures, I think it’s more to do with the hatred of skin and religion, Muslim against Christian, racialism.

Para 3: - “as the scorpions of the earth have power.”

When I first tried to understand the word scorpion, I tried to look up astrology and found nothing except the star sign; I next tried astronomy and all I found was the fact that the early times showed that the constellation of Scorpios was related to pre-5000 BC Eagle in Flight. And the nearest thing that I could relate to it was a Children’s storybook called “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” which would become evident much later in my understanding and it changed the way that I viewed children’s storybooks. I first became familiar with the term “Arachne” when a very good friend of mine who had been a practicing Astrologer of over fifty years said to me the secret or 13th sign of the Zodiac is Arachne. I decided to check it in the Brisbane Reference Library.

Through the State Reference Library I viewed a book called, “Le Mystere Des Cathedralis” by Fulcanelli. And in this book it said that Ariane (Araidne) is a form of Airgne the spider in Spanish, pronounced Arachne, and thus can be read, “Arahne, arahni, arahagne”, Fulcanelli said, is not our soul, the spider, which weaves our own body?” I was still stumped, and then I decided to look it up in the Dictionary. So I did and to my surprise and relief, ‘scorpion’ is a lobster like arachnid, from the Greek, Arachne meaning spider. What does a spider do? It spins a web. How silly of me, the Greek mythology of Araidne and Theseus, where Araidne weaves a thread from her hair to help Theseus to escape from the Catacombs after he has slain the Minotaur. And do not forget the fairy story, Alice’s adventure in Wonderland. Wonderland turns out to be the microscopic world of genetics, and the lobster like arachnid, in Alice’s story is the “Soul, ” our humble beginnings as a molecule is really a world of wonder, “Wonderland.”

Entomology the study of insects and looking at a scorpion, as I have mentioned before, they live in the ground, in a tunnel system in communities, and being underground in darkness. A scorpion when cornered and cannot escape will use the stinger in his tail to strike himself; and is not immune to his own poison, and commits suicide. Let us take the average peasant on the planet Earth, they live in communities with a road system like tunnels, he has a belief system, and religious dogma gives them tunnel vision in darkness, known as spiritual darkness, up until now has been serviceable for his needs. And some of the peasants, when life gets a little tough commit suicide when they are cornered, just like a scorpion or when things gets too hot in the kitchen, slang for, unable to cope.

A few things have started to become clear, from the bible, Mosses was found in the Bulrushes in a basket weaved by his mother. The nursery story Sleeping Beauty, pricks her finger on a spindle; and from Greek mythology, Araidne weaves a thread from her hair. This entire idea of weaving and an Astrology chart does look like a spider’s web and in the division of cells called “Mitosis” there is a spindle. The secret sign of the zodiac, “Arachne.” If you raise an astrology chart for someone, it cannot be for anybody else but that person, their Soul, the Life Force/Spirit, from the Greek, Vulcan the Keeper of the Flame, the physical human body, and the power within. A spider’s web is a spiral just like a scroll when you look at it from the end, and sealed with seven seals, makes it a guarantee that it is unopened or corrupted, for a child who breaths air for the first time who is not corrupted until they learn the ways of the world and their mind becomes corrupted with life in the material world.

If I keep on with it the reader might just see where the stories are coming from and how simple the answer was, sex education; “Mitosis” the division of Cells, called the thread of Life also a play on words, a Minotaur is connected to the female reproduction organs and the division of cells, mitosis. The Soul is the Life Force within, the spider or soul that through your “DNA” weaves your genetic make-up. The “Big” question is, if they, the ancient ones, knew about ovum and a sperm, affectionately known as Adam, Eve, the tree of life, the placenta, where does it leave “us”? And the answer to that is simple, “Armageddon.” Why? We thought that our ancestors stepped out of caves and were rather primitive and ignorant.

But knowledge came along that was found in the so called “Halls of Records,” a tie up of the ancient monoliths and mythology as a simple deduction, in other words the use of simple grey matter, the mind, and all of a sudden our ancestors were not so primitive or ignorant after all. Would it not destroy the world, as we know it, and change the way we think about our past and the plight of our ancestors, the caveman, the fact that he was scratching long headed bulls on the walls of the caves has nothing to do with the Minotaur of Greek fame, I think not. It would change the way we thought about the so-called primitive caveman carrying a club over his shoulder. The truth is, the caveman has forgotten more knowledge than we know right now, and I’m not saying that Darwin was wrong; we might just have to put evolution back a few years. Let us be a bit hypothetical for a minute, just say that 20, 000 years ago there was a global disaster, and a few small groups of mankind survived the holocaust, and they were so busy trying to survive but they knew that the difference between them and the animal kingdom was knowledge.

Lets just say that you the reader and I, were there among the survivors in a group of about 50 people, and it was decided that because I am too old to go on the hunt or gather food, so for a share of the daily hunt, I was to teach the children all the knowledge in the text books that survived or could be found and what I could remember off the top of my head. And on a cave wall, in charcoal I put drawings of the female reproduction organs to teach the kids about conception and DNA and the drawings looked like longheaded bulls with tortoise shells attached to the end of the horns or the heads of goats with conical horns. Anyway, one day I reached my used by date and died of old age, and the now tribal elders have a meeting and decide that the teacher must be replaced but no one wants or thinks that they are capable of taking over from the teacher. So they draw straws, and you, the reader, are the winner of the short straw. You drag yourself into the teacher’s cave, see the kids sitting there and the drawings on the cave wall and the kids tell you that the teacher had been teaching them about procreation and your knowledge on the subject has long diminished, so you describe the ovaries as tortoise shells and that the female reproduction organs look like the head of a bull or mock turtle, and that the placenta is and looks like the tree of life and the new whole blood, that feeds the little people (foetus), the three arteries of the umbilical cord looks like a rope or the main artery looks like a snake and all these symbols are linked to the creation of mankind, (the main theme of the Old Testament) and within a couple hundred years becomes the legend of Bull Worship, Golden Calf or a Minotaur in a labyrinth. The teacher becomes a witchdoctor or advisor to the tribal elders because of his or her wisdom and abilities with herbs to cure ills, an understanding of nature and the seasons to be able to predict the weather and maybe do a rain dance at the appropriate time and further along becomes the spiritual advisor of the tribe or a priest, which prevails today as a protected species and only they can put you in touch with the Gods of their making, remember the Old Testament is about the “Creation of Mankind”. And if that has been the case, it would definitely change the way that we thought of the so-called primitive caveman of long ago, our ancestors and change the way we thought about the past, in other words “Armageddon”, destroying the world, as we knew it to be.

Para 11: - “Serpent of Old.”

“Serpent,” the dictionary tells us: - sly or treacherous person, or a large snake.

“Of”, and again the dictionary tells us: - origin, cause substance, possession and identity.

“Old”, the dictionary says: - advanced in age, far on in natural period of existence, dilapidated, or shabby from the passage of time, feebleness of age.

Numerology says,

Serpent: - 34/7 – impatient, impulsive, reckless, selfish, violent, disputes, legal difficulties, delays and tremendous mental powers.

Of: – 12/3 – inner strength, submission, epitomize wisdom, philosophy.

Old: – 13/4 – death, immersion in fleshy desires and encapsulation in matter, death is caused through destruction and degeneration of the body through the tremendous powers of the mind, transitory desires over indulgence, bad temper, rash behaviour, stagnation, inertia, revolutionary, destructive, a state of spiritual amnesia, mental powers of transmutation (ruled by Scorpio-death and of course rebirth.) “Of Old”, means – of or in past times, which is an obscure understanding of past lives, reincarnation.

Summary, and keeping in mind that the subject matter is about the psychology of the mind, for the reader’s interest, the Orthodox Catholic study on the subject says, “Cunning with Wisdom.”

Serpent of Old: – amoral mental attitude, possessing tremendous powers of philosophy.

So in Revelations 9 Para 11: -

Serpent of Old: – amoral mental attitude, possessing tremendous powers of philosophy.

A natural leader, a philosopher, who has no moral principles, a hypothetical idealist whose objectives are amoral.

Hypothetical meaning: - theoretical, imaginary, untrue.

Idealist meaning: - optimist, romantic, not practical.

Book 13

Rev 13Para 14, “And he deceives those who dwell on the Earth by those signs which he had power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to those who dwell on the Earth that they should make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived”. In the forefront, inside just about every Catholic/Christian Church in the world are “Images” of Jesus Christ, Mary and the infant Jesus and the odd one or two Saints. Most modern catholic churches now have the statues outside the church. The fact that he was a man, wounded by a spear or sword, as was “Odin” and several other redeemers, listed below. There is an understanding one must have to look at the scripture of Revelations, back when Yeshuah Ben-Pantera (before he became Christ Jesus) was running around the Sea of Galilee. He had five Disciples and he was very anti-Jewish, he upset the Sandrine High Council, the authorities, to the point that they hanged him with a rope until dead, according to Rabbinical Literature and the Christians have been blaming the “Jews” for his death ever since the New Testament became public. The real “Christ Jesus” is a non-fictional historical figure and his life was recorded by St Paul in his gospels but the scribes or priests under the Roman Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD, had the story blown out into a believable story to suite the government and Church ideology for the long-term religious moneymakers. All Fairy stories, Legends and mythologies have a grain of truth in them, but the current leading religious doctrine claims that Revelations was written on the island of Patmos by John.

But I think the material in the Book of Revelations is much older and contains a higher degree of psychological understanding of the psyche of man that would have evolved over say, a twenty thousand year period. To the point that nursery stories like Sleeping Beauty, Sirenetta, the littlest Mermaid, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, are psychological counters to the creation story offered by religious doctrine and what the outcome will be. “Wounded by the sword and lived”. One thing you should remember here, the beast is Man, this Christ Jesus was a man; so an “image” of him would satisfy scripture (Rev 13 para 14) at this time. And there have been plenty of them dying with the thrust of a sword, lance or spear and rising again from the dead, and called Eucharist, meaning Redeemer.










MOSSES (Old Testament, Exodus 33, Para 32.)


And I can list at least ten characteristics, in which all these Gods or Sons of Gods shared,

1 They were born on or very near the 361st day or 25th of December

2 They were of Virgin Birth, life of toil and humility

3 Born of the underground, cave or nave (to mean night-time sky)

4 Hung on a tree or cross

5 Called Deliverer of mankind, Light bringers.

6 Healer, Saviour, and were crippled in some way, same as “Vulcan” of Greek fame, who fell from heaven after stealing the flame of the Gods, and was crippled, which coined the phrase, “physician heal thy self”, and it was claimed that Jesus was a cripple, meaning, imperfect-human not a God, Hephaestus [Homeric Greek legend] the lame and ugly God of Fire.

7 Vanquished by the powers of the Underground (Darkness), spear or sword wound in their side.

8 Raised from the dead, and championed the World

9 Communions of Saints around them and baptism

10 A sign or star would appear once more as a testament of their resurrection and have future domination of mankind and the Earth.

Revelations 13, para 15: - “As would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.” The Beast being Mankind himself and the image being the Christ on the “T” cross, and being claimed as the Son of God on Earth, however the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Caesar’s of the Roman Empire were Sons of the Great Most High God, Sol Invictus. To be killed, without going into the religious sacrifices of other religions, The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, we mere mortals know it as The Holy Inquisition, and do not leave out Politics, if you do not support the leader or the indoctrinate way of life, even in our modern society, you become an outcast or creator of Anarchy, the church puts up images of Gods to worship to cover their projection of idolism.

The actual ideology is now in your mind, Politics have a way to take your mind off societies problems by creating diversions, and in all cases they appeal to your emotions And it appears that most Governments of the World, today, who are money hungry or strapped for cash. You could call it the mark of the beast (Rev 13-16) because the politician will say he’s right, in other words, he is holding it in righteousness, because he believes he is right, in his mind, receiving the mark of the beast, meaning materialism, helps to explain Rev 13-16, psychology put in these texts, has waited until now since 1611 for any understanding could be made from them, I wonder how long mankind will have to wait until we fully understand. Revelations|13:18: - “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” I have read a lot of books that have tried to decode or valuate the 666 in Hebrew, Greek and Latin (Zecharia Sitchin’s “COSMIC CODE” being one of them). The code was simple: - 6 + 6 = 6 and as always remember the saying “as above, so below”, or alternatively, “on earth as in Heaven” (Lord’s Prayer) where the ancients called all the planets Gods,

V + E + N + U + S M + A + R + S  
4 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 18 4 + 1 + 9 + 1 = 15  
 1+ 8 = 9 1 + 5 = 6 
   9 + 6 = 15  
   1 + 5 = 6 
   Therefore 6 +6 = 6 Father + Mother = Child

Revelations 13-18 has a translation of the actual text, but it has another meaning built into the text, and the Christian Fathers have taught that it was the sign of the Devil, the 666, but that understanding is wrong. Man and woman create their own image (*) through an offspring, and are called Creative Gods. And the astrological sign for Venus-? is the symbol for Woman, and the symbol for Man is Mars- ?. Your parents created you in your mother’s womb, so the ancients were right, all the planets are Gods, Venus and Mars, Man and Woman creative Gods, and God create in heaven, in this case, a woman’s womb or uterus, so the first two for mankind were Adam and Eva (Eve) so the Old Testament was right after all, Heaven known as Paradise, a woman’s Uterus, the only two that can make a human being called a foetus, is a ovum and a sperm, as mentioned in Rev 1-2, also in the Old Testament, Genesis 2 para 24, “in such a way that the two become one”, meaning that the sperm injects genetic material into the round plump ovum and dies. Now Adam and Eva add up to 6 + 9 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6, so if Adam and Eva created the first Descendant and this descendant begat a descendant, who begat a descendant, the equation now reads, 6 + 6 = 6, the True Trinity, and it is Father + Mother = Child, and it’s the 666 or Six Hundred and Sixty - Six. Reference also in authors notes Book 2 para 26, “Eternity”.

(*use of mirrors in nursery rhymes and the use of a mirror in Greek mythology,) Some stories say that “Eva” was the woman in Adam’s life before Eve, some theologians say that Eva was just written out. This author looked and found that this may have been the case but looking at drawings of the Australian Aboriginal drawings on the creation cave shows a different story, which has something to do with the word “Marriage”, which is another issue for Christian Religion and not appropriate at this time. The scene depicts a cave with seven inner caves and in the centre of the main cave there are two figures of the female gender with the Rainbow Feathered Serpent around the outside the main cave eating his own tail. The point is the two females, and the term, the two hidden rivers that feed the hidden lake from, mainly the Freemasons refer to the two fallopian tubes into the uterus, in all cases there is a reference to the two ovum that are put out by the ovaries. The creation cave with it’s seven inner caves is an exact rendering of the numerical count of mankind, that is 7 parts to the inner ear, 7 parts to the retina, 7 divisions to the brain, 7 cavities to the heart, 7 layers of the skin, 7 nerve centres, 7 main organs to mention a few. One day I will get to speak to an Aboriginal Elder of Wangganara Wangganue Tribe (I am not sure of the spelling) called “One Eye” or “White Eye” who will tell me what the rest of pieces in the Creation Cave drawing mean. Another understanding must be added at this time, the Sunday School teachers told me as a child that the Old Testament was the Creation Story of “Man”. I personally feel that in some cases the creation story has over time has been intermingled with the water destruction of the world and smaller catastrophes ie: - The Santorini eruption in 197 BC.)

From the Book of Numerology and the Divine Triangle, the quick explanation of the 15th Tarot Card, the Devil: - quote, “The Devil is a misconception of God - as God upside down or opposite. He represents the delusion of Judging by outward appearances, instead of by inner realities. He also represents religious dogmatism (arrogance), which is ridiculous to the enlightened person,” unquote and simply indicates mankind. Known as the “Amen”, the Egyptians called it “Keb, the Erpat”, the mysterious and unknown power that causes conception in women and animals and the Habiru who were known later as the Hebrews, called it YHVH or Jehovah. The use of Eve or Eva, somewhere in the dim past the church saw fit to write out “Eva” from scriptures, because of the ideology of marriage in the New Testament, there could not be two women for every male, even the Australian Aboriginals in the their creation cave drawings have two females present inside seven minor caves with the feathered serpent around the outside.

Over the years I have read little bits in reference to the Hebrew legends or stories from the bible where certain text had been written out, but the author never gave where they researched the material. I read for instance in a legend about the Hebrews, “Lilth was the first bride of Adam, cast out and cursed for refusing to submit to Adam,” all I know about “Lilth” is that she was a Mesopotamian Goddess of the night, The inference simply means that the ovaries put out two ova at the time of ovulation of the female reproduction organs, and the lack of understanding on the churches part has done the rest, if female humans were to always have multiple births, that is, twins or more liking to a litter, the outcome of the creation story, may have been different. Is it really a coincidence that “Venus” equals eighteen and “Mars” equals fifteen? I’ll put in here a section of the foreword again just to refresh your memory, quote, “Temple at Konarak has a wheel from the Solar Chariot, which is a wheel within a wheel, also the Mayans had a triple wheel. And again in the Old Testament, Ezekiel’s vision a wheel within a wheel, Ezekiel 1 paras 1 to 21, and Rev. 4 paras 4 to 9.) Northern Hemisphere is in the constellation of Pisces, 220 AD to 2376 AD, 2,156 years. (The Astrological age of Aquarius, 1978 AD to 4138 AD, 2,160 years, in the sub-Astrological age of Aries, 1978 to 2158 AD, 180 years, and the second sub age of Taurus, 1993 to 2008 AD, 15 years. (Pisces-secrets, Aquarius-mankind, Aries-self interest, Taurus the astrological house of money or things of value, also Taurus the bull is the image of the female reproduction organs and a hidden agenda for understanding our “real” heritage, where we come from-the Holy Grail.” unquote.

Astrology calls it a wheel within a wheel; it may be a coincidence but 180 years, 15 years, Venus 18, Mars 15, even if it is a harmony. Back to Numerology, 180 + 15 = 195, 1 + 9 + 5 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6. 18 + 15 = 33, 3 + 3 = 6. The word Saviour (meaning Christ vibration) add up to 33, another 6, and everyone said he was just a man, the Son of God, his father, and of course his mother, who was also a Creative God. Back to astrology and the Book of Numbers. “15/6” we find Mercury (5) working through Mars (1) to produce the basic Venus vibration (6). I, the Author, am not trying to justify who or what God, Christ Jesus, or what is contained in the bible with a play on a few letter/number combinations. Mercury is called the Gemini twin, the two hemispheres of the Brain; the Egyptians called it the twin lions as I have previously explained, the Greeks called Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, known as Mercury the astrological twin, ancient philosophers called it Hermatica, and the brain does have two hemispheres.

The symbol of the planet Mars and is also the sign for man, and the symbol for woman is the sign for Venus and also means Love, with a combination of the two = a new life force, and a jump back in time, to the Nag-Hamaddi Scrolls found in Egypt, 1945 and from the Gospel of Thomas quote, “There stands the son of man and there stands the son of the son of man. The Lord is the son of man, therefore the son of the son of man is created through the son of man.” unquote. And a hell of a way to say three generations, Grandfather, father and son, but I suppose they are all, just coincidences? Back when “Christ-Jesus,” was in Jerusalem, the so called clergy were at this time the most educated people on the planet, put it this way, the largest educated groups to have the influences over the mass populations, more than any other group, the Alchemists and Philosophers were very knowledgeable, but were not organized in groups like the priesthood; they were men of independent means and did not have a need for “Mammon”, known as materialism. I have a theory on why they did not crave mammon; it was simply wisdom. Looking at palmistry I, the Author, have in my left hand a very pronounced line of wealth. As I was to find out later in my quest for the Holy Grail, as I gained more knowledge, my thirst for knowledge became more prevalent than my need for material objects, by the way, palmistry was part of and what was known as the book of life, along side astrology, the cosmic book of life, before the bible was written, but both were conveniently left out of the scriptures.

(to be left out of the book of life, is to be infertile so that you have no prospect of a continued life after death known as “Eternal Existence”, and infertile couples had better look to their heritage for answers, if you have eyes to see.)

And the wealth line in my hand turned out to be a wealth of knowledge. A card reader said to me that the Gods are giving me all their wealth, and I thought at the time, and visualizing myself standing in front of Ali-Babe’s Cave with Aladdin’s lamp tucked under one arm, shouting, “Open Sesame” but I soon learnt that there was more than one kind of wealth, and in my case it became knowledge. As time went on, I developed a bad instinct like all men of learning have developed over the centuries, a dislike for uneducated individuals. What happens is, to gain knowledge, all one has to do is go to the library and read. You do not need any money, but if the average person could drag themselves away from the idiot box (Television set) for five minutes they might learn something, instead of having all those contrived ideas, of how to spend more money, that are bombarded into you subconscious mind. I found that the more learned I became, the shorter my fuse became until I would only converse with fellow theologians or spiritually minded people. I feel that is why theologians are a clicky group, the same can be said for the spiritualist church, and people have a sort of fear, towards those who are academically knowledgeable, but have a high respect for knowledge to the point that the educated ones’ seems to be a bit excentric.

And also the politicians and the clergy need peasants to believe in them, work on it this way, recently a scam on the bankcards and accounts, and when you add up one and two cents under the three cents needed to go to the nearest five cents. On say five million bank or card accounts on a monthly account adds up to millions of dollars, how many people are going to miss one or two cents off their monthly statement when its rounded to the nearest five cents, a recent scam netted a computer hacker over five million dollars. It happens in the Supermarkets and on the fuel pumps. So a Religious Faith on a world wide basis at 1% of a yearly income, tything, of the most uninformed parishioners coming in over say, using the Catholic Faith, since the first Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325 AD that fixed the date of Easter and forged the original Nicene Creed, which reaffirmed the divinity of the Christ, meaning the last 675 years.

And in any man’s language over the last 675 years, is a lot of money for a group of educated men who eventually came to be sitting, dressed in red and dictate not only the way that we think, live and act (moral code) and be a law unto themselves, (the Politicians are tared with the same brush collecting taxes) look at the amount of money that has been spent and the world is still in a mess and has not improved since the so called time of Christ Jesus, and that is something that I, the reader and all our combined ancestors can be proud of; so much for the teachings of all the collective Religions in the world. I could write a book on a few little things that I have observed, like the city of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The astronomical and astrological centre of the world is Greenwich, Anglo-Saxon word meaning, Green-beginning, and wich-wisdom, and Ipswich, Ips-end, wich-wisdom.

Has anyone thought of when the magnetic fields of the world flip over and you look at the International Date Line. And the first landfall you come across is New Zealand. In prophesy; all the Islands will flee away, meaning drown or sink beneath the waves. Then you are left with the east coast of Australia. With the rising of the oceans, Brisbane will eventually go under and the new shoreline will be Ipswich, and 153 degrees east passes through Ipswich. And it will become the new spiritual centre of the world. The tropic of Capricorn will eventually come down to Coff's Harbour in New South Wales. And then Canberra will have a weather change, and become part of a temperate zone simular to Brisbane is today and something to look forward to in the next three to four hundred years from now.

And the great edifice or white elephant called parliament house, will become the new political centre of the world, as mentioned in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. And it’s amazing what we say in jest, “Australia is God’s Country”. But “God’s Country has got to clean up it’s act and come clean with the “Truth” about the way the country is or has been run, politically and religiously. The Reader by now will understand who or what the Devil is all about, but to help those who do not see, I can explain this way, I said in the previous chapter, the Christian Fathers were not wrong in describing the attributes of the devil but what he looked like, they missed out badly. Most of the people on this planet think, naturally with the Clergy’s inducement that the Devil or the Beast is a living creature with short horns poking out his forehead and carries a trident but what they do not understand or they are covering up is the fact that the evil is within us and it is the ideology that lives in us, dormant if you like, some of the more forward thinking clergy believe it is why some parishioners loose their way and become, as some say, “the Devil made me do it”, an ideology and only comes to the light, when the thinking, based on the seven deadly sins, is within our thoughts.

It happens to be a state of mind, an idealism that invades the sub-conscious of all on this planet, and not one of us are immune. We all have it built into our genetic code, the seven deadly sins are a part of it, materialism is not about being wealthy, we all love to have money, which is inducement within our consciousness via advertisement, and the Scriptures and Stories have a warning built into them. We have all the principles and virtues, good and evil, which includes a want for wealth and especially “Supremacy.” We have a coding for being subservient to our superiors no matter what they do. This is reflected in the New Testament, thou must obey the Government because God has put it there for his purposes, so you must obey its directives.

At the time of writing or formulating the sections that would eventually appear in the New Testament, that is the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Rome was having a devil of a time, “pun intended”, trying to keep internal civil unrest under control, for those who need a biblical reference try New Testament, Romans 13, paragraph 1 to 7. So one could say that the religious leaders were in bed, per se, with the ruling junta of the day. And you don’t have to be a theologian studying scripture to see the collusion here, just read the history books on that time. The Mayans did it in their time to the point that when their leaders had over governed or milked the country, what I mean is that they indoctrinated the population in their known world to unswerving subservience to a system controlled by the ruling junta and put their collective snout even deeper into the feeding trough (the public purse), our politicians of today tell us how hard they work and sacrifice their lives to the betterment of the public and then give themselves a 10% pay rise.

Over a long period of time slight changes that would benefit the ruling society of those who are in power via materialism. The average peasant would go along with what the system changed as long as it did not upset his (the Peasant’s) status quo, another way of putting it; being complacent. The Reader must remember that what I am saying here is not a reflection on what the Author of this book believes in. I am simply trying to establish the link with what is known and reasoning into why society has its up, downs and collapses over the long term and we have written history that goes back in time to about 5,000 BC to look at.

Take a look at Australia, the system just told us that there are now just over 19 million living in Australia and there are only about 2,000 leaders on the top shelf who think that the general population could not do without their direction. They also say that the political party in Australia called “One Nation”, which has only been operating for a couple of years, are too inexperienced to run Australia. It’s funny that everyone is inexperienced at some stage. The politicians at Federal, State and local level, of the existing system do not want a whole bunch of amateurs to come along, changing a system that has taken just over 100 years to perfect. The population out number the leaders about, nine hundred thousand (900,000) to one in Australia, and they, the ruling junta should be seeing the warning signs because society and the way things are going, should be as plain as the nose on their collective faces by now, and I don’t mean ‘Revolution’. Now lets take a look at the Maya of Mexico, the Archaeologists tell us that their Toltec God Worship started from its primitive beginnings with the Toltecs, up to about 5,000 BC to its climax somewhere between 400 and 600 AD with the Maya.

While Rome dominated the Mediterranean region, the Maya were building a great civilization in Central America. The heartland of the Mayan civilization was in present-day Guatemala, where the native peoples constructed temple platforms around 300 BC. The platforms were built of a rubble core, bonded with cement and faced with decorative plaster. Thatch-roofed temples stood at the top.

(The authorities of the day used nothing but the best in building material including concrete, but the general public used sub standard material in comparison. These temples and others like them were reminiscent of the Egyptian temple buildings and public works and were the most distinctive hallmarks of Mayan culture. And it is noticed that the ceremonial buildings have survived the elements better than the peasant’s dwellings, showing that the authorities of that time were caught up in lavish decoration instead of public welfare, and it is evident in today’s society.)

The early centuries AD are known as the Early Classic Period in Mayan history. The Maya developed an original system of writing, with which they recorded astronomy, religion, and history. Using some of their temples as observatories, the Maya developed a calendar that was the most accurate the world had known until the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

(The Mayan calendar is still the most accurate in this world today, because “We” did not interpret the hieroglyphic monuments correctly.)

The Maya had also developed the concept of zero, unknown in Roman numerology. By 600 AD, the beginning of the Late Classic Period, Mayan culture dominated Guatemala, Honduras, and the Yucatan Peninsula. The Maya did not build great cities like the Teotihuacán, which thrived in Mexico during this period, but their temple sites included large plazas, courts for ball games, and stone carvings. The Maya commemorated their rulers with stellae (upright stone slabs or pillars). Typically these slabs bore the image of a ruler along with hieroglyphs identifying the person and describing their lineage and achievements. Paintings on wall panels show seated rulers interviewing lesser mortals standing before them. The paintings often show lavish costumes, consisting of painted textiles, jade ornaments, and feathers. Skilled Mayan craftsmen worked jade into necklaces and pendants.

The Maya tended to live in simple dwellings near their temples, at such places as Copan, Honduras, and Uxmal, Yucatan. Archaeologists are still debating whether the temple sites were actually cities, where large numbers of people lived and worked. Important Mayan rulers were associated with the major sites, while minor political figures held sway in the region of smaller sites. Aztec Pictographic Writing: - Though the Aztecs developed several types of oral literature, they also used pictographic writing to record religious and historical events. Though not an advanced form of writing, the pictographs managed to convey both sounds and ideas. This example of Aztec writing, from the Codex Borbonicus, depicts the Gods Xiuhtecuhtli and Itztapaltotec. Their world may have been disrupted by invasions from central Mexico by the Mayans and others. (During the 10th century the Mayans took over the old Toltec centre at Chichén Itzá in Yucatan.) Other explanations for the mysterious Mayan decline include crop failures, overpopulation, epidemics, and natural disasters. Within a few decades the jungles had absorbed most of the great Mayan centres. There was no single ruler over the Maya as a whole, but the various Mayan communities shared a common language and culture. During the 10th century AD, for reasons that have never been determined, the Maya abandoned most of their temple complexes and returned to simpler forms of life).

Through the latest archaeological finds that the economical and population size created the end of the city called Teotihuacán. And centuries after its fall and when the Maya were in control, they called it the place of the Gods. Even in 1998 an archaeological spokesman for the University of California said, “We still don’t know where they came from, what language they spoke, or what happened to them.” We know that under Mayan control, the city was an area of 8 square miles, the street of the Dead consisted of three main pyramids, plaza complexes and assorted temples 2,000 apartment compounds, temples with platform walls, and reservoirs, which housed 200,000 residents. They also had running water and sewerage. Teotihuacán rivalled Rome in size in about 100 AD.

The shallow lakebed was converted by the Aztecs into chinampas (highly productive gardens formed by piling up mud from the lake bottom to make artificial islands). Causeways and bridges were built to connect the city to the mainland; aqueducts were constructed; and canals were dug throughout the city for the transport of goods and people. Religious structures —giant, stepped, limestone-faced pyramids on which temples were erected—dominated the landscape. As a result of its location and high degree of organization, the city flourished. By the time the Spanish, led by Hernán Cortés, began their conquest in 1519, the great market was attracting up to 60,000 people daily. Goods were brought into Aztec hands by tribute agreements with conquered territories, and many goods were exported from the city to be traded in other parts of the Aztec Empire and Central America.

(Author’s note: - This paragraph is simular to the status of the Roman Empire at the time of the Christ-Jesus and later to approximately third and fourth century AD. It might seem to be a bit confusing with the use of the words Mayan and Aztec but their beliefs and structures, i.e. temples, pyramids and religious beliefs are simular and they existed along side one another in a war like state, but the Toltecs seem to be the originators of the Maya and Aztec, belief systems).

The Aztecs formed military alliances with other groups, creating an empire that extended from central Mexico to what is now the Guatemalan border. In the early-15th century Tenochtitlán ruled jointly with the city-states of Texcoco and Tlatelóco (now Tacuba). Within about 100 years the Aztecs seized complete power, and although kingships remained in the other city-states, these became merely honorary titles. By the end of the reign of Montezuma II in 1520, 38 tributary provinces had been established; however, some of the peoples at the fringes of the Aztec Empire remained fiercely independent. Because of these divisions and internal strife within the far-flung Aztec Empire, Cortés was easily able to defeat it by 1521. In addition to domestic problems contributing to the downfall, the emperor Montezuma had naively welcomed the conqueror Cortés, thinking him to be the God Quetzalcoatl. Aztec society was divided into three classes: slave, commoner, and nobility. Slave status was similar to that of an indentured servant. (Reference at the end of this section) Although children of poor parents could be sold into servitude, it was often only for a specific period of time. Slaves could buy their freedom, and those who escaped from their owners and reached the royal palace without being caught were immediately given their freedom. Commoners, or maceualtin, were given lifetime ownership of a plot of land on which to build their houses. The lowest group of commoners (tlalmaitl), however, were not allowed to own property and were tenant farmers.

The nobility comprised noble by birth, priests, and those (especially warriors) who had to earn their rank. In the Aztec religion numerous Gods ruled over daily life.

(With work place agreements of today, we are developing a simular society, of indentured workers; it appears that the world cannot live without slaves.)

Among these were Uitzilopochtli (the Sun God), Coyolxauhqui (the Moon Goddess, who, in Aztec myth, was murdered by her brother, the Sun God), Tlaloc (the Rain God), and Quetzalcoatl (inventor of writing and the calendar, and also associated with the planet Venus and with resurrection).

(Try Revelations 22 Para 16, “The bright and Morning Star”, planet Venus and Christ Jesus.)

Human and animal sacrifices were an integral part of Aztec religion. For warriors, the ultimate honour was to be slain in battle or to volunteer for sacrifice in a major ritual. However, prisoners were often used for sacrifice in less important rituals. Victims would ascend the steps of the pyramid, where priests would then stretch them across a convex stone and cut out their hearts with a stone knife. The Aztecs used pictographic writing that was recorded on paper or animal hides. Some of these writings, called codices, still exist. They also used a calendar system developed by the earlier Maya people. This system consisted of 365 days, divided into 18 months of 20 days to which were added 5 “hollow” days, thought of as very bad luck. Another calendar, having 260 days (20 months of 13 days), was used exclusively for divination and religious ceremonies.

(Slave status was similar to that of an indentured servant. In 1999 a couple of Academics from the University of Adelaide made a public statement about medical good health, by proposing that the public should indenture themselves, become slaves to the rich, a work place contract, where the worker put in a clause for a lower wage for an inclusion of a health clause in which the employer provides a health cover for the indentured servant, providing that he indentures himself for life, as an answer for the spiralling cost of medical health and I suppose that the slave owner come employer will have to bury him too, seeing that there is no Federal Welfare in this great country, Australia anymore, just ask Centre Link, who puts in the ground, the welfare recipients nowadays).

If any of the Readers of these writings, students of ancient cultures, they would comprehend the similarity to the Egyptian mythology. From the death of Osiris, and his dutiful wife Isis putting his body back together after his son Set had carved him up into 14 pieces. The death of the father, reborn as the son has a ring to it as the Christian God’s son, Christ Jesus. The death of the Moon when the Sun rises in the morning, according to the Mayan mythology when the Moon Goddess, who, in Aztec myth, was murdered by her brother, the Sun God, the brightness of the sun kills the light of the moon.

Archaeoastronomy, study of the varied astronomical activities of ancient peoples, extending from prehistoric times to the advanced cultures of the Middle East and Latin America. Such study involves the combined efforts of astronomers, archaeologists, ethnographers, and other scientists to interpret the meaning of architectural remains and written records of astronomical significance. Such remains range from rock paintings, the so-called medicine wheels of native North Americans, and much larger megalithic structures, such as Stonehenge in Britain, to the sophisticated calendars developed by the Egyptians and Maya. The remnants of cultures throughout the world give evidence of their concern with the complex regularity of the motions of the sun, moon, and stars and with unusual occurrences such as the appearance of a nova or comet in the sky. Besides the simple fact that the sky was a dominating feature of the human world in ancient times—a fact obscured for people in advanced modern civilizations by the prevalence of artificial lighting—the regularity of celestial events provided ancient peoples with the best means for bringing order to their understanding of the world.

( on the last passage here, they did rely on the stars for everything, including the stories or fairy tales as we know them today, take the biblical story of Jonah in the belly of the whale. Which was at the same time every year, the reader may not know that Jonah appears in the belly of the whale every spring, forecasting the inundation of the Nile valley so that the ancient Egyptians knew when to go to high ground, their equivalent of the weather bureau.)

The celestial orientations of the pyramids of Egypt and of various temples and structures of the Middle East and Europe were first studied scientifically in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These efforts intensified greatly in the late 19th century with the work of the English astronomer Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer and others. Studies of Stonehenge and similar early megaliths have clearly indicated that these structures were oriented on celestial events such as the summer solstice. Temples and other constructions were also used to mark the phases of the moon and the rising of certain bright stars such as Sirius. In the New World the large, circular patterns of stone called medicine wheels, as well as the structures left by the Mound Builders, were similarly oriented on the summer solstice; and rock paintings appear to record such events as the 1054 AD supernova, the remnants of which are now known as the Crab Nebula. The modes of ancient astronomical observations varied according to the locations from which they were made. For example, in tropical regions such as Oceania, people recorded the directions for long sea journeys with structures based on the horizon system of coordinates, rather than on the ecliptic as in temperate zones. The degree of sophistication of these ancient systems is only now beginning to be realized.

Aztec Pictographic Writing is simular to the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, in the broad sense of course. The actual psyche of the population of the world was connected and if the Reader can look at the map above of the world and looking at the very dark areas and I, the author found a connection of cosmology and numerical connection in all mythological stories. The main thing is the facts of astronomy and microcosm was known, from the Dogons of Mali of central Africa, at least 5,000 BC until today, Mesoamerican worship 5,000 BC to 400 AD. (I.e. Aztecs, Inca, Mayan and Mocha.) The Egyptians over a 5,000 year period and especially to the Aboriginals of Australia, in their Dream Time Mythology, the references to the need to stay within the bounds of Nature, echoes of lessons learnt a long time ago and to date can be traced back 40,000 years.

The Reader might be wondering where this is all leading to but if you bare with me for a short time longer and a little more jumping around the different ideas because some of the different areas of the planet did not advance; like the Dogons of Africa went to permanent dwellings but remained from the main stream of worldly influence. The same can be said for the Australian Aboriginals and their Dreamtime mythology. But if you consider late Kingdom of Egypt, say from about 300 BC until 200 AD, the invasion of foreign armies and administrators into Egypt created a problem of a large proportion. Egypt for centuries before that time was an enclosed society that had very few foreigners in their every day life; unlike today’s American movies there is an American influence throughout the world. When Egypt was opened up to the influence to what we now call “the known world influences.”

Taking just one industry, the gold smiths of Egypt, they had developed their craftsmanship and skills, handed down from father to son for about 1,000 years because of the enclosed society, and their gold work was sort after because of the skilled workmanship and beauty. Egypt was now was exporting not only the craftsmanship in the gold products but the craftsmen themselves were being lured or conscripted over to Rome and other large cities of the known world and cheap inferior imports were arriving in Egypt. What was happening in the long term was that Egypt was having their technology and skilled workmen drained. By being forced into entering into the World Economical Market of the time via conquest and become equal as another country bled dry by the ruling influence called the Roman Empire, which eventually turned Egypt into a third world country, from which it has not recovered its former glory.

The Roman Empire ruled by the fear of the sword and crucifixion, and at the collapse of the Empire through the greed of its ruling authorities. To the point of road tolls, tax and grain levies from all over the known world and the administration was huge, even Plato said that a government that has more than a ratio of 4 workers to 1 government employed worker, would destroy itself from within. And he was proved right 500 years later, with the downfall of the Roman Empire and the rising dissatisfaction of those subservient to that system. With this downfall and the psychological takeover of the ruling religion called Christianity, and they quickly established themselves through fear (inquisition) and the sword (crusades).

Over the last 14,000 years mankind has developed a number of systems like Capitalism and Communism and they were just fronts for a dictatorial system simular to the Romans and the Maya alike. The deterioration of the Empire, the people’s rights is eroded so that control can be maintained. Just because the population expands there is no need to increase control. The pomp and ceremony of war heroes, bigger and better public works, and road tolls (all past civilizations have left great road systems founded on toll systems) importing cultural works of art and craftsmen. It appears, that modern society has certain problems under control or being investigated to satisfy the general public, we seem to get better at it as we learn; the Roman Empire formed about 700 BC and was deceased in 400 AD, approximately 1,100 years in existence.

The current economical system has been built since then but nearly lost it in the 1930’s with the Wall Street crash of 1929, but the fight for materialism goes on, in conservative figures the present ideology has been going since then, approximately 1,600 years and must be getting close to its used by date. What I mean is, if the society still has its True Understanding of Moral Wisdom through Emotional Balance, in other words through teaching good morals, principles, virtues and the respect for nature there would be no need to increase the police, hospitals and controls, but the corruption sort of creeps in at all levels of society at its hight. It begins with Man’s need for Power, and we all climb the ladder to this power when we have wealth. And if the Reader thinks that he or she is immune think again, even the author is not immune.

The system overtakes by stealth and control and we are not aware. Take the situation in Australia. And the psyche of the people do not realise that they are being conned. We have a classical example of social injustice in Australia that defies all moral and ethical codes that can be imagined by all political persuasions and is a reflection of what the Christian Religion has done worldwide. If you were to ask a “Politician” in Australia if the Constitutional Law was legal and binding, they would scoff at you for thinking otherwise. Each and every Federal Member of Parliament has a copy of the Australian Constitution in his possession or official constituent office, which is the “The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) The Statute of Westminster Act 1931 (UK) The Australia Act 1986 (UK). In my Research, I was looking at the British Empire, trying to see if there was a parallel to the collapse of the Roman and Mayan societies, and they fell down through the same greed system as all Empires have before them, but as I was looking, it was bought to my attention about Australia and its political crisis, but first the British Empire.

Humpty Dumpty – as the egg, he has always been shown as a British schoolboy, meaning private enterprise.

Sat on the wall - sitting on a red brick wall meaning, the British Empire and all the private enterprises (i.e. East India Coy, Hudson Bay Coy, South African Coy, etc) that was fragile (the egg) without the support of the Empires military and naval power (the red brick wall, a saying that the sun never sets on the British Empire and the string of seaports around the world were part of a saying, ‘The red line or the big red one.”)

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. – The companies with corruption within, bled the colonies to the point of revolution (i.e. Boston tea party, Boer War and the riots and mutiny in India etc.)

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men. – The might of the British Empire’s military and navel power.

Could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again - could not bring back the loyalty and the revenue to “restore” the Crown (the Empire).

Humpty Dumpty is the “Rise and fall of the British Empire”

If Australia can heed the warnings and help itself, it will become reality and stop the worldwide trend to a global destruction by showing and teaching to control excesses against “the Citizens of the World”. It is interesting that lawyers in N. S. W. are proposing a “Bill of Rights” to control the N. S. W. State Government from eroding the Voters rights, wake up people the proposed Bill of Rights is going to be passed by a State Government that is not Valid by any Law anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia. And it will only add to the confusion that already exists in Australia.

In the Author’s pursuit of looking into the continuing ideology of the downfall of the societies and dynasties through the known history of this planet, it seems that mankind, in a calculating way falls into a rut of destruction via materialism that destroys his very existence and it has been written into just about every mythology. From a book called “A History of Magic” by Richard Cavendish, and published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 11 St John’s Hill. London SW11 and on the bottom of page 97 (hard cover) comes the following. And if you think that I have boggled your mind with the Christian religion wait until you get the low down on the political system in this great Nation of Australia and it’s current political agenda. And what the Pope and his 12 men dressed in red deceived the world; the Australian political system has done the same to the Australian public while the rest of the world watches on. To the average person unless you are a student of international and colonial law and can read the constitution like a barrister majoring in constitutional law, it all seems like a foreign language. I can hopefully explain in simple terms, so try this as a fairy Story.

To show the Reader what I mean, I’ll start with the UN (United Nations), the international organization of nation-states, based on the sovereign equality of its members. Under its charter, the UN was established “to maintain international peace and security”; “to develop friendly relations among nations”; and “to achieve international cooperation in solving … economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems” and “encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms”. Members are pledged to fulfil the obligations they have assumed, to settle international disputes by peaceful means, to refrain from the threat or use of force, to assist the UN in actions ordered under the charter and to refrain from assisting any country against which such UN action is being taken, and to act according to the charter's principles. The underlined: - based on the sovereign equality of its members. The word sovereign equality means not ruled by another but egalitarianism, meaning impartial equal opportunity. “Article X, which contained the requirement that all members preserve the territorial independence of all other members, even to joint action against aggression.” League of Nations, international alliance for the preservation of peace with headquarters at Geneva. The league existed from 1920 to 1946. The first meeting was held in Geneva, on November 15, 1920, with 42 nations represented. The last meeting was held on April 8, 1946; at that time the league was superseded by the United Nations. During the league's 26 years, a total of 63 nations belonged at one time or another; 31 were members for the entire period. THE COVENANT AND THE UNITED STATES

In 1918, as one of his 14 points summarising Allied war aims in World War I, President W. Wilson of the United States presented a plan for a general association of nations. The plan formed the basis of the Covenant of the League of Nations, the 26 articles that served as operating rules for the league. The covenant was formulated as part of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I in 1919. Although President Wilson was a member of the committee that drafted the covenant, it was never ratified by the US Senate because of Article X, which contained the requirement that all members preserve the territorial independence (Republics) of all other members, even to joint action against aggression. During the next two decades, American diplomats encouraged the league's activities and attended its meetings unofficially, but the United States never became a member. The efficacy of the league was, therefore, considerably lessened.

And again the underlined in the description of the League of Nations, which will come back to haunt the Australian Government, evident later as an independent nation (a Republic). The conspiracy to defraud the Australian voters of their rights is a long story that would bring “life” back into the TV show the dreary days of our lives. Now to the aspects of history the Government of Australia does not want its citizens (Australians) to know about. The Australian Constitution is U.K. legislation and was extinguished at independence on 10th January 1920. To understand more about how the Politicians have conned the Australian People, before we start there are a few words that need explaining and they are called “commonly used legal terms”: -

Common Law – system of defining legal rules by the decision of judges in past cases. Legal rules come from the common law, from statutes, and from the constitution where it is written. Statute – a law written and passed by legislature. 3 Constitution – the basic laws of a Nation or State, usually contained in a written document.

Consider this, all the laws, principles and the way Australians do things in this Great Country are based on decency, common sense, and a fair go with time to get it right, they have in the past have not kicked out the sitting government under two terms. But the time has come to consider a few things that the political situation in the Sovereign, Independent Republic of Australia. As the citizens are not fully aware of is the invalidity of all law in Australia, the legal-political system unknowingly continues to attempt to impose British law upon permanent resident citizens in direct breach of both British and International law. The following is made available in fairness, for the reading, digestion, understanding and benefit. The “Australian Constitution” was passed as part of a British Act of Parliament on the 9th July 1900, and took effect on the 1st of January 1901. This Act was entitled “The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)” (Short title Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act). A British Act was necessary because, up until that time Australia was a collection of six, self-governing British Colonies with ultimate power over those Colonies resting with the British Parliament through the State Governors. There was one problem that was never overcome, and that was the death of Queen Victoria on the 22nd of January 1901. Queen Victoria signed the Letters Patent (the rights of the Governor or Governor-General to impose British Sovereign Law over the colonialists), which gave authority to the Office of the Governor-General, on the 29th of October 1900.
(Author’s Note: - “Letter Patent”, means that when a new Governor of a state or the new Governor – General arrives in Australia to govern the colony or colonies, he is to be in possession of a document signed and the imperial seal of the reigning monarch, in this case Queen Victoria.)

The great problem was, that when she died, the Letters Patent died with her. It is pertinent for you to know that the Letters Patent Queen Victoria signed on the 6th of June 1859, giving the State Governors their authority, also died with her. There has been no attempt to introduce new Letters Patents. Thus, Australia has been without valid law since the 22nd of January 1901 and these facts are indisputable. H.V. Evatt and F.M. Forde attended the 50 Nation United Nations conference on International Organization in San Francisco, USA, from the 25th of April until 26th June, 1945, at which Australia signed the United Nations Charter as a foundation member State on the 26th of June, 1945. The United Nations organization replaced the League of Nations that was terminated in 1946. Australia’s sovereign Nation status was reinforced and guaranteed by the United Nations Charter, Article 2 paragraphs 1 and 4. Fraudulent Letters Patent, giving authority to the “Governor-General’, were issued in 1984 to replace those signed by Queen Victoria in 1900.

These Letters Patent, invalid at law, were signed by the then empowered Prime Minister, Mr. "Bob" Hawke. In 1986 the British Parliament passed the Australia Act. Although a valid and legal document within the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, this document remains mute outside that sovereignty. Australia, being outside the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, bears no relevance to its content. February 1998. The International Law Commission of the United Nations issued the following ruling, “No laws of a Member State of the United Nations are valid within the sovereign territory of another Member State unless via a reciprocal treaty agreed between the two member States. The Treaty may not infringe the sovereignty of either Member State”. (The imposition of British, Colonial Law, does not apply in the Sovereign, Independent Nation of Australia.)

A further hurdle is, that, in accordance with covering clause 2 of the “preamble” to the Constitution, if it were valid, the provisions of the Act referring to the Queen shall extend to Her Majesty’s heirs and successors in the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom. This refers to the Kings or Queens that followed Queen Victoria and of course can only relate to an exercise of power within the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. In other words, such power as afforded the Monarch, by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, cannot be exercised in, say, Japan or the United States of America or in Australia. This is a clear statement. In covering clause 3, it is declared that the name of the nation, formed at Federation, is the “Commonwealth of Australia”. It is noted that this is an Act to constitute the “Commonwealth of Australia”. In the opening pages of the latest printing of this document, by the “Government”, is a declaration that the “Commonwealth of Australia” owns copyright.

The “Government”, in the 1970’s, removed the words “Commonwealth of” from all Commonwealth legislation, and the currency of the nation, in an attempt to change the name of the Commonwealth by sheer dictatorial means. This failed, as all legislation bearing a Coat-of-Arms and the single word “Australia” is invalid, as there is no such place, under that invalid system of law, as “Australia”. (Author’ Note: - The new tax ‘system’ [GST] as advertised on the TV, it’s not a “Law” because the Government has no “legal” right to impose the GST as a law, and they say at the end of the advertisement, “GST is a Tax System not a “Law”, authorized by the Commonwealth Government”.)

Any name other than Commonwealth of Australia could be placed on the legislation or currency and the effect would be the same, invalidity. Without bearing the full and true name of the nation the printed words are meaningless. It is clear that amendment to any of the 8 covering clauses in this legislation is the clear preserve of the British Parliament and any pretend authority to alter that fact can call no referendum. Section 128 of clause 9, only allows amendment to any of those 128 sections contained within clause 9, by the people of Australia, if this “Constitution” were valid. The name of the nation is further reinforced in covering clause 6, “Definitions”, where it is clear the words, “The Commonwealth”, shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act. No entitlement to use a short title exists within this legislation.

The insurmountable barrier for those who insist that Australia has valid law is the Act of Settlement 1701. On the 12th of June 1701, the British Parliament passed the aforementioned Act, which was designed to protect and control the succession to the Throne. It was to keep the Throne under the Church of England and prevent Catholics, and others, from gaining that Throne. However, it also placed the Throne in a position subject to the British Parliament. This means that each time a Parliament in Australia seeks “Royal Assent”, for a Bill passed by a Parliament, from a State “Governor” or the “Governor-General”, it seeks the approval of the British Parliament in direct contravention of both British and International law.

This is not permitted and indeed all-Australian citizens have, not just the right, but also the duty to resist the imposition of foreign law upon our citizens, as it is clear that the Australian Armed Forces have failed to carry out their duty in preventing that imposition. It is a crime of aggression under International law to impose the law of one sovereign nation upon the sovereign citizens of another sovereign nation. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, is just that. She is not Queen of Australia and cannot be as she is not an Australian citizen and Australians are declared aliens under the United Kingdom Immigration Act 1973. No Head-of-State can rule over aliens in an independent country, quite apart from which, no Australian citizen has allegiance to this foreign Head-of-State, nor recognise the invalid law and courts that the Government attempts to impose upon its citizens. Having established these facts, it is understood that the United Kingdom has no lawful power to interfere in the affairs of Australia. This means that the “Governor-General”, and the various State “Governors”, have no lawful authority as the Letters Patent, alleging the authority of their positions, derived from UK authority, are invalid. This means that all law in Australia is invalid.

So any person attempting to impose British law upon sovereign Australian citizens, in breach of both British and International law, can and will be charged under International law to appear before an International Criminal Tribunal to justify the imposition of Colonial law. The defence is, of course, to produce documentary evidence of the existence of informed formal consent, given by the Australian People, to allow British law to be used, and to produce, as evidence, “The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)” signed by a lawful Monarch and Letters Patent, relating to any of the Vice-Regal positions claimed in Australia, signed by a lawful Monarch. It is recognized that the document fraudulently signed by the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. R.J.L. Hawke, in 1984, does not substitute for the signature of a lawful Monarch. An active reading and comprehension of the Act of Settlement 1701 will assist those in power to fully understand the legal minefield they now occupy. Those in power, or authority are unable to advise us, the citizens of Australia, as to the boundaries of that minefield.

A message to the Authorities in Australia is this, “You are hereby being advised that the resident citizens of this Independent, Sovereign Nation, Australia, are quite happy to abide by valid law. You are also advised that you have a requirement to produce documentary evidence of the authority you claim to wield in your control of the parliament and the judicial system. You are being offered advice to cease and desist your unlawful use of foreign law, however, if you show no desire to accept this advice, and it will be forwarded to the secretary-general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, by a United Nations Special Agents in Australia and their reports will be reported for inclusion in the data-base of contraventions.”

Action has been commenced by concerned citizens in the British courts, to bring those responsible for the imposition of British law outside the sovereignty of the United Kingdom to answer for their personal responsibility, but to date everyone has their head stuck in the sand. Ultimate power, exercised by the British Parliament, due to the requirement to receive “Royal Assent” For Bills passed by the respective Federal and State legislatures, remained in effect after Federation. In fact, it remained in full effect until 28th June 1919 when the Prime Minister of the day, William Hughes, signed the Treaty of Versailles. The signing of the Treaty proclaimed Australia a Sovereign Nation. (See Hansard, House of Representatives, 10th September 1919 and 17th September 1919). Australia was recognized by the International community as being sovereign and had to be so in order to become party to an International Treaty. Thus, Australia became a sovereign, independent Republic on 28th June 1919.

This is historical, recorded fact and is not disputed by the British Parliament or the United Nations. On the 20th of January 1920, Australia became signatory to, and a founding member of the League of Nations. It was a necessary precursor to signing that all signatory nations were sovereign nations. Australia satisfied that requirement. The League of Nations, Article XX, confirmed and guaranteed the sovereignty of Member Nations,


“The Members of the League severally agree that this Covenant is accepted as abrogating all obligations or understanding interse (among or between themselves) which are inconsistent with the terms thereof and solemnly undertake that they will not hereafter enter into any engagements inconsistent with the terms thereof. In case any Member of the League shall, before becoming Members of the League, have undertaken any obligations inconsistent with the terms of this Covenant, it shall be the duty of such a Member to take immediate steps to procure its release from such obligations.”

(Author’s note: - no “Referendum” has been held in Australia to release Australian Citizens from it’s Colonial laws, consequently Australia sit in on “U N” decisions making laws, illegally. Therefore Australia should be suspended from the “U N” until it has done so, which should have happened when Australia was a founding member of the League of Nations in 1920). On the 11th of November 1921, Sir Joseph Cook became the first Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom recognized Australia’s sovereignty by the acceptance of his credentials. Australia signed the Washington Treaty at Washington in February 1922. The British Parliament has stated, and has provided documentation with regard to the legislative powers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom as follows, “No Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom or any Act that looks to the Parliament of the United Kingdom for its authority, is valid in Australia or its Territories in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and the Charter of the United Nations (Article 2, paragraphs 1 and 4)” When asked specifically about the validity of the following Acts, the British Parliament referred to the previous reply as stated above.

The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK).

The Statute of Westminster Act 1931 UK.

All Australian “State” Constitutions.

The Australia Act 1986 UK.

Letters Patent signed by a British Monarch containing instructions purporting to authorize an action to be taken by a representative of that Monarch in a Member State of the United Nations other than the United Kingdom. In 1926, the Inter-Imperial Relations Committee of the Imperial Conference issued a declaration on absolute equality of all British Dominions with the United Kingdom. As the British Lord Chancellor, the British Government and the Australian ‘Government’ are unable to produce the required evidence, it is clear that their task will be difficult. After you have read this book, you will discover that if there is no legal Constitution therefore there are no states and the so-called present state legislature does not exist, please read on! The Following is an extract from the Australian Constitution (U K) Legislation, reader please note the words underlined.

AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 An Act to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a Sovereign, Independent and Federal Nation. WHEREAS the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth and the Premiers of the States at conferences held in Canberra on 24 and 25 June 1982 and 21 June 1984 agreed on the taking of certain measures to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the states into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a Sovereign, Independent and Federal Nation: AND WHEREAS in pursuance of paragraph 51 (xxx v iii) of the Constitution the Parliaments of all the States have requested the Parliament of the Commonwealth to enact an Act in the Terms of this Act: BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the Queen, and the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, as follows: Termination of Power of the Parliament of United Kingdom to legislate of Australia No Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed after the commencement of this Act shall extend, or be to extend, to the Commonwealth, to a state or to a Territory as part of the law of the Commonwealth, of the state or of the Territory Legislative powers of Parliament of States (1) It is hereby declared and enacted that the legislative powers of the Parliament of each State include full power to make laws for the Peace, Order and Good Government of that State that have extra-territorial operation. (2) It is hereby further declared and enacted that the legislative powers of the Parliament of each State include all legislative powers that the Parliament of the United Kingdom might have exercised before the commencement of this Act for the Peace, Order and Good Government of that State but nothing in this subsection confers on a State any capacity that the State did not have immediately before the commencement of this Act to engage in relations with countries outside Australia. Termination of restrictions on legislative powers of Parliaments of States (1) The Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom known as the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1965 shall not apply to any law made after the commencement of this Act by the Parliament of a State. (2) No law and no provision of any law made after the commencement of this Act by the Parliament of a State shall be void or inoperative on the ground that it is repugnant to the law of England or to the provisions of any existing or future Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, or to any order, rule or regulation made under any such Act, and the powers of the Parliament of such a State shall include the powers to repeal or amend any such Act, Order, Rule or Regulation in so far as is part of the law of the State.

Up to date there has not been a Referendum since the 9th of July 1900 as an Act to constitute the Republic of Australia. And that the People of Australia have not been asked to or if they wanted to reword the “Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia” let alone if they wished to become a Sovereign, Independent and a Federally Controlled Nation. The People of this Great Nation have not been officially told of the changes that has been done to their laws of Government and legislation, and it is about time the so called Powers To Be and Politicians told “the people” the truth. And when the Australia Act of 1986 was enacted it made this Great Nation a “Banana” Republic and the “Act” was and still is an illegal Document, we must remember that we were not even asked right up to when the first parliament sat in Melbourne on the 9th of May 1901. The beginning of the Australia Act of 1986 said and I quote, “AND WHEREAS in pursuance of paragraph 51 sub-paragraph 38 of the Constitution, the Parliaments of all the States have requested the Parliament of the Commonwealth to enact an Act in the Terms of this Act:” unquote. The Australian Constitution paragraph 51. Quote,” the Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the Peace, Order and Good Government of the Commonwealth with respect to -” unquote. On page 18, sub-paragraph (xxx v iii) quote, “ The exercise within the Commonwealth, at the request or with the concurrence of the Parliaments of all the States directly concerned, of any power which can at the establishment of this Constitution be exercised only by the Parliament of the United Kingdom or by the Federal Council of Australasia.” unquote. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws, and the Parliament means the Politicians and on page 35 of the Constitution comes the Following quote: -



128. This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner: - The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of each House of the Parliament, and not less than two nor more than six months after its passage through both Houses the proposed law shall be submitted in each State and Territory to the electors qualified to vote for the election of members of the House of Representatives. But if either House passes any such proposed law by absolute majority, and the other House rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, and if after an interval of three months the first-mentioned House in the same or the next session again passes the proposed law by an absolute majority with or without any amendment which has been made or agreed to by the other House, and such other House rejects or fails to pass it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, the Governor-General may submit the proposed law as last proposed by the first-mentioned House, and either: with or without any amendments subsequently agreed to by both Houses, to the electors in each State or Territory qualified to vote for the election of the House of Representatives. When a proposed law is submitted to the electors the vote shall be taken in such a manner as the Parliament prescribes. But until the qualification of electors of members of the House of Representatives becomes uniform throughout the Commonwealth, only one-half the electors voting for and against the proposed law shall be counted in any State in which adult suffrage prevails. And if in a majority of the States a majority of the electors voting approve the proposed law and if a majority of all the electors voting also approve the proposed law, it shall be presented to the Governor-General for the Queen’s assent. No alteration diminishing the proportionate representation of any State in either House of the Parliament, or the minimum number of representatives of a State in the House of Representatives, or increasing, diminishing or otherwise altering the limits of the State, or in any manner affecting the provisions of the Constitution in relation thereto, shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in that State approve the proposed law. In this section, “Territory” means any territory referred to in section one hundred and twenty-two of this Constitution in respect of which there is in force a law allowing its representation in the House of Representatives.

Exercised only by the Parliament of the United Kingdom or by the Federal Council of Australasia, but the people in Australia do not have a Federal Council, maybe the Citizens of this great Country. I cannot say “Independent Nation” because under International Law we are an independent Nation, should we make the parliament back into the Federal Council, maybe that is making it too hard for our Parliamentarians to become just mere “Councillors.” But the conspiracy goes even murkier into the depths of deceiving the voting Public and a bit late according to the Treaty of Versailles because by enacting the Australia Act 1986 the Politicians get to make it respectable to increase their allowances and salaries without asking those who employ them and supposedly control of this Great Nation. If the reader remembers that paragraph 128 of the Constitution says they must eventually ask the voting Public.

But the history of Referendums in Australia does not lend towards successful pay rises in the ranks of the Parliamentarians and Senior Public Servants. The deception gets even better, the Voting Public of Australia did not know that by becoming a Sovereign, Independent and Federal Nation that all-Colonial law is extinguished by National Sovereignty and the entire International Community including all member states of the United Nations supports that position. What the Voting Public do not realise is that the United Kingdom retained absolute control over the Commonwealth of Australia, as it had the sole right to disallow any bill, to control foreign policy and to declare war. At no time did the Australian People or the Government have any authority with regard to changes of clauses 6, 7 and 8 of the preamble of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. The following is an extract from the preamble. “The Commonwealth” shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act. “The States” shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia, including the Northern Territory of South Australia as for the time being are parts of the Commonwealth and such colonies or territories as may be admitted into or established by the Commonwealth as States; and each of such parts of the Commonwealth shall be called “a State.” “Original States” shall mean such States, as are parts of the Commonwealth as its establishment. 7 The Federal Council of Australasia Act, 1885, is hereby repealed, but so as not to affect any laws passed by the Federal Council of Australasia and in force at the establishment of the Commonwealth. Any such law may be repealed as to any State by the Parliament of the Commonwealth or as to any colony not being a State by the Parliament thereof.

After the passing of this Act the Colonial Boundaries Act 1895 shall not apply to any colony, which becomes a State of the Commonwealth; but the Commonwealth shall be taken to be a self-governing colony for the purpose of that Act 1988 the British Government decided to present the Australian Government the original copy of the Australian Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and to the Australian People as a 100th Centenary Gift as it had long been “Redundant.” Believe it or not it started in 1914 when King George V declared war on behalf of the Colonies namely Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. And the Australian Prime Minister Mr “Billy” Hughes had a few words to say about that at the 1917 Imperial War Conference held in London. The Conference recognised that the Constitutional Relations of the component parts of the British Empire should be based upon a full recognition of the Dominions as “Autonomous Nations of an Imperial Commonwealth.” (Sovereign, Independent and Federal Nations, in other words, “REPUBLICS.”) That means that Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada were to exercise their rights as Republics. This was aptly demonstrated on the auspicious occasion for Australia by PM Hughes along with Sir Joseph Cook, they carried out the act or action by the now Sovereign Nation of Australia and joined the Peace Conference in Versailles on January 13th, 1919 as the Australian delegates. As the Armistice was duly signed on the 11th November 1918, Australia remained a colony of the United Kingdom The Prime Minister of Australia, Hughes and the US President Wilson argued about the Pacific Mandates. And the outcome, Australia was granted a “C” class League of Nations Mandate over the former German Territories in the Pacific. William Morris Hughes and Sir Joseph Cook of the Colony of Australia with the consent of the British Government signed an International Document, The treaty of Versailles on June 28th 1919, in Australia’s name as a Sovereign Nation.

By doing so became one of the 29 Founding Members of the League of Nations along with New Zealand, South Africa and Canada as REPUBLICS. The original copy of the League of Nations is held in the archives in Switzerland. Article one set up the conditions of entry to the League of Nations and all the original members are named in the Annex and the explanatory notes actually form part of the Covenant itself. The following is an extract from that document. “It is arguable that this article is the Convent’s most significant single measure. By it the British Dominions, namely, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada, have their independent nationhood established for the first time. There maybe friction over small matters in giving effect to this internationally acknowledged fact, but the Dominions will always look to the League of Nations Covenant, as their Declaration of Independence. That the change has come “silently” about, and has welcomed in all quarters through the British Empire, is a final vindication of men like the United Empire Loyalists.”


“The Members of the League severally agree that this Covenant is accepted as abrogating all obligations or understanding interse (among or between themselves) which are inconsistent with the terms thereof and solemnly undertake that they will not hereafter enter into any engagements inconsistent with the terms thereof. In case any Member of the League shall, before becoming Members of the League, have undertaken any obligations inconsistent with the terms of this Covenant, it shall be the duty of such a Member to take immediate steps to procure its release from such obligations.”

What the average Australian does not know or realize that the Politicians, Judiciary and the Academe are in the hope that ordinary Australians will not notice or question the validity of the Australian Constitution Act 1900 (UK). These being the case then the present Government and all the previous Governments right back to the 10th January 1920 are and have been “invalid”. But not entirely, when the voting public “vote”, the majority party or coalition into power, that gives them the right to govern, in a word, “mandate”, but there is still no “Book of Rules” a Constitution. On the 11th of November 1921, Sir Joseph Cook became the first Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom recognized Australia’s sovereignty by the acceptance of his credentials. Australia signed the Washington Treaty at Washington in February 1922. The British Parliament has stated, and has provided documentation with regard to the legislative powers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom as follows; the following is an extract from a legal document that covers what I have been trying to talk about and of the people responsible for its implications. It will turn politics in Australia upside down. The War Crimes Commission operating under Convention IV relative to the protection of civilian persons in times of war signed at Geneva on the 12th August 1947 wish to advise all hereby present of the following: 1. A document from the government of the United Kingdom is held by the said commission advising it that its laws are valid only within the contents of Article 2 paragraphs 1 and 4 of the charter of the United Nations. See schedule of sovereignty attached. 2. The government of the Commonwealth of Australia at the request of the said commission has been unable to produce documentation of a superior authority superseding the authority vested in international law (Article X of the covenant of the League of Nations and Article 2 paragraphs 1 and 4 of the United nations Charter) with regards to the following matters... a) Paragraph 4 of the Statute of Westminster 1931. b) Paragraph 1 of the Australia Act 1986. 3. The government of United Kingdom advises the commission the Queen of Australia has no authority with regards to legislation of the parliament of the United Kingdom. Therefore the commission advises... It is an offence under the Geneva Convention to use the law of a foreign power with regard to a citizen of a member state of the United Nations. The penalties laid down by law include capital punishment. b) It is an offence under International Law to proceed with matter designated to be within the sole jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (The jurisdiction of the Court comprises all cases, which the parties refer to it, and all matters specially provided for in the Charter of the United Nations or in treaties and conventions in force. 4) Including the interpretation of any treaty, any question of international law, the existence of any fact which, if established, would constitute a breach of an international obligation.) The War Crimes Commission is bound by law to take action with regard to any alleged breach of the Geneva Convention.

And to rub salt in their wounds, when the British Government passed the bill called “The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK)” Queen Victoria was gravely ill, a point that everyone over looked. She died without signing the bill, “Australia Constitution Act 1900”, therefore it was never ratified in accordance with the protocol of the Westminster System to be proclaimed as a Law, consequently in its infancy, never validated. In retrospect, and all the evidence presented, technically speaking, looking at Australia through a politician’s eyes, “Australia” is still, the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia, including the Northern Territory of South Australia in accordance with the Federal Council of Australasia Act, 1885, and the Colonial Boundaries Act 1895.


An Act to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation WHEREAS the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth and the Premiers of the States at conferences held in Canberra on 24 and 25 June 1984 agreed on taking of certain measures to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, and federal nation: AND WHEREAS in pursuance of paragraph 51 (xxxviii) of the Constitution the Parliaments of all the States have requested the Parliament of the Commonwealth to enact an Act in the terms of this act: BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the Queen, and the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia, as follows: And on page 47 are the interpretations under paragraph 16. (1), is the following:

(Page 48) “The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” means the Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom known as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, “The Constitution of the Commonwealth” means the Constitution of the Commonwealth set forth in section 9 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, being that Constitution as altered and in force from time to time,

In the words of the Constitution and the Australia Act of 1986, is self proof that, (1) it is a British Act of Parliament and, (2) it was never put to Referendum under section 9 paragraph 128 of the Constitution as mentioned in this book and to show that there was fraudulence goings on and to cover the deceit, the following on the bottom of page 48 of the Australia Act (Constitution) is the following “NOTE” of the Proclamation. Act No. 142. 1985; assented to 4 December 1985 and came into operation on 3 March 1986 at 5.00 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (see Gazette 1986. No. S85, p.1) In addition to this Australia Act 1986 the United Kingdom Parliament (1986 enacted an Australia Act 1986, in substantially identical termes

Chapter 2) pursuant to a request made and consent given by the Parliament and Government of the Commonwealth in the Australia (Request and Consent) Act 1986 and with the concurrence of all the States of Australia (see the Australia Acts Request Act 1985 of each State). What I perceive here is a document that tries to inform us that they had the right to change the Constitution within the 1986 Australia Act but it will never be legal until it is passed by Referendum. It is a bit like me saying, “Right, citizens of the Republic of Australia, the first rule is, there are no rules, and the second rule is the government will have the right to change the rules.”

The Government in and round 1984 and onwards and with the help of paragraph 51 (xxxviii), the Government of Australia has through stealth, and the legal way that even Mr John Howard’s rights to be in Government, his use of the word “Mandate”, because he has the right to use the term, because we, the voting public, voted them in. So this gives the elected parliamentarians the right to govern and to give themselves anything they like which includes a pay rise and it’s about time the people of Australia did something about the burdening trouble that they, the voters, know how burdensome it is. All a Government should be is the extension of the public, not a force that decides what is good for us, because if those in power get too much control it seems that they run off the rails. I am only giving a few pointers to what I see. Maybe the citizens of Australia, this includes the parliamentarians, government workers and members of the police and the general public, will wake up and take control of their lives and of course

Quote, “It seems to have been largely in reaction against the religious hostilities of his time that Giordano Bruno, magician, philosopher and poet, rejected Christianity altogether. Ficino, Pico, Agrippa, Paracelsus and Dee were Christians, sincerely and nominally. Bruno proclaimed that Judaism and Christianity had corrupted the true religion, the religion of ancient Egypt, by which he meant the mysticism and magic of the Hermatica,” unquote. He hoped for the abolition of Christianity, of course the best learning will come from the realization about the care needed to protect, “Nature” (the Religion of Egypt). If we on this planet can learn from the past mistakes made by these very Ancient Societies and the knowledge past down to us as a legacy, that is, if we can understand the legacy left encoded in stories and fables, from within our collective subconsciousness. My eldest son gave me a saying entitled “We trained Hard”, and it goes like this, quote, “But it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams, we would be organized! I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising, and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralization, Pertronius 210 BC,” unquote: and when I stop and think of religion and politics of today these two men, Bruno and Pertronius were way ahead of their time. Just for the record, I am not an advocate for the “Greenies”, save the whales, or save the forests of the World, matter of fact I am anti all those things because they are politically motivated amongst other things, besides if anyone has done their home work, saving trees is on the bottom of the list along with green house gasses pollutants. All we have to do is; look out for our own kind, because we are the only animal on this planet that kills “his” own kind needlessly, because all the pollutants that man has created in his industrial world combined since his time began, is not equivalent to one year’s put out by the great oceans of the world.

Book 14

Revelation’s 14

Para 1, “Spiritually Aware man perceived, and took notice that Spiritual man’s status, the escalating control over his emotions in a balanced mind, attained from the three planes of consciousness, with the blending of the conscious and subconscious through which the life force flows, the super conscious. Patience, meditation, self-control and persistence to obtain eternal existence, includes when the subconscious invades the conscious character and moral fibre, in truth resting on the powers that be within the sanctuary of the house of worship, the conscious mind”. In attempting to translate this passage, one thing was evident; the idea of a house of worship in physical termes was a corruption of the true meaning of the words. With the loss of understanding of the wisdom of the story, which I will call the Cain and Abel syndrome, where the physical overrides the spiritual, look at it this way, if you had little or no understanding of the workings of the mind, meaning psychology, and read the text, you would be thinking that the only way to the truth would be through the “house of God”, these early thinkers thought it to be a temple, a church or a gathering of like minded peoples in a house designed to worship a supernatural being, because of ignorance, which has been in evidence for the last ten thousand years or so.

Looking at the paragraph in reality, if your parents and their parents before them and so on, were given teachings that included the seven principles and virtues, it would give the family a reputation (name), in this ideal family concept, reputed descendants who are good Samaritans. Like the saying, “Isn’t he or she a wonderful child, a credit to his or her parents?” The “ Family Name” or ‘father’s name’ meaning a reputation is instilled generation by generation through teachings of the basics when very young. It is a bit like the teachings of right and wrong, we develop a ‘natural’ instinct to know the difference. And this knowing is evident in society today, not and I mean ‘not’ in the courts system but people loose the plot when society or I should say the system, makes it hard for parents to keep up the basic needs of the family.

For instance, a man with a young family, who is out of work and he is the sole breadwinner and the little lady of his life is pregnant with number three child; he has been out of work because of the economical climate for six months and the home is about to be taken for owed back rent or repossessed and the man cannot see his way clear; he panics, so he commits a crime, his consciousness troubles him but he does it again, and the second time around it does not worry his conscience so much, then wrong over powers right then familiarity breeds contempt sets in and he finds a new way to live and he develops a so called criminal mind and a reputation for being ‘Bad’, and people say there goes young what’s his name, he’s just like his father, “Bad” In other words, “Having his father’s name”, and it has nothing to do with a worship of a supernatural being and building an edifice, church or temple to it’s false philosophy, if you have the eyes to see. If you are brought up with the right teachings and you pass it on to the next generation you develop a family reputation, which is developed through your subconscious mind, development through the basic learning skills. Which are stored in your subconscious, so over the last 2000 years or so there is no excuse for not knowing right from wrong, and that includes; there is only one law and two rules; the law of “God”, known as Nature, and the first rule is, there are no rules, and the second rule is; refer to the first rule. Paedophilia, homosexuality, buggery and all those little nasty human traits; are just that, nasty human ‘animal’ traits. We inherited them, the traits along the way from the animal kingdom and it has been a while since we were part of the food chain, when we were washed up on the beach and first stood up and eventually became Homo sapiens. I, the author of this book did not make the rules, the little dog that laughed, “Did”, if you understand the pun, and that! Is very intentional and those who need it spelt out, Nature, full stop! No excuses.

The conscious and the subconscious have been covered but not the super conscious. In the introduction, I explained the style that I used to translate, and the following helps to explain super conscious. John 15 – 17, “For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved”. Creator of Nature declined to send spirit, to make known to mankind on the cradle of all life, to censure the ignorant, but show the ignorant, by the means of spiritual growth, they may exist for eternity.

By the means of spiritual growth, learning to live within the Laws of nature and as I have explained ‘spiritual’ meaning, of the mind. The ancients had an understanding of the nature of all things, and that ‘nature’ has no contradictions. Having said that, the basic law of nature, every thing born dies, without exception, anyone who thinks otherwise, had better take a look at our own constellation.

(Author’s note: - “learning to live within the Laws of nature”, I don’t think that everybody understands what that really means, it’s has nothing to do with saving the forests or pushing a whale back into the ocean or cutting back on factory or industrial emissions and all of those ideas are not on the agenda. If we learn to live within the laws of nature, there would not be any need to plant trees, change our industrial laws to help save the planet. Whales would be able to beach themselves without mankind’s interference.”).

Our constellation was formed from basic minerals and will explode into a supernova and start over again and that is part of the birth, death and rebirth cycle; that is presently happening as far as even the Hubble telescope can see into the heavens. Everything that you can see, feel, touch and smell has a used by date, and those who believe otherwise had better go into therapy. Our presence on this planet is very temporary; at best we survive for three score and ten years (70), and that is the ‘mean’ average. While we sojourn here, it would be nice to live without the hassle of worrying about the fight to feed and shelter ourselves on our evolutionary path.

Believe it or not, we reincarnate or in simple terms, breed to continue our blood/genetic linage, the bottom line is that it’s up to the progressing ‘master’ (Genesis 2 para 28) of all animals, on this planet to live within the bounds of Nature. But greed, along with the power to control others or the so called evil, the seven deadly sins, has got the better of us and the world has entered into a down ward spiral to a total destructive ending, but after the destruction we will look out of the cave again and try to work out what happened and end up on the roundabout, no matter what this author says, because our pride and arrogance and the love we have for material wealth, will over rule everything, even our love of our fellow man, because we can’t seem to see past the “Holy Dollar” in our collective eyes or minds. The Law of the Universe; for every action there is a reaction; a birth, death cycle, and it is about time we paid attention and listened. The truth is; we should be upended and have our collective backsides spanked for the Tower of Babel that we have created, and people you thought that the Tower of Babel was a real story not a metaphorical (symbolic) story, but we are turning it into a real enough story. I could go on talking about what could or could not go wrong in the future but one thing remains constant the super conscious even our molecular, genetic structures are married to the super consciousness, and it is the creator of all things, and if you have not guessed it, it’s called “Nature”. And for those who want to know, who or what created “Nature”?

Go and ask the white haired man who sits on a three-mile high golden throne just left of Mars. The distance is about 200,000 light years, “go ask a Moonie, they know?” because I do not know, science will give us the answer eventually; that is, if we do not wipe out the human race in the meantime. Besides I think that we should clean up our act first, before we start to ask those kinds of questions. Pare 5: - “the throne of God’, there are many ‘Gods’, even in these translations, just like the Christian Bible (Old Testament) have “Gods” plural. The God of Bethel, God of the forefathers, the God of Israel, God of the Earth, just to mention a few. Let me explain something here, Revelations 14, the Reader understands that “Revelations” means to reveal, but “14”, is a numerical identification of the book “14”. Having said that, is the Book of Revelations set up like any other book? No! The book of Revelations is about the psychology of the “Mind”, and each of the 22 books have a heading to reveal what is written in each book, so with this in mind view the following list from Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker’s book, “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”.

1 New beginnings, decisions, independence.

2 Gestation, cooperation, diplomacy.

3 Growth, travel, entertainment, self-expression.

4 Work, finances, building. Practicality.

5 Change, communication, sex, new interests, travel.

6 Marriage, change in home, redecoration and remodelling, domestic and community responsibilities.

7 Reflection, rest, health, vacations.

8 Responsibility, money, business, karma.

9 Changes, endings, charity, inspiration.

10 Intuition, fortune, luck, a turn for the better.

11 Tests, legal dealings, inspiration, art, quick decisions.

12 Waiting period, change of view, reversals, and submissions.

13 Change, release, transformation.

14 Active sexual principle, pregnancy, social and family obligations, completion, a need to verify.

15 Indecision, bondage, freedom, laughter, discernment.

16 Love affairs, health, and accidents, awakening.

17 Good fortune, rewards, travel, meditation, assistance.

18 Caution, dreaming, healing, body care.

19 Love, marriage, rewards, obstacles overcome.

20 Turning points, decisions, awareness, adaptability, reconstruction.

21 Travel, change, rewards, success, new worlds.

22 Travel, plans, advancements, your dreams come true.

14/5: -Active sexual principle, pregnancy, social and family obligations, completion, a need to verify. And 5: - Change, communication, sex, new interests, and travel, you could say. Take the word pregnancy, it means, the beginning of an embryo into a foetus and then into a child, then adulthood, a completely new life, this is where the clergy who interpret the scriptures went wrong, from the two singular parents into a combination of the genes of these two parents into a marriage if you like, where the two became one, Genesis 2 para 24, a new life force, the combination of an ovum and a sperm. The new life force, through 1 (one) a new beginning, a mixture of your parents genes, independence, you will have to make decisions to what you look like and what path you take in life, destiny. Through the 4 meaning work, you will have to work at your reputation, skills, interaction with your fellow mankind etc, etc.

Go out and get dirt on your hands to make money. Develop a practical way to do things or you will starve. And 1 + 4 = 5 and through 5, meaning change, as you grow up, you change from a child to an adult, well boys will be boys, only the flesh ages, only the toys get bigger and more expensive. You develop a new independence, travel, sow the wild oats and settle into a life of marriage. This number 14 is about your home, your brain; and 14/5 applies just the same.

You have a built in drive for procreation, you come up with new ideas, pregnancy, live in a society and look after a family. So in a roundabout way and with the eyes to see, meaning knowledge, book 14 is about your home, your mind; it’s where you live, inside your head, and like a house in the suburbs, if you work hard and maintain your house over the period of say three score and ten years (70), you may get a good return for your investment if you look after it, and the reward is a long and healthy life, in other words live past seventy. Then again if you abuse your home for the right or wrong reasons, and you do not look after your appearance as well as the inner being, it will in less than three score and ten, a place which in the mind, you will be looking for an out, like euthanasia, suicide, etc. So this book (Revelations) is about your life, times and destiny, just like the religious doctrine talks about, but not in the way that they, the church portray it.

How many Christian Religions are there? Let alone every other following or branch or breakaway movement. They can’t be all right? But they are based on one decisive factor, salvation of mankind’s soul through ideology. You cannot get salvation unless you follow this or that religious doctrine, and you will not get help unless you do, what ever happened to the “Good Samaritan”, or has the materialistic world taken over, money based faith. I hope the reader can see where I am going with this? Remember this folks, there are no free lunches or free rides in this world, you earn your way step by step, and if you measure up to what the revelations are talking about; the ride gets easier after a few incarnations (Regenerations) from now, that is if you and your descendants do the right thing and it stands to reason the world must become a better place in which to live but the world at large at this moment expects everything yesterday, and we all lack patience, because of the “Materialistic Quickening”, the rush towards destruction - Armageddon; and I don’t think that I have to explain what that means.

Para 7: -

The basic life force. - The Power of Nature also the Power within the human body.

The cradle of life. - The womb, Holy Grail, Throne Room of Heaven, not the Throne of God, meaning the brain..

The cradle of all life. - The planet, Earth.

The human soul .- The spirit, the power within.

The development of the evolution – growth - fruition of the Human Soul.

The Hindu belief says, “In the beginning was the void, then came the sacred white bull, then there was the first tree, and this tree had no bark, men and women were the ten-fold fruits of the first tree.”

Beginning – of the Universe.

Void - empty space, abyss, and nothingness.

Sacred. – the life force is revered.

White. – soul, spiritual, pure meaning uncontaminated.

Bull.- female reproduction organs.

Men and women. – the result of the ovum and sperm.

Ten. - means full circle-wheel of (Ezekiel) life, regeneration (tenth Tarot Card).

Fold .– increase, double, copy of the parents.

Fruits. - fruition, completion, fulfilment, final result, realization,

First tree – placenta.

By looking at all the above explanations and if mankind kept the reverence of the stories and passed them down from generation to generation, everyone being a little superstitious helped with little warnings with the likes of Revelations 22, paras 18 and 19, “A Warning. For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to these things, God will add him to the plagues that are written in this book. And if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” If you were a superstitious, uneducated, not to mean ignorant as such, but ignorant to the meanings of the scriptures, you would most probably obey the written words in that particular scripture. To be a bit blasé about it, I have not been struck down by lightning, nor have I had my arms torn off, so that I cannot write any more, and beaten around the head with the wet ends, as yet! Superstition meaning, indoctrinated ignorance can be a powerful tool in keeping the multitudes in line, to keep the system in a way it likes to be kept.

There is an interesting point to be made here, is this, if you are part of a system that is being condemned, you cannot see the forest for the trees, it’s a bit like something that you want, and it is human nature to do so, if you are deigned your wants, you crave them more, so can it be said for religious beliefs, like a lolly that is being taken away from a child with it’s mother standing near, woe to the person when the mother catches up with them. The mother is the political - religious system, so when you buck the system that has taken a long time to establish itself, you must not expect the system to lay down so that you can walk over it, you see learning has it’s problems with the human mind, it gets lazy, once it has learnt a certain programme it is reluctant to let go of it unless there is more money in it for the person or system that is resisting the change, which is much the pity, because science only changes after the death of a generation. ( Nostradamus said it in Century II quatrain 27, curtesy of Erika Cheetham’s book, “The Prophecies of Nostradamus” quote, “The divine voice will be struck by heaven and will not be able to proceed further. The secret is hidden with the revelation so that people will walk over and ahead.” unquote. It simply means that Nostradamus was saying that after his death the secret would be found in the Bible under the heading of “Book of Revelations”, revelation – to reveal, to make known. “Walk over” means to ignore, subliminal, unnoticed or disregarded, “and ahead” means, into the future, further on, before.)

Lets face it, and be honest with yourself, if it’s a money maker, it is going to be hard to give it up, that’s pure logic, according to the bank account. We in Australia have this unique problem, while things are looking good or someone else is carrying the load, she’ll be right mate. It seems we get it too easy in paradise called Australia, the lucky country or “God’s Country”, where the wealth grows on the back of the animals, we have had it easy too long. We in Australia are a good nation, until recent times when there was a disaster in the world. We have given and when we have our own disasters, we pitch in and help. The world is changing and we had better watch out, I am not trying to be an alarmist here but the lay back attitude years are about to become history, we had a large middle class and most countries only have the rich and poor, which becomes a recipe for “Revolution”, so be warned. It’s a bit like the recent referendum in Australia, those who thought it was time for the republic, they felt let down when the “No” vote won, because they had this feeling that it was about time, but the shoddy way the model was presented was the problem. You see the Australian people will allow the politicians to bury their snouts into the trough. But if they forget to come up for air or take a breath or two, the people will hold their heads under until they suffocate.

The middle of the road is between the have’s and have not’s, the good times are nearly over, look around you and you can see the signs. You see its like the T.V. industry, Australia waited until the best was available so that we the Australian public expect nothing but the best, so I think that the public will decide when its right, and while I am talking about a “Republic”, the following predictions covers the subject rather nicely, but not the timing. that Back in about 1811, a Mrs. Tolpuddle gave us in Australia, courtesy of “The Australian Women’s Weekly”, dated January 1988, it was a century addition of what was put out by the Women’s Weekly 100 years previous and it goes like this.

Mrs. Tolpuddle’s Final Forecast

“I see men digging to tunnel under the Harbours waters. It is a tunnel through which several carriages can travel abreast, apparently to escape to the north. (Poor fools. Have they not heard of the horrors of Newcastle?) But this tunnel work will be abandoned after the workmen come up against an impenetrable pile of what the newspapers of the day will describe as ‘old Schemes, often found at the bottom of the harbour’.” (The moneys gained from the Tax Avoidance Schemes, described in the Newspapers as Schemes from the Bottom of the Harbour paid for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, and the horrors of Newcastle, the earthquake in Newcastle, I think???) Mrs. Tolpuddle said she regretted to inform the Colony that, when found, Mr. Oxley’s Inland Sea would prove to be “drier than the deserts of Africa. However, a bridge suggested by Mr Francis Greenway would be built over Sydney Harbour, enabling the rapid deployment of the most recalcitrant convicts to the inhospitable north shore.” (Explorer John Oxley proposed an inland sea but it was Edward John Eyre who found Lake Eyre, in 1840.The Sydney Harbour Bridge (Bob Menzies Coat Hanger) was proposed by Greenway, but was built by John Bradfield, and completed in 1932)

In the not so distant future, declared Mrs Tolpuddle… “The British will use amazingly powerful explosives in the centre of Australia, seemingly trying to create a crater for the elusive inland sea.” (Maralinga, the British Atomic Tests of the 1950’s) A city to compete with Sydney will grow on Port Phillip Bay, the area David Collins found so disappointing and abandoned. (Melbourne)

After decades of feuds with the Americans, including one over a great but ill-fated racehorse, Australians will avenge themselves by winning back a treasured silver trophy lost in a boat race off the west coast. (The horse was Pharlap, and the Treasured Silver Trophy, the America’s Cup, so I feel that a bet on Australia winning the America’s Cup in the near future would be quite appropriate.) Marriageable men will become scarce; women will seek to become priests; Australia will become a Republic and its first President will be a stylish young lady. And even more outrageous, man will walk on the moon.” (Marriageable men are scarce, at the last Census, women outnumbered men four to one and women are now priests and man has walked on the Moon.)

The only thing that we know about Mrs. Tolpuddle is that she was put in Castle Hill’s infirmary (a house for the mentally ill) in 1811. Out of all her predictions, only two have not happened and their chances are looking good, except “When!” I have done some research on the first President; the stylish young Lady, she will be more fiery than a blast furnace with the initials “N.G”, and she could replace all the laws that have been made since federation with one law, and if you wish to know what that law is; well you will have to ask her, “when she becomes President”. So, all those who think that they were cheated out of the “yes” vote for a republic; I can only say, “Patience is a Virtue”. Para 9: - “the mark”, especially on your forehead is simple enough, if the average person sits in front of a television set long enough and sees enough billboards n the highway and advertisement in newspapers and the like. I grew up with the jingle, “I like aeroplane jelly”, and things like, “What’s the gentlest tissue in the bathroom you can issue”, and of course the paint commercial, “Sure Can” by Rolf Harris, which sticks in one’s mind, it is a bit like having it tattooed across your forehead, meaning to be captivated by the advertising. The metaphor of on your right wrist or hand, we all have seen the black power salute or Churchill’s V for victory in a salute with the right arm, and the saying he holds it in his right hand, meaning ‘in righteousness’, but in this case, “on his hand” has a meaning we are willing to agree, go along with this ideology; so that we will subconsciously adhere to materialism through the manipulation of the mind, the subliminal messages of the advertising and of course, religion he conscious mind can be heaven, because we are creative Gods in the sense of producing offspring, “God creates in heaven”, we also create in our minds like art, architecture, motorcars, aircraft, homes etc, and Creative Gods, as I have said before, create in heaven; so your mind is a “Heaven” because of the creativity. What I find is that the concepts of “Heaven” are simple and it still amazes me that nobody has realized up to now or been able to publish their concepts of the whole religious question. There are plenty of sceptics out there like “Randi” who follow Uri Geller around just to trip him up and prove him wrong. Mr Randi will discover that the human mind is all-powerful; it has destroyed the world in the past, as we know it, somewhere in the distant past, before the so-called caveman ventured out of his cave and sometime in the future we will do amazing things with this concept of the lost art called mind power. A television series called, “The Last Warriors”, while viewing it I realized that the proposal of a past societies, pre – christian, pre – caveman, pre – 8,000BC, pre – everything, and in my mind I thought what if there was a society more advanced, there had to be groups of people or tribes that were not so advanced.

I live in Australia and live in a modern home with hot and cold running water, sewage, garbage collection, air conditioning etc, etc. and in Africa, New Guinea, and South America and Australia, just to mention a few, there are people still living as they did approximately 40,000 years ago. The hypothesis is this; if mankind were to have a nuclear war today, and the main industrial areas of the technically advanced world were to wipe themselves out, and there were survivors, the question is; who would survive into the future? Would it be those who lived in isolated areas, who were one with nature, give or take the fallout and nuclear winter etc, etc, it stands to reason that the tribal or the so called ignorant third world peoples of today have the best chance of survival. I repeat, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” Every 12 to 20,000 years or so, we seem to be wiping ourselves out and forced back into a cave, to make serrated edge stone knives, scratch onto the cave walls titbits of our past glory while struggling to feed ourselves, gives you food for thought, because I am convinced that mankind in past societies knew what the Serpent and the Egg was all about, including the modern microscopes, telescopes, medical science, sociology, psychology and included in this astronomy which through degenerating ignorance became astrology, because all we have is the Sphinx and three Great Pyramids of Giza, the lines and drawings of spiders and humming birds on the plain lands in southern Peru with astronavigation, by the Nazcas 1,500 years ago, to ponder over.

Revelations 14: - Para 10 - Looking at the text of the translation, I surprised even myself, because up to now that the right over wrong in us came from the subconscious mind, but I had forgotten that over the centuries we had indulged ourselves so much that it became second nature to follow the lead with the way we lead our lives through religion and our elders now called politicians and religious leaders, with civic and national pride. We can have the goodness in our soul but if there is a history of unintentional wrong way of doings built into us, it swells up and is an overpowering force that takes over, as the translation says, subliminally or unnoticed. I was bought up believing that the Christian way was the correct way but as I got older and experienced war, it made me take a new look at the world that we live in, and “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” does not ring true anymore, what’s more; the evidence says it all. To show the reader that corporate money controls our lives and that we are kept ignorant of the big corporate money-spinners and to give the reader a little story that may not be a problem for everyone out there in the world, also remember the “Agent Orange” saga of the Vietnam War given to us, courtesy of the American Giant, “Monsanto” and maybe I shouldn’t mention the suppressant drug, “Prozac” by the way of prescription, for the perpetrators of mass shootings in America and the shootist in the Port Arthur massacre in Australia, which is supplied and marketed by, you guessed it, “Monsanto”.



Article written by Nancy Markle (20/ 11/ 1997)

I have spent several days lecturing at the World Environmental Conference on Aspartame, marketed as “NutraSweet”, “Equal” and “Spoonful”. In the keynote address by the EPA, (it was) announced that there was an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus and (the EPA) did not understand what toxin was causing this to be rampant across the United States. I explained that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject. When the temperature of Aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F. the wood alcohol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. (Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants). The methanol toxicity mimics multiple sclerosis; thus, people were being diagnosed with having multiple sclerosis in error. The multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, where methanol toxicity is.

In the case of systemic lupus, we are finding it has become almost as rampant as multi sclerosis, especially Diet Coke and Diet Pepi drinkers. Also with methanol toxicity, the victims usually drink three to four 12 oz Cans of them per day some even more. In the case of systemic lupus, which is triggered by aspartame, the victim usually does not know that the aspartame is the culprit. The victim continues aggravating the lupus to such a degree that sometimes it becomes life threatening. When we get people off the aspartame, those with systemic lupus usually become asymptomatic. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse this disease {once it has become serious]. On the other hand, in the case of those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (when in reality, the disease is methanol toxicity) most of the symptoms disappear. We have seen cases where their vision has returned and even their hearing has returned. This also applies to cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

During a lecture, I said, “If you are using aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) And you suffer from fibro myalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss – you probably have aspartame disease!” people were jumping up during the lecture saying, “I’ve got this, is it reversible?” It is rampant; some of the speakers at my lecture even were suffering from these symptoms. In one lecture attended by the Ambassador of Uganda, he told us that their sugar industry is adding aspartame! He continued by saying that one of the industry leader’s son could no longer walk-due in part by product usage!

We have a very serious problem. Even a stranger came up to, Dr Espisto (one of my speakers) and myself and said, “Could you tell me why so many people seem to come down with MS? During a visit to a hospice, a nurse said that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS.” This is beyond coincidence. Here is a problem. There were Congressional hearings when aspartame was included in 100 different products since this initial hearing, there have been two subsequent hearings, but to no avail. Nothing has been done. The drugs and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets. Now there are over 5,000 products containing this chemical, and the PATIENT HAS EXPIRED!!!!!

At the time of this first hearing, people were going blind. The methanol in the aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the retina of the eye. Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class of drugs as cyanide and arsenic – DEADLY POISONS!!! Unfortunately, it just takes longer to quietly kill, but it is killing people and causing all kinds of neurological problems.

Aspartame changes the brain’s chemistry. It is the reason for severe seizures. This drug changes the dopamine level in the brain. Imagine what this drug does to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This drug also causes birth defects. There is absolutely no reason to take this product. It is not a DIET PRODUCT!!! The Congressional Record said, “It makes you crave carbohydrates and makes you FAT”. Dr Roberts stated that when he got patients off aspartame their average weight loss was 19 pounds per person. The formaldehyde stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hip and the thighs. Aspartame is especially deadly for diabetics. All physicians know what wood alcohol will do to a diabetic. We find that physicians believe that they have patients with retinopathy, when in fact; it is caused by the aspartame. The aspartame keeps the blood sugar level out of control, causing many patients to go into a comma. Unfortunately many have died.

People were telling us at the Conference of the American College of Physicians, that they had relatives that switched from saccharin to aspartame product and how that relatives had eventually gone into a coma. Their physicians could not get the blood sugar levels under control. Thus, the patients suffered acute memory loss and eventually coma and death. Memory loss is due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are neurotoxic without the other amino acids found in protein. Thus it goes past the blood brain barrier and deteriorates the neurons of the brain. Dr. Russell Blaylock neurosurgeon said, “The ingredients stimulates the neurons of the brain to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees”. Dr. Blaylock has written a book entitled “EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE OF THAT KILLS” (Health Press 1-800-643-2665). Dr. H.J. Roberts diabetic specialist and world expert on aspartame poisoning has also written a book entitled “DEFENCE AGAINST ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE” (1-800-814-9800). Dr. Roberts tells how aspartame poisoning is escalating Alzheimer’s disease and indeed it is.

As the hospice nurse told me, woman are being admitted at 30 years of age with Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Roberts will be writing a position paper with some case histories and will post it on the Internet. According to the conference of the American Collage of Physicians, “We are talking about a plague of neurological diseases caused by this deadly poison”. Dr. Roberts realized what was happening when aspartame was first marketed. He said, “His diabetic patients presented memory loss, confusion and severe vision loss”. At the conference of the American Collage of Physicians, doctors admitted that they did not know. They had wondered why seizures were rampant, “the phenylalanine in aspartame breaks down the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin, which causes manic depression, panic attacks, rage and violence”.

Just before the conference, I received a Fax from Norway, asking for a possible antidote for this poison because they are experiencing so many problems in their country. This “poison”, is now available in 90 PLUS countries worldwide. Fortunately, we had speakers and ambassadors at the conference from different nations who have pledged their help. We ask that you help too. Print this article out and warn everyone you know.

Take anything that contains aspartame back to the store.

Take the “NO ASPARTAME TEST” and send us your case history.

I assure you that Monsanto, the creator of aspartame, knows how deadly it is. They fund the American Diabetes Association, Congress and Conference of the American Collage of Physicians. The New York Times on November 15, 1996, ran an article on how the American Dietetic Association takes money from the food industry to endorse their products. Therefore, they cannot criticize any additives or tell about their link to Monsanto. How bad is this? We told a mother who had a child on NutraSweet to get off the product. The child was having grand mal seizures every day. The mother called her physician, who called the ADA, who told the doctor not to take the child off the NutraSweet. We are still trying to convince the mother that the aspartame is causing the seizures. Every time we get someone off of aspartame, the seizures stop. If the baby dies, you know whose fault it is, and what we are up against.

There are 92 documented symptoms of aspartame, from coma to death. The majority of them are all neurological, because the aspartame destroys the nervous system. Aspartame disease is partially the cause to what is behind some of the mystery of the Desert Storm health problems. The burning tongue and other problems discussed in over 60 cases can be directly related to the consumption of an aspartame product. Several thousand pallets of diet drinks were shipped to the Desert Storm troops. (Remember heat can liberate the methanol from the aspartame at 86 degrees F.) Diet drinks sat in the 120-degree F. Arabian sun for weeks at a time on pallets. The service men and women drank them all day long. All of their symptoms are identical to aspartame poisoning.

Dr. Roberts says “consuming aspartame at the time of conception can cause birth defects”. The phenylalanine concentrates in the placenta causing mental retardation, according to Dr. Louis Elsas, Paediatrician Professor-Genetics, at Emory University, in his testimony before Congress. In the original lab tests, animals developed brain tumours (phenylalanine breaks down in DXP, a brain tumour agent). When Dr. Espisto was lecturing on aspartame, one physician in the audience, a neurosurgeon said, “When they remove brain tumours, they have found high levels of aspartame in them”. Stevia, a sweet food, NOT AN ADDITIVE, which helps in the metabolism of sugar, which would be ideal for diabetics, has now been approved as a dietary supplement by the FTA. For years, the FTA has outlawed this sweet food because of their loyalty to Monsanto.

If it says “SUGAR FREE” on the label- DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! Senator Howard Hetzenbaum wrote a bill that would have warned all infants, pregnant mothers and children of the dangers of aspartame. The bill would have also instituted independent studies on the problems existing in the population (seizures, changes in brain chemistry, changes in neurological and behavioural symptoms). It was killed by the powerful drug and chemical lobbies, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting public.

Since the conference of the American College of Physicians, we hope to have the help of some world leaders. Again please help us too. There are a lot of people out there who must be warned, please let them know this information. There are two reasons why I included this article into my book, the first reason is to show that big business has power with governments, as we in Australia know it to be and the second, is that I improved my health after eliminating all aspartame products. But I feel that it would not harm anyone giving it a trial, I found that after only a week, that my sleep time lengthened from four hours to nine hours, no more panic attacks in my sleep and maybe a look into “Road Rage” which has only appeared in the last few years just maybe linked to “Aspartame disease”, is an idea to consider.

Book 14

Para 19: - “of a mind that sees the paradox of materialism for what it is, which at death leaves the selfishness of a materialistic approach with nothing but un-fulfilment, which illustrates, by creating a negative destiny addicted to a false image of truth of the enormous inclinations towards ideology intent on personal satisfaction rather than achievement”. I maybe a bit biased in my old age, but looking at ‘false images’, I look at the churches ‘Christ Jesus’ spread-eagled on the wooden cross, and I say to myself, ‘who are you to question the religious beliefs of thousands around the world?” Many a man who had been ship wrecked on the high seas in a small life raft with a bottle of water and maybe a small bar of chocolate.

And they survived for 20 or 30 days, and after they were rescued in a very weak condition, and they say that the only thing that kept them going is their belief in “God” sustained them. Young people praying for God to help them get through the coming exams, or people down on their luck preying for salvation.

I started to question faith during a stint in the army, when I was in Vietnam, there was no war front, only survival and later then I discovered where the Holy Grail was kept, I looked into my research on religion, I started to learn where this Christian God was at. I found that the only person that could give me salvation, better grades at school or save me from disaster or from an impossible situation, was I.

All the money in the world cannot give me salvation on my deathbed besides it is a bit late in the day when I am dying, and certainly not a priest giving me the last rites is going to get me into heaven. After reading the extract of Book 14, para 19, those who see that it would be an honour to die a pauper, are true scholars of spirituality. I think that Nostradamus put it nicely in 1538, when he was accused of heresy for a remark he made to a worker casting a bronze statue of the “Virgin Mary”, that they were actually making Devils.

Para 20: - one thousand six hundred furlongs. 655 28631154 196 8354954 73936571 16 30 16 38 41

The above is a look at the way this author extracted the numbers from the book called “Numerology and the Divine Triangle” by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker to arrive at the translation below. I found that it took a long time to come to terms with the actual method of translation. Unfortunately Faith Javane died several years ago, but Dusty bunker who is, as “Nostradamus” put it, has “Drunk the smoke of the Lamp”, therefore being a true scholar, would understands how I put the words together, I only hope that these translations are on the “internet” before Dusty reaches the winter of her life. Dusty might not fully agree with my method but that is a day of discussion I hope to have with her in the future, as we in Australia say, “sit down and chew the fat together”. Because the negativity within the three states of consciousness, your new mind through regeneration, known as reincarnation develops an inferior state bringing on a diminishing of the qualities because of the selfish materialistic approach where deceptions will degenerate into immorality. The blending of the two minds into a harmony on the new mental plain that seeks to bring ideas to a common meeting ground that will degenerate into the unconscious past conditioning of selfishness”.

Book 15

Prelude to the Bowl Judgements, translates as “Initiating accountability: atonement for a promiscuous past, when ideals were lost through the Power of Self-Imaging.” And the heading of Book 15 is a kick in the head for mankind’s miss interpretation of the Godhead, what I feel the words mean are this, somewhere in the past, males of the species through their interpretation of ancient manuscripts and thought that man looked like his creator, Genesis 2 para 26: - “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness’”. Then they created his son the legendary Christ Jesus, so in the physical, that opened a door for these illustrious image makers so that they could be his representative look-alike on earth, “the power of self-imaging” really means, “Domination of self-esteem/Imaging”, and is ever present in religious faith and these religious orders are forever trying to be the rightful heir of “God’s Centre of Operations” on Earth.

Not a bad money making scam that has lasted for a couple thousand years, but the understanding was lost in antiquity so you cannot blame the system of today for keeping up with the idea because they know no better, we have all fallen for the ideology, included in this list, is the author of this book. I believed in God and Jesus Christ and all the trappings of the Christian Faith as I grew up attending Sunday school and did not know any better. And I think its time to grow up and look at the world with a new perspective and start again, by the way don’t even think about a new religion or modification of the old pagan church. I think that there has been enough modifying through ancient script to satisfy any would be, could be Guru in the last few years. The now infamous 51-day standoff in 1993 at Wako Texas between the Branch Davidians and the FBI’s ATF officers resulted in the death of 80 cult members and 4 federal agents.

The Branch Davidians history goes back to 1930 when they first settled in Waco, their leader’s first name was usually David, and they have been a continuing embarrassment to the Federal Government of the USA since that time for various so called civil rights and firearms problems, but the US Government fixed their embarrassing situation in 1993 with so called legal murder and also the sad case of the Jimmy Jones Cult, the Jonestown mass murder/suicide in Guyana in 1978 when 900 souls committed “suicide” on the day that a delegation from the Federal Government of the United States of America arrived and seems to be quite a coincidence with what happened at Waco. Cambodia’s political leader, Pol Pot whose radical Khmer Rouge movement from 1975 to 1979, about 1.7 million Cambodians were killed and the 1939 - 45 WWII, Hitler’s mass killing of 6 million Jews pales into insignificance compared to the Roman Catholic Church’s world wide killing fields; where conservative estimates, from scholars looking into their historical practices, are over 70 million souls, and the Pope in March 2000 asked forgiveness for all the murders and paedophilia crimes, should they be above the “Law” of their so called “God”; what a joke! It’s time to look at John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”.

Book 14

paras 17 to 20, the translations seems to verify what the last couple of paragraphs are saying, and eventually destruction comes to those because the excesses of a society based on materialism and anything based on falsehood will eventually be destroyed by it’s falsehood. And I reiterate what I said in the “Introduction” quote, “The last fourteen thousand years or so has specialised in producing diseased minds of the type, as I said before combines’ ignorance with arrogance. The emerging twenty-first century’s hard core hyper-rationalist would deride a parallel theory of looking at our daily lives and ritual with the beginning of our existence at cellular level, primitive superstition,” unquote. And from my translations, book 15 para 3, “the evolution of the consciousness, which is a part of the unseen mysteries of life”, is a reference to the “Soul Level” in the following excerpt from the ‘Varcoe File’, by the late Patricia Rose Varcoe, 1938-1996, and is worth mentioning, quote: -

“If it is that orthodox religions do not believe in the spiritual, then why is it that they stress prayer to an unseen “God,” as a path to an after-life? What after life? For, if there is no spiritual soul existence, then why bother with an after life, since the human body rots? So, what goes on? If, as the “leaders” of religion claim, there is no soul extension in another realm, then prayers, to whatever they call a “God,” are a wast of time. Is it not about time, that you started to open minds by questioning some of the dogmas, so rigidly enforced by the hierarchy?

Do they question science, these “learned men”, as they do the occult? In our science, there are many things, which are taken as truth, yet they are not yet seen. You accept the atom. How many have you seen? As with electricity, it is true, but who has actually seen current? It seems that the unseen is accepted by masses, yet the same masses reject many things, seen by many others, in the field of the occult. Are they afraid of this area, because, at a soul level, they do know this realm to exist, but the people are easier to control, and their financial support more forthcoming to their coffers, if man’s vision is limited to these narrow beliefs?” unquote.

Para 2: - “Having harps of God.”

My understanding is this, if you dance to someone else’s tune, it means you obey their directives but by playing their instrument (having harps), you have learnt to be a servant by playing to their rules. The word “harps” is plural and in this case the rules of God, God has no rules but he has “laws” and the word “God”, this time round means “Nature” and the whole thing has an understanding of “subservient to the laws of nature”.

Para 3: -

The word “Marvellous or is it Marvelous”, could it be one or two “L’s” in the word. If you are in America you use one “L”, in England or Australia you use two, and in Revelations 15 para 1, the word “Marvellous” had the same problem. With one L it added up to 36/9, and two L’s, 39/3 and could be quite a problem because the value of basic nine on the first number or the value of basic three on the second number is quite different. And in Revelations 15 para 4, the song goes on to say, “For all nations will come”, why ‘nations’ why not “Tribes”, because back in the times when “Christ Jesus” was running around “Jerusalem, they were in “Tribes” and under Roman rule it could have been “Empires or Territories ”.

And the original authors of the King James Volumes were English men and they might have had a dilemma, because words have changed so much and have been corrupted with interpretation, who knows what it should mean? In the numbers, which indicated a negative nature 36/9 said, “brings on waste and selfishness, and you (singular) are easily upset and have continual ups and downs”, and 39/3 says in the negative, “the fondness of the impression to appear sensitive to the suffering of others”. By remembering that Revelation 15 is about “Domination” over others and the 36/9 explanation is in the first person of personal feelings, so with understanding the explanation of 39/3 plural, meaning more than one and of a positive nature in para 3 and in the negative in para 1, is the acceptable answers. As the reader may have noticed that in the beginning of the translations, the transcript seems a bit childish or child like and as I progressed and learning as I went the text became more flexible with understanding and more clinically towards psychology. I decided not to go back to the beginning and update the earlier wording but to allow the reader to grow with the meanings as they progressed in the text, because some of my friends that read the early translations, said that as they read it seemed to draw them to see what was on the next page and the progression helps with understanding, they may have been trying to be polite but that is my reasoning and I am sticking to it.

“It seems that the further we go back into archaeological antiquity, The more Universal is the knowledge.” It seems at this stage I should explain my concepts of what I believe who are “the Aliens” in a general or broad sense. Firstly I must explain that you, the reader must understand that DNA or Genetic Blueprint cannot be destroyed and that science is trying to prove that all types of life forms exist or are alive in the Universe, because at the moment the only evidence that is available, are the fossilized remains of single cells, found in a rock from Mars. Science have now proven that cells can live in boiling water and in areas that are below minus 40 degrees, also deep in oceans and within rocks or miles within the planet earth, in other words, exist anywhere in the Universe. To explain what I believe in a storybook fashion with a “Star Wars” setting; the reader along with the author, are members of a squadron of Space Fighter Pursuit Craft from long, long ago, about 10 million years before Homo-sapiens evolved and roamed over the Blue Planet called Earth.

Whilst on a mission to destroy the Evil Empire, a squadron of pursuit craft, the reader along with the author being members of this squadron, a catastrophe happened, we were all destroyed by a larger overwhelming flight of enemy space fighters. Here we are drifting around in space as dust or small chunks of flesh mixed with what remains of our spacecraft. And for the sake of the argument I will use Halley’s comet, this comet in its orbit passes through the dust and fragments of our ill-fated squadron, we are now stuck on the ice covering the head of this comet. It makes several thousand passes of the blue planet but we remain frozen on Halley’s comet.

Meanwhile back on the blue planet called Gaea and in it’s Quaternary period, 2 million years BC, as the first elephants are evolving along with the first apes. Then Halley’s comet passed a little closer to the blue planet dislodging some of the ice and it fell to the planet Gaea, with it cellular material containing our DNA from long, long ago. As the (our) genetic material floated to the bottom of the great oceans of this planet called Gaea, and over several thousand years the genetic material gets caught up in the food chain and consequently invades several aquatic animals destined to become land based. Now there is a twist of fate, because we came from a planet simular in the numbers count of the blue planet that provide the life sustaining sevens and nines, if not the genetic material (us) would not have evolved.

We eventually enter the bodies of these apemen through the food chain and then we took a look around this planet and at our new host’s body and said to ourselves, “It looks like these primates or primitives are the best this planet can offer or supply for our needs, we will make them walk up right, cut off their tails, remove the heavy fur coat, give them intelligence beyond the animal world, teach them a few bad manners and call them Homo-sapiens” In reflection it may have been a big mistake or the wrong thing to do but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And then the race begins to advance the new found host bodies and minds via evolution to conquer time and space, back to where we left off and came from, to basically rediscover our roots. This sort of parallels what was said earlier in the author’s interpretations, Professor Fred Hoyle, the world famous British Astrophysicist statement made on the 10th May 1971, “human beings are simply pawns in a great game being played by alien minds, which control mankind’s every move.” and it sounds a bit like what I have just said above, “a tale from a Intergalactic War 10 million years BC”, we truly do have eternal existence, genetically speaking with eternal physical existence, echoed through movies, the likes of “Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Gate”, and we are now two million years older in the year of our Lord, 2000 AD on the planet Gaea (Earth), as long as we do not let the animal in us destroy the planet.

There is an interesting scenario comes out of this, our scientists are saying that the evolution of all species on Earth has a 10 million year average, expectancy of life or used by date. If this is the case, then maybe the homo sapiens may have another “8 million years” to go until it has to evolve into a species that may or may not evolve into a being that can tolerate life in space. In the short term, if my hypothesis is close to the evolution of mankind from space, it might explain the psychological understanding of alien abduction and the so-called cross breeding associated with the aliens in the minds of the abducted. And before anyone raises an objection on the psychological understanding on this subject, the emotional problems of the human beings involved in the regression of the subjects under hypnosis is huge.

And because the memory of the “incidents” can only be bought out by this method, as all abductees claim eventually to complete memory loss to the incidents, which can be induced by the subconscious mind. The “UFO” investigators that this author has had the pleasure of talking to over the years, claim that in the early years of checking stories of alien abduction, about 99% of the cases it was suggested that it was in the minds of the victims, and the average age was between 14 and 18 years, suggesting that puberty may have been a factor in the cases, as a consequence there is and always be an element of doubt in the case histories of all alien stories and it might be a phenomena that could be solved with psychological annalistic methods. Revelations 15 para 6: - “And out of the temple came the seven angels having the seven plagues, clothed in pure bright linen, and having their chests girded with golden belts”, and my interpretations, Book 15 para 6 as follows: -“ Furthermore, your pronounced intuitive abilities can guide your original, inventive and creative mind by approaching the ignorance on the two levels of consciousness, by learning cooperation and direction, the sub-conscious untainted and intense spiritual understanding, plus a hopeful, expectant attitude by being honest, self-disciplined, discriminating and law-abiding, which influences the conscious and sub-conscious minds, the union of the consciousness, through the powers of transmutation”, the underlined in Rev 15 para 6 translates as, “which influences the conscious and sub-conscious minds, the union of the consciousness, through the powers of transmutation” and transmutation means a mutation of one’s self, rebirth or recreation, in other words a reproduction of the parents combined genetic code. I remember translating Revelations 1 para 13, which said, “And girded about the chest with a golden belt” meaning, “and the area about his heart a golden hue”.

(“Law abiding” means being servient to the Laws of Nature and has nothing to do with the Laws of Society.)

“Recreation”, also means reincarnation, this is where the “Spiritualist” have got it wrong, as I have said before, a part of your present genealogy may have been a hand maiden to the High Priestess dedicated to “Isis” 1400 BC, and that hand maiden died 1500 years ago and you could carry the memory of such a person via your genes, but not be that person. So please don’t say that you were Nostradamus, Alexander the Great or Hiram Abiff, you maybe suffering an identity crisis problem or you are an introvert trying to exert yourself). One would think, seeing that Rev 1 para 13 is in the singular and Rev 15 para 6 is in the plural, the two sentences would have a simular translational outcome, but I was amazed, and to a person who does not realize what it means, and I am talking about Book 15 para 6, I have always known that we grow up with the knowledge of right and wrong in our minds, and I also knew that without being told what the difference is; that means we are born with that knowledge, the ancient scriptural writers knew this.

The implications are, and there are no excuses, the Judge in a court case who gives a “Paedophile” an emotionally inspired light sentence because of a neglected childhood, where he was abused, there exists no excuse to give him a sentence that is lenient. The perpetrator of these horrendous crimes knows right from wrong. The children are our future and without them there is no future for mankind, and something well to remember, the more we corrupt the minds of the children the more corrupt the future is, more important than that, is this, what we teach, is what we get. Religion has a lot to answer for, for centuries they have looked after our children in nurseries, kindergartens, Sunday schools, and further education institutions, and I personally know of a of a victim of this system. She died, because of psychological problems, created by child abuse in the second world war years, and we, today’s teachers of children, push the problem under the rug so to speak and we had better start to take notice, because of the largeness of the problem, it has extended to government agencies, even to the Boy scouts, cubs and girl guides. I am aware of country churches child abuse cases programmed on the ABC radio a few years ago which sickened me to my stomach, but nothing further has been done about it and if it’s only half right, it’s hard to believe. Government agencies who, today have records going back many, many years know of past trespasses against children, but the people who run these departments are just as guilty today, as those who controlled these departments when the original crimes were committed and if you have not guessed what I am talking about, Child Abuse. Father, daughter and mother, son, and the rights of these parents to teach their children sex education as elders within their church. The survey or report was carried out by the ABC radio staff west of Brisbane, places like Warwick, Toowoomba and as far west as Roma and do not leave out mothers who have a drug problem, who unfortunately give birth to children with a “drug dependency”.

We as a society seem to bury the problem or pour lots of money on it, or make the files disappear, hoping it will go away, and I wonder how many people remember what happened in Canada a few years ago. It was a case of paedophilia in the church, gone berserk, the sad thing is, the victims remember and we need to be reminded, every so often. The Pope in the Vatican has asked for our forgiveness for the churches past indiscretions; I think “Not”. He is like Pontius Pilate, the military governor of the Jews, who took water and washed his hands before the multitude, which indicates, “I am innocent”.

A question “Is the leader of a church innocent of the crimes committed by his church?” This extends to our National Leaders where government agencies are involved, and I personally think it is something to think about. I’m no angel but the psychological crime against a child is unforgivable. Do not forget the politicos, they govern us and they do not see to the justice, the way it should be dealt out, they should carry some of the blame the same as we should be responsible as well and the only answer is; by making it a better world in which the children can live in. I am not setting myself up as a judge and jury, but we are a sick society, believe me.

Book 16 para 12, (Rev 16-12, “so that the way of the “Kings” from the east”.) As I have previously explained, “you have the mouth of a Lion” has the meaning of referring to a “educated person”, and the word “King” in the Revelations, is to the human mind, and as I look at para 13, I see three unclean spirits like frogs, a trinity of frogs, and is like a reference to the plague of frogs in the Old Testament and ‘trinity’ to mankind’s descendants, spiritually dead race of descendants as I have already explained. Like a lion is king of the jungle, your mind is king of your body in the physical world/asphalt jungle. And “from the East”, has the meaning of “young minds” in Egypt the east referred to Birth and East of Eden also meant birth, so the “Kings from the East”, kings is plural so you go to “minds from birth” or “Young Minds” depending how the translation indicated and in this case “the young minds of all Physical mankind” served as the plural. And as an older person, you can see the impatience, impulsiveness and recklessness in young people, which are the building blocks of the future personality as indicated in the translation.

Book 16 Para 13, “mental attitude of the personality of physical mankind who possess tremendous mental powers of persuasion over ordinary physical mankind.” The term, “Dragon”, in Chinese Mythology, in their frescoes it shows peasants feeding babies wrapped in swaddling clothes to large Dragons, it does not mean that the Chinese physically practised this at some time in the past, it simply means that innocent minds, whose minds are like innocent babies, uneducated to the ways of the world with it’s corrupted ways of thinking, similar to New Testament, Matt, 18 para 3, Mark 10, para 15, Luke 18, para 17, all refer to “Come as little children” is a referral to innocent minds, unworldly minds or as some would say, “innocent to materialistic teachings”. A Dragon is reference to a person who is educated in the ability to be very persuasive, similar to a door to door salesman who is able to sell anything to the unsuspecting public, that is why in Australia there is a law giving the public a seven day cooling off period to protect them from these “dragons”, and in Australia they are called “sharks”. Sharks in nature are seen to attack and then swim off to attack another victim with no feelings or remorse and this is especially a reference to moneylenders, or salesmen who charge high interest rates.

Rev 17 para 13, “These have one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast”. Mankind as a whole over the centuries have not questioned what the man standing in the pulpit of religious worship in any given church or creed has said. And as always, we the general public do not care or disagree to what these physical mankind are saying. Over the centuries there has come to light many scriptural writings, which includes the “Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hamaddi Scrolls”. And out of some of some of these books called codex’s or gospels, some very controversial writings have been discovered and from my notes I will list some of them: - The original Gospel of Mark ended at Mark 16 para 8, the rest of it was officially lost or suppressed, and rewritten. But in 1955 a Professor Morton Smith of Columbia University in a monastery near Jerusalem found the missing passages. Below is a condensed list of Gospels and Codex’s

Gospels of St Augustine (Presbyter of Alexandria)

Gospels of the Zealots.

Gospels of Enoch

Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ.

Gospel of Thomas.

Gospel of Truth.

Gospel of The Egyptians.

Gospel of Mary.

Gospel of Philip.

Codex, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth.

It is just a tangle of written words and when a new lot of books are dug up in and around Egypt and Palestine, the Roman Catholic Church says that they are a Heresy and that the faithful should not read things of the Devil, which covers the official version that the church put out previously, and is full of untruths and backs up Book 17 para 13, which says,” These have one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” in this case the Beast is the “Church”, to be more pacific, the human beings running the church. 4th century AD, the cult of Sol Invictus, day of worship was the 25th of December.

The Jewish Sabbath was Saturday.

Jesus Christ’s Birthday was celebrated on the 6th of January.

The day of worship for Sol Invictus was called “Sun” day.

In 321 AD Constantine ordered the courts and public buildings closed on the venerable day of the “Sun”. The Jewish Sabbath, Saturday, and being sacred, was changed in line with Constantine’ edict, transferring the sacred day in line with the existing regime and by doing so became an established state religion (politics) 325 AD, Council of Nicea decided by popular vote that “Jesus Christ” was a God, not a mortal prophet, so that he could be associated conveniently with Sol Invictus, so that he would be acceptable to the emperor Constantine, who was a “God” not a mere “Mortal Prophet”. 331 AD, Constantine commissioned and financed the writings of the bible. 367 AD, Bishop Anthanasius of Alexandria, compiled a list of works of the bible. 393AD, Church Council of Hippo, ratified the listed works for the bible as the New Testament.

In reality, it is saying that the guiding spirit of these physical mankind are allowing their physical or conscious minds to work out or come to terms with the information presented to them and will not listen to what their sub conscious mind is saying to them. If they were really spiritually minded they would not be deceived or deceive their fellow mankind. And the “lie” has blown out of all proportion over the last two and a half thousand years, and people are so convinced that this “Christ Jesus” really lived and because of the teachings have invaded the subconscious mind of the past generations and there is no way to convince these people to the contrary. And as I said in the “Introduction” and I quote again, “Advancement is condemned through ignorance, and ignorance breeds’ prejudice, and against prejudice there can be no argument.”

The reader should understand that all the translations are saying that it is simply “reverse psychology” that invades the mind and young people of today do not understand what the “666” or “Lucifer” means, so the mental understanding is slowly changing. And without translating the next paragraph, the rough understanding what it means should be obvious to all, quote, “Rev 17, para 14, these will make war with the lamb, and the lamb will overcome them, for he is the lord of lords and king of kings; and those who are with him are called, chosen, and faithful.” And if the reader has not worked out that “these” means the conscious minds of man and the “lamb” is the subconscious minds of man, and the battle is over truth verses untruth, and that the truth will in time, prevail, as I said the young ones do not see religion as the older generation sees religion. And another thing that is not evident, is the fact that all the writings are not “Christian”, they were written long before the Christians evolved and they, the Christian church, have borrowed some of the works to represent their bible.

As I, the author see the future in Book of Revelation’s translational terms, in time the people of the world or mankind if you like, will get rid of all false religions, and hopefully future generations call a spade a spade, and realize that the closest thing to a “God” is your genetics. And when all the genetics in the Universe has been mapped out, then maybe, the people of the planet Earth will be able to communicate with other creatures in the vast Universe. Has anybody thought about the “past lives” theory, where some people think that they remember a past life and the only real connection to the past is their genetic heritage that lives on after they have died, what about the souls, or mental beings, if you like, who, when in hospital have near death experiences. Where they leave their bodies and float above the bed or operating table and watch the medical crews working on their physical body, and the experience of going up the tunnel to the light and the first thing they see is their late, dearly departed relatives and are told to go back to their physical bodies because it is not their time to die just yet.

Before I go any further, back to medical science, to what is called “The thread of life”, it’s the division of cells called “Mitosis”. In the middle of the “Mitosis”, a substance called Deoxyribonucleic Acid, commonly called “DNA”, originating out of the nucleus forming a double helix, this is happening inside the chromosomes, gathering biomolecules known as nucleic acids and proteins into a cable formation called “Genes”. This division continues until the complete human embryo is formed. We are all made up of our parents genes, and their genes are of their relatives and so on, so travelling up the tunnel and meeting your late relatives is not out of the question but it is a poetic way of saying that you cruised up your own cable formation, “the tunnel” and meet your relatives, your molecular genetic family. I hope that you, the reader, can make sense of what I have just said, and I hope that you can see that the world is not a place of mystery for the “Gods” of the past, we as the people of this world should be as one, no segregation, where we work together for our collective freedom, from hunger, pain and ill health, that utopia that charismatic, religious movements harp about all the time.

As I look at Rev 17 para 14’s translations and with commonsense, what is said should not be a mystery to anybody, because the eventual evolution of the planet Earth will see great advancement in science. Just look at the advancement of science over the last 100 years, and there are still people on this planet that think the American CIA, for some unknown reason made a science-fiction movie on the moon landings and showed it to the world pretending that it was real, and these people are convinced that man has not left the earth’s atmosphere. At this time, as I write the world is advancing at a great pace, eventually the myth of the christian “God” will pass into history, like all the “Gods” before him. Marduk, of Babylonia, who created heaven and earth, and created man, he was the God of Wisdom and Water. The Mayans had a simular God except he was a rain God. Egypt’s “Osiris”, who was killed and dismembered by his son Seth, but his dutiful wife Isis put him back together so that he could triumph over death and sire another more loyal son and he was the ultimate God of ever-lasting life and he too has past into history.

So it is only a matter of time that we will find a coffin and give the Christian Bible a decent burial ceremony and if need be we can throw in the Muslim’s Koran. Then as Rev’s17 para 14’s translation says in those times, you as a living being on a half destroyed world, will have a new body and mind, reincarnation, full new ideas and maybe a new “God”, and a belief system that believes that this new God will save humble, God-fearing mankind into a new “Utopia”. As mentioned in Revelations 11 para 4, “The God of the Earth”, which is us, the residents of this great planet, to whom much is given but we seem to squander the “Wealth” of the planet called “Nature”, some would call it “God”. But as I have said before, our ancestors and we have got it wrong, and strayed from the course of rational evolution, like as they say, lost sheep. We today are in charge of our world, that we are both cause and effect of our fate. Our planet was, is and always will be what we have made, make, and will make it to be for our future, our children and our-selves because we live on in them, called reincarnation and our overall evolution as the human race will be always due to our teachings and example to create a better world in which to live. The greatest wealth in our world is not “Gold”, it is the children, which as a twist of fate becomes our new physical home, as portrayed in Rev 17, para 14, remember this, unless science changes the human form with their tinkering of genetics over the next couple of hundred years, the body will be the same genetically but the mind will have been renewed or changed, because of time and the advancement in science and technology and that is simple logic.

Rev 17, para 15: - And he said to me, the waters, which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. In doing the translation according to Maurice Sydney Sutton, usually I start by taking some of the key elements of the paragraph and with parallel words and start to set up what looks like a jumble of words. And some times I am not sure what the original words indicate. The last paragraph had a notion that it was about the conscious and the subconscious mind, but in this case all I know before I start doing the translation, that it is in the negative, because of “where the Harlot sits”. Some versions said “whore”, the American version, “harlot” they both suggest a female or woman of loose morals in a moralistic society, but we are talking about the mind of mankind here. Which indicated “emotion or emotional amorality” and “sits,” says, “to take the weight off your feet, assemble, be seated, collection”, but as I do the paragraph I will take the reader through it. “He” suggests the Christ Jesus, or spiritual one also meaning subconscious mind, and “me” refers to John, the writer of the revelations or gifted spiritual person receiving communications from his subconscious to “Hear” through his conscious mind a message of spiritual wisdom.

First draft: - “The subconscious relayed through the conscious mind, the possession of jealousy, unfaithfulness and dominance to loved ones, being stubborn and when crossed, revengeful where deception and trouble in the matters of the heart, establishes and looks upon, where the uncertainty, indecisive and anxiety within the character, are peoples-attitudes, multitudes-reincarnations, nations-mankind and tongues- guiding spirits or souls or if you like, the God within.”

Second draft: - The subconscious relayed through the conscious mind, the possession of jealousy, unfaithfulness and dominance to loved ones, being stubborn and when crossed, revengeful where deception and trouble in the matters of the heart, establishes and looks upon, where the uncertainty, indecisive and anxiety within the character, are peoples-attitudes, multitudes-reincarnations/regeneration, nations-mankind and tongues- guiding spirits or souls.

Third draft: - The subconscious relayed through the conscious mind, possession of jealousy, unfaithfulness and dominance over loved ones, being stubborn and when crossed, revengeful where deception and trouble in the matters of the heart, establishes and looks upon, where the uncertainty, indecisiveness and anxiousness is within the character of physical mankind, and the negative attitude towards reincarnation/regeneration and physical man’s soul

Fourth Draft: - The subconscious relayed through the conscious mind, the possession of jealousy, unfaithfulness and dominance to loved ones, being stubborn and when crossed, revengeful where deception and trouble in the matters of the heart, establishes and looks upon, where the uncertainty, indecisive and anxiety is within the character of physical mankind, his negative attitude towards regeneration within his consciousness.

I was watching on the ABC television a programme called “Human, All Too Human”, and the particular show was about Jean-Paul Sarte, who spent a lifetime defying conventional logic. He was a French Philosopher and an atheist moralist who wrote, “Being and Nothingness”. He said, “You are already involved even if you think you are not”, which is the truth about being involved in society yesterday, today and tomorrow. I believe that society is moralistic by definition and to be individualistic, one has to be excentric. Jean-Paul Sarte from childhood believed that he was an ugly child after he had his long locks of hair cut off and wore normal street clothes, which haunted him all his life and because of his philosophy in life, which gave him the excuse to have many mistresses or lovers, I think was not because of his beliefs and excentric thought but the gaining of self approval that he was not the ugly duckling that lived in the back of his mind so he went out of his way in his personal life to be loved by many women, to satisfy this deep subconscious thought of ugliness that pervaded him from his early childhood.

I am not trying to moralize or pigeon hole Jean-Paul Sarte’s life but they are what I thought on a psychical level that the programme suggested in my mind, but it made me look at my philosophical and psychological thought on what I personally think about my life and the society that I live in. I believe in partnership to one person in life as the song says “love the one you are with”, I also believe in family but I do not put personal family first, what I mean is the societies family, the brotherhood of mankind where the brotherly love for your brother, sister, and the love for your son and daughter should be extended to your neighbour or fellow world citizen as the love for your son, father, mother and brother. I think that I am a revolutionist but I abhor violence and conflict, I believe that society becomes institutionalised over hundreds or even thousands of years and society must change either with the shift in conscious thought or society will be in conflict simular to the life and growth of the Christian Religion suffered with a new cycle of ideology that overtook the world. With the help of the new religion called Christianity, mankind conquered new lands with his prevailing religious beliefs, which is now archaic to the new science belief that the Christian God is nothing but another fabled mythology, which has become the latest chapter in the evolution of the homo sapien that is repeated every 2000 years or so.

Contrary to Jean-Paul Sarte’s thinking there is no freedom only “Revolution of the Soul in Perpetuality,” and the only freedom that one can achieve, which is a luxury in one’s thoughts. The present ideological based advanced thinking on modern science is only a temporary fix because the evolutionary advancement of the homo sapien is not finished until he has ventured out into outer space, he will then sever his ties with Earth because of the physiological changes that will occur to his body which will make it impossible to return to his primitive beginnings. And when he has achieved space travel there will be no looking back to his previously basic home called the planet Earth, mankind is destined to travel the universe in search of his origins but to no avail he will set new goals and then he will set about achieving them. There is one thing that is evident in mankind’s advancement into the future; he will have to complete the inner journey before he can achieve the outer journey, the travel to the outer reaches of the Universe.

© Copyright Rev. Maurice Sutton

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